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  Crimson Dynamo  
Galina Nemirovsky (Scenesys ID: 940)
Name: Galina Nemirovsky
Superalias: Crimson Dynamo
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: Russian/American
Residence: New York City
Education: Moscow Military Academy graduate
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 33 Actual Age: 33
Date of Birth 13 Nov 1986 Played By
Height: 5'7" Weight: 150
Hair Color: Brunette Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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The Crimson Dynamo has served the Russian people since the 50s, and Galina is the most recent incarnation of this storied legacy. Now she's defected to the west, and well it's anyone's guess exactly what she's really up to. That said the Dynamo has always enjoyed a fairly positive reputation internationally.


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1979:Petrov Nemirovsky parachutes into Afghanistan, His unit comes under intensive action during their siege of the royal palace. He comes to the attention of Army "Special Tasks Group".
1984:Petrov is declared a "Hero of the soviet union" for his actions of Height 301
1985:Petrov is recycled back into the Soviet Union and transferred by the STG into the Dynamo program, He marries.
1986:Galina is born, and awarded an immediate invitation to the Moscow Military academy. Petrov begins training to become the next Crimson Dynamo.
1988:Petrov serves briefly as the 10nth Crimson Dynamo, before a suit malfunction breaks his back. He elects to stay with the program never the less.
1990:Galina begins attending the Moscow Military Academy. Her mother Irina dies in a plane crash, the cause of which is never discovered.
1996:Galina is recognized as "Cadet of the year", she will retain this title until graduation.
2004:Galina Nemirovsky graduates top of her class from the Moscow Military academy, and is immediately accepted into the Russian army. She is invited to attempt the VDV course. She graduates and earns her parachutist medal, finishing the class in third place.

2005:Galina drops into Dagestan to support special forces, receives her first promotion. Will further be assigned to actions in Chechnya.
2006:Galina is selected for the Dynamo program, and begins intensive training by that spring.
2008:Galina Nemirovsky completes the Dynamo program with top marks, and later this year becomes the 13nth Crimson Dynamo. As the Dynamo she will sortie in support of the Russian invasion of Georgia.
2009:For the fourth time a Crimson Dynamo comes to blows with the Titanium Man, The brawl causes black outs across Moscow proper. Video footage of the fight is uploaded online, and immediately goes Viral.
2012:Galina becomes the longest serving Crimson Dynamo, later that year she will come to blows with a powerful mutant known as the "Ultra Patriot". During the fight which goes on for more than fourty minutes her suit is all but destroyed. Rather than flee the battle she ditches her armor, grabs an AK and continues the fight until the Winter Guard can arrive to carry the day. She receives another promotion to Sargeant First class, and is awarded the "Hero of the Russian Federation".
2013:The Dynamo begins it's first comprehensive redesign since it's inception, growing in size and power considerably. Whilst work progresses, Galina sorties in an array of much older armor.
2015:The CD-33M debuts, and is widely reported to be the most powerful armored suit in the world. It sorties in Ukraine in support of the Russian army. Sightings of the Titanium man circulate online.

2016:Low-res footage of the Titanium Man killing civilians circulates online. Galina defies command and publically announces that she intends to kill the Titanium Man herself if the Russian Federation does not do it first. She is docked two months pay, and demoted for a period of one year. Galina defies orders and refuses to change the rank displayed on her uniform.
017:The Titanium Man is sighted in Syria alongside the "Unicorn" and the "Black knife", allegedly they're working as Mercenaries whilst in reality they're taking orders from Moscow.
2018:The Dynamo sorties in Syria on her own, and drops in on the Titanium man. The fight levels whole portions of Damascus. The Unicorn and Black knife are killed, the Titanium Man is able to get a lucky shot in with an old Stark-tech Anti tank missile before he's beaten to a pulp. She flies back to Russia with the Titanium Man in custody. She will go on to lose her left hand after it's said and done.
2019:Galina receives a prosthetic arm and returns to duty, she sorties more than sixty times in defense of Moscow. By October rumors suggest the Titanium Man is back out of prison. Galina publically denounces the Justice department and state intelligence as complicit.
2020:Petrov Nemirovsky is found having "Jumped" from an apartment building, with three rounds in the back of his head.

IC Journal

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Defected or not, Galina is a soldier to her very core. She can (and does) sleep anywhere and everywhere when there is nothing to do. She goes to great lengths to insure theres usually very little for her to do indeed, as she apparently suffers from a particularly acute case of "Not-my-fucking-job-itis". When necessary work is to be done she's happy to soldier through, she just has little to no tolerance for anything she deems busy work. Incidentally theres a whole lot she deems busy work.

She was raised hearing stories of the great patriot war, of her father's own exploits. Her childhood was spent surrounded by the VDV elite, and endless trips to history museums. Then off into the Academy, where from early she was taught all about the long list of Russian defensive actions. Deep down she truly believes that a retreat is never truly necessary, that with sufficient resolve she can hold any ground against any odds or at least make the taking of it incredibly costly. Galina does not back down, she does not retreat and she does not surrender. She's a woman ready to accept a heroic last stand when it finds her. So far she's always carried the day.

Character Sheet


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The current Dynamo armor is formally designated as the CD-33M. It stands at about Fourteen feet tall, weighs in at aproximately 8500lbs and has been proof tested against pretty much everything the Russians could get their hands on. It's resistant to anti tank missiles and mines, and can survive a point blank blast from a main battle tank. For offensive weaponry it's shoulders are plumbed to accept any warsaw pact/NATO aircraft weapon(missiles, rockets, gunpods). Theres a magnetic grapple built into the left forearm, and a 7.62 minigun built into the right. Though it usually sorties with a rocket pod and a 30mm Rotary cannon.

For juice the suit relies upon an exotic "Triple-compound Venko Generator array" and is plumbed right into a bank of super efficient capacitors built into the shoulders and arms. Peak electrical discharge is in the neighborhood of 30 Megawatts, which is maintained for just a fraction of a second. Getting a peak charge takes aproximately five minutes, during which time the suit needs to be relatively stationary. This is sufficient electrical power to grant the suit incredible strength as well, and is capable of lifting fifty tons.

Mobility is the suit's primary weakness however. It can only take short flying "hops" of aproximately a hundred sixty miles, and even then it's just barely faster than a hundred miles an hour. It's sensor suite is likewise somewhat rudimentary as it must be burried under extreme amounts of shielding to survive the suit's electrical weaponry. So It's got thermals and a GPS/GLONASS, it's got a basic radio direction finder but the suit's onboard AI isn't any smarter than an average smartphone.

The second half of the current Crimson Dynamo setup, and well it's almost pedestrian by comparison. The suit's lightweight at just under thirty five pounds, and designed so as to be worn "Collpased" into a high tech Cuirass low profile enough to be worn under a light jacket. When activated it "unfolds" to offer protection from conventional small arms, and some blunt force trauma. Onboard oxygen supply for aproximately thirty minutes with fittings for gas mask filters built in. Flight speed tops out at three hundred miles an hour, with an operational range of about six hundred miles. It's strength augmentation is a modest 1.5X, though it does a remarkable job of feeling effectively weightless.

Offensive weaponry is primarily supplied with common small arms used quite conventionally, and the suit does feature plenty of MOLLE webbing to attach pouches and whatnot. This suit's offensive electrical weapon is indeed still present, but power generation is sufficiently modest that it's more like a magnum stun gun than anything else.


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Galina has more hours logged in power armor than perhaps anyone else, and almost all of it has been in the Dynamo. She's capable of feats of dexterity and accuracy which boggle the mind, even in her big suit. She knows how best to deploy it, how to maximize the use of it's offensive weaponry and is more than familiar with all of the weaknesses. Her capacity for fine tuning suit control systems in particular is rather exceptional.

Galina speaks English and Russian fluently, and knows a little Mandarin.

She's no engineer, but she's been in the armor long enough to get pretty good with a wrench. She's more than capable of maintaining and repairing her armor, and with a good shop and time can indeed rebuild the suit from scratch presuming somone can help her with the metalurgy. This also extends to fixing basic engines, guns, cannons, and other simple machines. She's no prodigy in this respect however, she does need the plans and an actual workshop to do much beyond the basics.

She was trained to serve in an elite airborne unit, and even has a combat tour before the Dynamo program grabbed her. She's an expert in jumping out of perfectly good aircraft, and can rig a parachute with the best of them. She's able to push an AK pattern rifle to the limits of it's performance, and is a pretty good shot with a handgun to boot. She's been well trained in knife/spade fighting, silent take downs and of course hand to hand combat. Her combat specialty in the academy was demolitions, and as such she's quite familiar with explosives and how best to use them.


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She's got a few hundred thousand saved up and took off with a few million from the Dynamo program. More importantly she's quite capable of living on the cheap, and keep her gear running with the absolute bare minimum of expenditure. She doesn't have a huge mega-corp or billions at her disposal, but she certainly can usually make do.

The Dynamo has long been viewed as one of Russia's best Heroes internationally, and over the years the men who wore the armor have conducted themselves well when running into western heroes. Galina herself enjoys a reputation as a stalwart defender of the people, a woman who spoke truth to the corrupt men in power and suffered for it. The Dynamo may be something of a wrecking machine, but most folks tend to appreciate that she's fighting for the right reasons.

She has plenty of spares for her big suit, as well as all it's technical information. Parts for the FS-317TM, and all the technical drawings for it as well. Spare arms and ammunition, and an impressive collection of small arms, explosives and sharp stabby things. It's not endless by any stretch, but she can usually keep her gear in good repair without too much trouble.

Galina is renting a warehouse for the amazing sum of one dollar a month, the landlord was saved by the previous Dynamo back in the early 90s before they immigrated. So she has a fairly secure place to sleep and store all her assorted crap.


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The Russians lost their best Dynamo pilot, and their best armored suit when Galina defected. She effectively humiliated the Kremlin, and they'll have her head for it if able. Every time she fights for the West and is filmed doing it, it's a brand new national disgrace. Theres a whole office in the Russian intelligence agency devoted just to sinking Galina.

The Dynamo will never be confused for another armoed suit, and the face of it's pilot is well known internationally. Theres not much hiding Galina can really do, or any sort've deniable ops she can get up to without everyone generally knowing exactly who did it and where.

The Dynamo's technological underpinnings date back to the 50s, and hell the big suit still uses vaccum tubes. Whilst this makes the suit harder to hack and much easier to fabricate parts for, it's a nightmare to actually work on. The Dynamo suits are all overly complex, and generally much heavier than they need to be. Getting into the guts to make significant repairs requires a crane and a few days worth of labor. It requires a fair amount of basic upkeep, meaning the Dynamo has a rather enormous amount of downtime with every sortie to keep it running in tip top shape.

Titanium Man:
Since the Titanium man's debut in the late 70s, he's been at odds with the Dynamos. The rivalry began as professional, and very quickly became all too personal for both sides. The Titanium man still lives, and he's not entirely under the control of the Kremlin. He's also more than eager to see the Dynamo ruined, and brought back to Russia in disgrace.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Practice at the Junkyard March 28th, 2020 The Crimson Dynamo and Naomi meet!
Better Red, White, and Blue Than Just Red March 18th, 2020 Spider-Man and SUpergirl go out on patrol and re-enact THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER...with more Russian officers defecting and big mechs and less submarines and underwater suspense.
A Winter Guard reunion! March 16th, 2020 Heroes defect!
Red Fellas March 15th, 2020 A surveillance in the bd part of town, Russian blows into town.
The end of the world March 12th, 2020 No description


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Galina Nemirovsky has 5 finished logs.

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