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Garth (Scenesys ID: 1630)
Name: Garth
Superalias: Tempest
Gender: Male
Species: Atlantean
Occupation: Hero
Citizenship: Atlantean
Residence: Atlantis
Education: Experience
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Titans
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 09 Mar 1996 Played By Hale Appleman
Height: 6' Weight: 190 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Purple
Twitter: No
Theme Song: "What The Water Gave Me" by Florence + The Machine

Character Info


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Formerly Aqualad, Tempest has re-emerged in the surface world after a period of absence, retreating to life among the waves. He has returned with greater confidence and sorcerous might at his fingertips. He is strongly associated with Aquaman and is seen as the aquatic hero's protege.


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* 1996: Garth is born in Atlantis. Because of a prophecy about a child with purple eyes, the child is left to die in the wild, only to be protected and nourished by the sorceror Atlan. Still, this help is secret and rare and the boy grows somewhat wild in the undersea world.
* 2009: Young Garth is discovered by Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman, and becomes his ward and protege after discovering that Garth, too, possesses amphibious abilities and can operate out of water. As part of these surface heroics, Garth, now dubbed 'Aqualad', befriends other young heroes and sidekicks.
* 2011: Garth becomes a part of the Atlantean resistance alongside Aquaman, determined to overthrow the reign of Namor. Garth begins feeling less useful than the others as the Titans form, with a loss in his personal life leading to anguish.
* 2014: Psychic combat with a villain leads to the temporary loss of Garth's marine telepathy. Seeking a solution, he returns to Atlantis and leaves his membership in the Titans.
* 2015-2018: Garth enters an intense period of apprenticeship under the Atlantean wizard, Atlan, growing in skill and confidence. He unlocks his incredible magic potential, regains his marine telepathy and grows into a strong young hero.
* 2019: With Namor establishing a foothold in the surface world and Aquaman once again taking up his role leading the resistance, Garth decides it's time to return to the surface world as well, but now longer using the name Aqualad, now calling himself Tempest.

IC Journal

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Garth has never really fit in anywhere. In Atlantis, his feral upbringing, purple eyes and amphibious abilities set him apart and his association with Aquaman made him enemies before he even met them. On the surface, everything seemed strange and alien and, even though he's gotten used to a lot of it, it still feels strange to him often and he doesn't always understand surface customs or jokes.

Garth doesn't warm up easily to others. He grew up feral and had to learn to trust, first Aquaman and then the Titans. Even still, he doesn't make new friends easily and tends to keep himself behind a wall and isn't likely to open up to others until they know him well and earn his trust.

Garth has something of a chip on his shoulder. He always thought he was the weak link among his friend, that he didn't have enough to offer. Now that he's matured and come into his power, he feels an urge to prove himself and maybe show off to make sure everyone knows he's not just the kid who talks to fish anymore.

Garth can be a bit intense. He can focus deeply on things, whether it be his studies or fighting evil or just interpersonal relationships. He always gives his full attention to the task at hand and puts full effort into everything he does.

While he tries to keep his feelings inside, Garth is quite a moody individual. Someone might even say tempestuous. He can vary from great confidence to total despair in relatively quick swings of time and even he can't always say what will trigger drops in mood.

Character Sheet


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Unlike most Atlanteans, Garth is amphibious, able to operate equally underwater and above the surface. Rather than having gills, he extracts oxygen from their air through pores (and, similarly, can extract moisture from the air to fight off dehydration during his time on the surface). Garth can operate underwater indefinitely, while his time on the surface must occasionally be broken with immersion in order to prevent him from getting ill.

Atlantean Physiology:
Garth possesses a physique adapted to life deep under the sea in the underwater realm of Atlantis. He is approximately five times faster than a human being, with accompanying enhancements to stamina, reflexes and agility. He possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift nearly ten tons of weight. His body is adapted to the rigors of the depths, making him extraordinarily resistant to blunt force and pressure damage, although his skin can be pierced or penetrated much like a human's. His body regulates its temperature allowing him to operate in freezing cold ocean depths or in vulcan-heated pools in the trenches without harm. His eyesight and hearing are both far keener than a human's, letting him see nearly five miles clearly and pick out a voice at a hundred yards.

Marine Telepathy:
Garth possesses the ability to psionically communicate with and command all manners of sea life. Most anything that lives beneath the ocean can fall under his command. Even creatures of very limited intelligence may follow simple commands and obey Garth unquestioningly. Garth understands the responsbility of his abilities and tries to use them respectfully and not recklessly endanger the life of his fellow creatures.

Garth has spent the last half-decade training in the art of Atlantean sorcery. His sorcerous potential is vast and only just beginning to be fully tapped, but he's already a highly capable and formidable magician. By focusing his inner energy and tapping into extradimensional spiritual forces, Garth can create powerful effects, most notably:

- Powerful energy beams capable of destruction equivalent to a dozen sticks of TNT.
- Powerful force shields able to withstand the depths of the ocean, allowing others to travel underwater, or to withstand the blows of superhumanly powerful foes.
- Hydrokinesis, enabling him to manipulate water with incredible mastery, manipulating it as he sees fit, including superheating it or freezing it to create ice.
- Heat and cold generation as forms of energy blasts, enabling him to coat an enemy in ice or melt through steel.
- Telekinetic effects, such as flinging or summoning objects. This ability also enables him to fly at speeds of nearly 200 miles per hour.
- Healing or containing the wounds of others, including putting them into stasis to keep them from worsening. Significant healing requires concentration and focus, making it difficult to do on the fly in the middle of conflict.
- Invisibility and Intangibility, enabling him to pass through solid objects or to be unseen by the naked eye.
- Awareness and detection of magick in his area, including an ability to see through mystical disguises and sense the presence of magical objects or creatures.
- Astral Projection/Psychic connection. While he is not telepathic with humans through his traditional powers, he can link to the mind of a person and communicate directy, but it requires greater focus and personal connection than casual telepathy.


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Garth has been trained in combat both by members of the Titans and by Aquaman himself. He is a formidable and capable hand-to-hand fighter and can wield melee weapons with skill as well.

Even beyond his wide knowledge of the ocean floor and the environs around Atlantis, Garth has a natural navigator's sense, enabling him to find his way often even when lost, especially in underwater situations.

Garth has studied deeply the occult lore and history of Atlantis. He understands the principles of magick and can recognize eldritch effects and spellwork, sometimes even when it isn't of Atlantean origin. He is fluent in several occult languages.

Garth is a masterful swimmer with a fluid technique, capable of swimming for hours without growing tired, the water his most natural habitat. At top speed, he can reach nearly eighty miles per hour underwater and can maintain it for nearly half a day in a marathon before becoming exhausted.


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Aquaman is Garth's mentor, father figure and closest ally. While they have come in conflict at times. there is a bone-deep loyalty there and they may always call upon one another in times of trouble. Aquaman, of course, has allies and friendships of his own that he may bring to bear in the cause of his protege.

While his actual membership may fluctuate and he has spent years away from his old friends, Garth has a place among the group and many friendships dating back over a decade. Complicated relationships they may be, but complications may be set aside in times of danger.

While he doesn't have the inherited wealth of others of Royal Atlantean blood, Garth has enough access to wreckage and artifacts that he can always sell something should he actually require coin and has certain reserves set aside on the surface to enable him to engage in life there without being a beggar.


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Even among Atlanteans, Garth is strange. His purple eyes and amphibious nature make him a freak among his own people and he is often regarded with distrust and wariness, especially by older Atlanteans who remember a time when his personal traits would lead to a death sentence. Of course, he has just as much trouble among surface folk, where he stands out and feels strange and aliens.

Garth requires far more moisture to survive than a human might. He absorbs moisture from the air through his pores, but extremely dry and hot conditions will take a severe toll on him. If he is somehow dehydrated, whether by his environment or by some sort of attack, he will be extremely sickened and weakened. More than twelve hours of full dehydration will likely lead to his death.

Garth is prone to bouts of depression and withdrawal, making him pull back from others and even push others away. Part of this may spawn from his childhood scrounging as an outsider, but he always feels a certain darkness lingering within him that he must cope with in his own way.

Garth has managed to make quite a few enemies in his young life. His association with Aquaman makes him a target for Arthur's enemies, including the ruling regime of Atlantis, and he is often treated and hunted as a rebel among his own people. Beyond that, he made enemies during his time in the Titans and he has unique foes from his work as an Atlantean sorceror, including ancient enemies of prophecy and magickal might.

Garth's sorcery requires an intensive use of his personal and psychic energies. Extreme magickal feats or constant output of his magickal strength can leave him increasingly depleted and out of energy, even to the point of losing consciousness or losing potency in his magick until he recovers.



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Garth has 7 finished logs.

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Green Lantern's in orbit after being exploded. Supergirl to the rescue! August 1st, 2020 Hal is rescued by Supergirl, and magically healed by Tempest. He returns the city of Kandor into Supergirl's keeping.
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Surf and Turf July 23rd, 2020 Tara and Garth meet and make plans. An unlikely friendship begins
On Top of the World July 18th, 2020 Titans welcome Garth back to the tower. Exchange some childhood tales of strange days or normal ones. Also space rock.
Coming to Shore July 16th, 2020 Garth is welcomed back into the Titans fold
He Came From Beneath The Sea June 24th, 2020 Garth returns after his long absence. Luckily(?), he happens to run into Vorpal and Beast Boy first.


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Garth has 7 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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