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A small nation north of Madagascar, Genosha has a history of lawlessness. Until 1947, it was ostensibly the property of Great Britain, but largely went without notice. No formal government currently claims it and it is not particularly valuable strategically. Possession cycled between petty dictators every ten years and it is most valuable as a port of call away from the coast of Africa. The region did not stabilize until Magneto took charge of the island in 2015. As of 2020, the population was completely annihilated by person(s) unknown. Bare dozens of mutants survived.

-- History --

The earliest mutant residents on Genosha were transplanted following the end of World War II in 1945 as millions of displaced persons were moved around the globe. As Britain began to receive criticism for their handling of refugees into Palestine, they started looking for other locations to 'store' displaced persons. The United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration was put in place to supervise the 'temporary' housing of displaced mutants and metahumans into Genosha. Other nations, brokering agreements with Britain, covertly shipped some of their own citizens there as well as the global mutant diaspora was consolidated onto the single island.

Sometime after the 1950s, David Moreau-- aka the Genegineer-- took up residence there. He was unknowingly financed by Nathaniel Essex, who saw the value in using Genosha as a petri dish.

One of Essex's other experiments appeared on the island shortly after Moreau did. With Sugarman assisting him, Moreau was able to develop the 'bonding collars' that suppress a large number of abilities granted through metagenetic traits. Several years later, Moruea and Sugarman activated dormant technology that made those wearing the collars docile and obedient. These slaves became the backbone of Moreau's work into a new metahuman-- mutates. He started breeding them en masse, and Sugarman provided Essex with the technology for bonding collars.

For several decades, Moreau and Sugarman were able to work largely unimpeded. Their research proved to be vastly helpful to Essex's labors, particularly as he rose higher in the ranks with CADMUS under the auspices of the DEO.

In 2015, Magneto assembled enough information to realize what was happening to mutants on their Paradise Island. With his allies in the Brotherhood of Mutants, he ousted Moreau and Sugarman and installed himself as Dictator, and, Princeps Primus as the ruler of Genosha. Displaced by his actions, magistrates from Moreau's labs move to America and assist in the construction of improved MkIII Sentinels.

In Feb 13 2020, Genosha was attacked by forces belonging to the alien AI known as Brainiac. Millions of mutant residents died in the conflagration and it was apparently razed. Brainiac used advanced Kryptonian technology to shrink and bottle parts of Genosha, much as he had taken the Kryptonian city of Kandor. Later that year, a coalition of superheroes were able to retrieve several of the stolen cities.