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  Glorianna Silver  
Glorianna Silver (Scenesys ID: 1135)
Name: Glorianna Silver
Superalias: none
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Industrialist/Philanthropist
Citizenship: Norway
Residence: New York City
Education: MBA
Theme: Image (FC)
Groups: Hellfire Club
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 14 July 1994 Played By
Height: 5'9" Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Pale Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Daughter of Wulfgar Olafsson, she is the current owner of Wulfgar Industries. A multi-billion dollar Empire that spans across many businesses, charities, and countries. She is known to be something of a philanthropist and while she can be a shrewd businesswoman, she also seeks to help the world.


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* 1994: Glorianna is born to a pair of Farmers in Norway.
* 2001: Marauders attack the small farmhouse that Glorianna grew up in, she is left orphaned and likely would have died if not found by Wulfgar Olafsson. He adopts her, believing her to be the next wielder of the Ember Stone.
* 2002: Wulfgar begins training Glorianna to not only be the heir to his fortune and business but also to the Ember Stone. He believes she will find it.
* 2017: Wulfgar brings her into the company to help run it and also to give her more resources to search for what he believes is her destiny.
* 2019: Glorianna finds the Ember Stone and it bonds with her immediately. She begins practicing it and finds out there are more artifacts like it. She begins to seek them out.
* 2020: Glorianna moves to New York City, having heard of some of the artifacts finding their way to America and to open up more connections for herself.

IC Journal

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Might Makes Right:
From the time she was adopted, Wulgar explained to her that she was a perfect vessel for the Ember Stone. That her meeting him was fate. That she was to be powerful and strong. He also taught her his values, his code, and his way of ethics. She is a strange mixture of someone who wouldn't simply harm people for the sake of harming them but at the same time knows that eggs must be broken to make an omlet. She does not like the innocent to be harmed but understands sacrafice. She believes she deserves strength because she is fated to have it. She is meant to have it. She should have it.

She can be good and nice. She gives to charity, creates chairty, and helps those in need. She acts as a good boss and a solid business woman. She doesn't use underhanded tactis and is often straight forward about what she wants and will do. She needs to be powerful if she is to lead her company and continue to help others. If a few must suffer in the process so that the many benefit? So be it. If there is another way? So be it.

At the same time, now that she has the Ember Stone, there is something of another will within her. The Ember Stone is a force of creation. Creation by destruction. The forest burns so that new growth may flourish, after all. So, in a lot of ways, the Ember stone has further enhanced Glorianna's belief in her need to have more.

Character Sheet


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Elemental Resistances:
While in possession of the Ember Stone, she is completely immune to fire, resistant to the cold, and unphased by extreme temperatures.

Fire Control:
Simply put, with the Ember Stone, Glorianna can control, create, and even shape fire. She can cause a single spark or erupt the area around her into an inferno. She can shape and mold the fire into solid walls as strong as stone and even shape them into small creatures (though her favorite is serpent like dragons) that can attack both with physical pain and the burning of fire. Her fire is powerful enough to melt steel beams with time.

Glorianna can shapeshift into two forms. One is an armored version of herself, armor flowing over her that looks similar to magma and volcanic stone that makes her bulletproof. She gains strength enough to easily lift a car, reflexes greater than that of a human and enhances her speed to the point where she's faster than most large cats.

The second form is that of a powerful draconic being, growing in size to nearly 15 feet tall on her hind legs, she possess a form that is simlar to a dragon. She gains horns, claws, and incredibly sharp teeth. She is strong enough in this form to easily lift or flip a city bus, even faster, and her hide is tough enough to withstand powerful blows from superhuman enemies and ignore bullets. She also gains the power of flight with huge draconic wings, capable of flying at nearly the speed of sound.


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She is an incredible athlete, capable of incredible feats of acrobatics that would have likely gotten her on to an Olympic Team had she gone that direction.

She minored in Archaeology while in college, having learned some about it in order to work on finding the artifact she sought. By no means an expert, she wouldn't be lost in a conversation with one.

Business Prowess:
She is an incredibly skilled businesswoman, having both gone to college for her degree and also having been trained by her adoptive father. This skill both makes her a skilled business woman but also a very tactically minded individual. Trained to think several steps ahead.

She was trained to make connections and learn to talk to people. As such she is a well trained diplomat with a silver tongue.

She not only was working with her father to run a business but also to find the artifact she was to wield. As such, she has learned to survive in harsher environments while out seeking artifacts (specifically the Ember Stone). She is a skilled climber, a decent hunter, and knows how to survive in the wilderness.

Iron Will:
Taught by her adoptive father to be the strongest there is, she was also trained in her mind. While she has no latent power to resist mental control, her mind is a tough one to crack just because she was taught to keep her mind disciplined and strong.

Martial Arts:
She knows multiple forms of martial arts, including Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Taekwando, and Judo.

She knows Norwegian, Spanish, Mandarin, and English.


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Ember Stone:
The Ember Stone is what grants her the amazing powers she wields. It has a mind of its own and aboslutely hates the Glacier stone. The wielder of this stone is the automatic enemy of the wielder of the Glacier Stone.

Political Contacts:
Thanks to her work with Wulfgar Industries and, well, money, she has a lot of political contacts across Europe, America, and a few in Asia.

Wulfgar Industries:
Currently the head of Wulfgar Industries, she has access to a multi-billion dollar Empire that offers her access to businesses, charities, and political connections she might not otherwise have.


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She is incredibly arrogant. Glorianna believes herself to be the best there is and as such often underestimates her opponents.

She does have a code. She doesn't harm the innocent for the sake of it. She tries to do more good than harm. Sure, she can kill, she can harm, and she can certainly destroy but not if there is another way. To break that ccde is something she doesn't take lightly. Despite what the Ember Stone might want, in a lot of ways this code keeps her on the straight narrow though it sometimes gets in the way...and when the rage of the stone wins and she breaks breaks her inside.

Ember Stone:
While the stone itself is her power base, it can also be her weakness. Despite her powerful willpower, the stone is directly connected to her and as such has a direct connection to her mind. It wants what it wants and can sometimes try to get that. What it wants more than anything is to destroy the Galcier Stone. Even though she might not want to, in the presence of the Glacier Stone or having heard about its whereabouts, the Ember Stone would push her to find it and destroy it. There is also a certain...fiery rage that comes with its use (see Rage Weakness).

Even though she tries to conduct herself well, she still has made enemies over the years and so has her adoptive father. There are some who would seek to see her fail and are even jealous of her position.

Lust For Power:
She wants power. She was powerless once, many many years ago and will not be that way again. As such, despite all the power she has amassed, she wants more. She can be sometimes even distracted by her want for it, causing her to be distracted or even led into something she didn't intend.

The Ember Stone is a powerful tool and using it too much or unleashing its full power is rarely a calm affair. While Glorianna can often keep control, the more of the power of the stone she uses, the more difficult it is to not just give in to rage. Going into a full dragon form is not something that can simply be done with a calm mind. One must wish to destroy to unleash that kind of power. When she is using the full power of the stone, she can sometiems go into a full on rage state where she is seeking more to break, burn, and destroy then to think tactically.



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HFC Oktoberfest in April April 14th, 2020 The HFC's Oktoberfest in April is rousing success with good food, good beer, and good company.
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