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Godzilla is a monstrous pre-historic sea monster that dwells in the Pacific ocean. Exposure to nuclear radiation triggered a rare animal metagene incident and triggered staggering growth and increased hostility.

The creature has a bipedal gait similar to a Tyrannosaur or other large dinosaur. It stands approximately 400 feet tall and weighs 90,000 tonnes. The flesh is a flexible but incredibly durable alpha-keratin scales. It has poor hearing and sight but excellent smell. The thick muscles and rigid scales make Godzilla impervious to many conventional weapons, and it can very quickly heal from even very serious injuries. Godzilla can thrive in high-radiation environments thanks to a pair of glands in the throat that accrete radioactive emissions. When cornered, Godzilla can empty these bile sacs in a defensive maneuver. Four hundred gallons of irradiated acid are vomited outwards with significant force. Trace levels of sodium and naptha cause this vomit to erupt into flames of nearly 1400 degrees C.

The creature is amphibious and can breathe comfortably in salt and freshwater. However outside of water the creature can overheat very quickly, and prefers cool and damp locations for prolonged rest. Activity tends to be short and furious and it withdraws to cool down shortly thereafter.

Godzilla is omnivorous and consumes vast quantities of biomatter while awake. It filters plankton like a baleen whale, but can also consume entire schools of fish and vast amounts of algae or underwater life. Godzilla is hermaphroditic and reproduces through parthogenesis, laying eggs in clutches of several dozen at a time. Reproduction happens once every decade and the eggs typically take several years to come to maturity. Sea-dwelling animals eat the eggs quite readily, meaning viable offspring are very rare..