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Gunna Sijurvald (Scenesys ID: 2076)
Name: Gunna Sijurvald
Superalias: Troll
Gender: Female
Species: Asgardian halfbreed
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: Asgardian
Residence: None
Education: None
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Asgardians
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 10 Aug 2002 Played By
Height: 4'11" Weight: 400 lbs
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Raised as an asgardian troll, Gunna thinks she is a troll. She looks like one and dresses like one. Her axe is very Asgardian, so are her abilities. Her mind, not so much.


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* 2000: Gunna, an Asgardian warrior maiden, captured in battle with Magzi trolls, thought dead.
* 2004: Born to Gunna and her father, a Magzi troll. Mother dead later that day. Raised as a troll, by trolls.
* 2015: Killed her first noble beast. Given the hide to wear.
* 2020: Troll encampment raided by Asgardians. Captured along with several of her Troll family and taken to Asgard.
* Asgardian matrons try desperately to teach her about her heritage, with little success. Named Gunna after her mother.

IC Journal

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A side effect of not being from any known civilized culture, Troll is not trusting of anyone who is! She feels perfectly calm with criminals, but the more civilized one is the less she really understands you. Breaking through that can mean intense loyalty though.

Gunna is absolutely fearless. She doesn't think that death is a thing, has no hangups to speak of yet, and the only thing that she might regret is losing a friend. That would be her only hole: combat is nothing to her, and she loves her friends.

Life is simple for a troll. Gunna was raised to believe that life was simple: eat things if they're dead, don't worry about things unless they're a threat. She has more in common with a dog sometimes than a person, and often reacts to things in terms of loyalty and death.

Character Sheet


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Troll is much heavier than expected, although she is still relatively small-sized (x lbs within x space). As a result, it's difficult for her to be budged, lifted, or thrown by most conventional means by conventional people. Also as a partial result of her extreme density, she is quite resistant against physical damage.

Troll is resistant to physical harm, from both of her parents. She is highly resistant to impact damage, a combination of her Asgardian resilience and her Trollish regeneration. She is less resistant to blades and bullets, though even those must be of high caliber or sharpness to threaten her skin.

As an Asgardian, Troll will never truly age. She is nearly immortal, and will always appear to be no older than adulthood. Unless she becomes as old as Odin, in which case all bets are off.

Troll can, in fact, be hurt like any Asgardian. She has one bonus though: she regenerates. She will rapidly repair her damaged tissues, far faster than any human OR Asgardian! She will repair slashes in hours, bones in days, but can not regrow limbs or organs. She can die.

Troll has an advanced sense of smell. She can scent things before she can see them, even up to several hundred yards! This is from her troll heritage. Because of course it is.

Troll is capable of running and moving faster than even the finest human athlete. She can match speeds with most animals, and has been seen pacing a running horse.

Gunna takes her strength from both sides of her heritage. She is stronger than an Asgardian would be of her relative fitness level and size.


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While Gunna may not particularly like or trust Asgardians she is still of a noble Asgardian family. She is Asgardian, and can likely call on them in need.

While Gunna may not particularly look like one, she is still half Magzi Troll. They can smell it on her, and she will not be attacked any more than another troll would if she were to meet them. She can rally Trolls and they may respond.

War Axe:
Gunna's mystic axe, inherited from her warrior-mother, is attuned to her family. It was forged by the dwarves like many weapons of Asgard. She can call it to her from any distance and while it does not have an enchantment to make it so, it is HEAVY. The axe itself weighs no less than 300 lbs, and most humans simply can't lift it let alone wield it. Gunna does so with one hand.
The axe itself is enchanted largely with sharpness and durability, runes which course all over the blade on both sides in iridescent Norse fashion. It glows when wielded, but Gunna does not yet know how to activate any of its stronger enchantments. It is, for her, merely an excellent axe. For now.


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While not entirely so, Troll speaks one language fluently and it is not Allspeak. She speaks Troll, bad Asgardian, and worse English. Her phrases consist of 'Troll not hungry', 'Troll tired,' and similarly poor broken english. She can be taught though, she's not an idiot.

Raised by monsters, Troll will eat anything. She'll eat her own kind if it's dead (it's just meat now) or your kind, their kind, anything that will hold still long enough, and it doesn't technically have to be dead yet. This causes a few people dread, most everyone to be leery, and is all-around creepy. And is illegal.

Troll is not privy to one ability of the Asgardians. Her troll heritage has given her a huge gaping hole in her defenses; she is weak to elemental attacks, most notably to fire. She feels electricity more than any Asgardian and fire will burn her like a human! Oddly she is quite resistant to cold though.

Troll does not think of herself as Gunna Sijurvald. She thinks of herself as a Magzi troll. She does not trust Asgardians, her people's natural enemies and is as likely to bite them as speak to them. She barely speaks, does not know how to use most tools, and can not read, write, or act normally. She is loyal though, if she chooses to be.

While a warrior and a terrifying one in her own right, Troll is not a large person. When facing an opponent with a reach advantage, she may be stronger but she is not necessarily going to win. She can be picked up by the back of her tunic and held in the air, essentially helpless, and unless she can get her axe on the person she becomes not much good at all.



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Gunna Sijurvald has 6 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Busting Out December 24th, 2020 A major prison break ends with Troll escaped from jail, many people hurt, and a lot of confusion. I have no idea what I'm typing at this point, but it was amusing. Thank you to everone involved! Scene two of two.
Patience December 3rd, 2020 Thor visits Gunna in the dungeon and offers her freedom in exchange for her oath, an honest attempt to become Asgardian. Yeah no.
You've got to pay the Troll toll. November 20th, 2020 Thor meets with Gunna in the depths of the Raft and learns what he can of her and offers to her what is his to give.
Trolling for Sympathy November 12th, 2020 No description
Conjugal Visit November 3rd, 2020 Amora visits the newest prisoner of the Raft, Troll. They speak, in a fashion. Threats, blood, and an understanding.
Trolls in Oklahoma October 23rd, 2020 Trolls attack a small town, and the group who comes to help is capable of the task. Grisly remains are found, and a girl with an axe.


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Gunna Sijurvald has 6 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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