H'san Natall

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The H'San Natall are a violent and imperialistic race. They have an autocratic government and their preferred method of conquest is subjugation and sabotage using sleeper agents.

The H'San Natall have enslaved Psions in the past and used them as forced scientific labor. A recent gambit of theirs in 2001 was to send the Psions to an enclave on Titan and study the rapid development of new metahumans on Earth.

At the behest of the H'san Natall, the Psions kidnapped several dozen human females and impregnated them with hybridized H'san Natall embryos. One of the children was kept on Titan in a VR simulator, while the others were returned to Earth.

In 2017, the agents of the H'san Natall retrieved the hybridized children and brought them to Titan for indoctrination and training. Instead, the children (Toni Monetti among them) fled Titan and returned to Earth.