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Harassment comes down to two issues: Is this contact unwanted? And is the other party persisting in this unwelcome behavior?

Here are a few examples of harassment, increasing in severity:

  • - A player may insist on being present for any scene you're in, even those where they have no good in-character reason for it. They may also repeatedly request you participate in specific scenes with them.
  • - A player applying for characters for the sole purpose of overlapping with your roleplay.
  • - Gossiping about you with other players, or trying to force you to take their side in their ongoing drama.
  • - Requests for RL or personal information.
  • - Actions (in context or in the lounge) that take control of your virtual person, such as lap-sitting, hugs, kissing, or other unsolicited physical contact.

We encourage people to try and be candid with each other about boundaries. MUSH environments can make it hard for people to read nuance or subtext. A simple 'Please don't do that' is enough to establish where those lines are.

If you encounter a situation, you should begin logging it, and clearly tell the person the behavior you are asking them to stop. If it continues, we encourage you to contact a staffer immediately or submit a +request/concern <title>=<message>.