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The concept of harmony is a crucial one when it comes to the understanding of the dimensions of the universe, and the ideologues who reside in our world and worlds beyond.

Ideologues are manifestations of certain primal concepts. Death, Infinity, Hunger-- these are but a few of nearly infinite creatures. Ideologues exist for virtually any conceptual notion, from the vast to the very small. Each ideologue by nature acts to create more harmony in the universe with its conceptual goal. Ideologues of sufficient potency even develop personalities and awareness, manifesting in entities that are often called 'gods'.

Harmony occurs when an entity-- including the gods and some mortals-- are spiritually attuned to their unique purpose in life, or the attitudes of a certain demesne. For a New God such as Odin, his harmony comes from maintaining Asgard as proud, honorable warriors. The rules for harmony are complex and mysterious; there are times when the very nature of a demesne requires change, or is changed by outside forces. Some harmonies welcome new ideas and perspectives, others reject them reflexively. Among the New Gods, this can lead to the harmony of their dimension becoming weakened by outside influences, or adapting and growing stronger because of them. Ever godling has a role to play in the harmony of their home.

The harmony of a demesne can grow and change most strongly due to the influence of mortals. Many minor pantheons of gods have vanished or been absorbed into larger groups over the millennia. The Olympians, originally gods of Greece, later gained new Roman names as their religion overtook the native Roman gods of the Numa. Later, the Aisur of the Etruscans were supplanted and the Olympians integrated some concepts, absorbed others, or simply cast them out of the demesne to fend for themselves.

This is why many New Gods send emissaries out into the world. Ideologues often empower avatars or conceptual notions to represent them among mortals as well. Whatever they do to increase their harmony increases their power and influence.