Hate Groups

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A reality of life for many metahumans is various hate groups that protest the existence of metahumans in America. Some of them protest metahumans in general, others very specifically antagonize about the presence of mutants in mainstream populations.

  • Pro-Humana: this far right-wing political arm has been growing in scope and focus for the last ten years. What started as a fringe political movement has developed an influential caucus in state and Congressional bodies. Pro-Humana has a range of adherents, from those who simply want dangerous mutants registered and regulated, to those who want to use political means to 'neutralize' the metahuman threat to America.
  • New Purifiers: Helmed by William Stryker, this religious group manipulates liturgical interpretation to justify discrimination against metahumans. Seeing them as 'corruptions of God's perfect design', they are most prevalent in heavily rural areas of the Deep South and Midwestern America.
  • Friends of Humanity: Militant protesters, the FoH see themselves as the 'last line of defense' against the metahuman 'threat' to American citizens. A few of their more senior members have legitimate military credentials, but most are living our hopeless fantasies of apocalyptic collapse of civilization.