Heart-Shaped Herb

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The Heart-Shaped herb is a plant unique to Wakanda. It grows nowhere else and is jealously protected by Wakandan's mightiest warriors.

The herb originates from a meteor that crashed into Wakanda millennia ago. The vibranium that made up a large portion of the meteorite had special sound and energy absorption qualities. Over time one of the native plants gradually evolved into what became known as the Heart-Shaped Herb.

A special ritualistic preparation is required to use the herb to full effect, and the plant flowers once every three years. For the Royal Family of Wakanda and descendants of the Tribal Chiefs, the herb triggers a metagenetic event triggered by vibranium within the plant. It promotes rapid physical development and propels the user to the peak of human physical and mental capability. The use of this herb by the royal family has been a tradition for centuries, and is the 'prize' awarded to the victor who fights for the title of King of Wakanda. The effects of the herb can also be removed by a different ritual preparation.