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Hela (Scenesys ID: 2123)
Name: Hel
Superalias: Hela
Gender: Female
Species: Asgardian/Frost Giant
Occupation: Asgardian Goddess of Death, Ruler of Hel and Niffleheim
Citizenship: Asgardian
Residence: Niffleheim
Education: Centuries of experience ruling the dead.
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Asgardians
Apparent Age: 1270 Actual Age: 1270
Date of Birth 6 Jun 751 Played By Cate Blanchett
Height: 7'0 Weight: 500lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: Helvegen - the Path to Hel


Character Info


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The Asgardian goddess of death, Hela is the queen of Niffleheim and the dishonorable dead who dwell in Hel there. She's ultimately always interested in adding more souls to her realm, for her power is directly linked to how many subjects in Hel she has. Generally more concerned with immortal souls than any others, recently she has taken more of an interest in Midgard.


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755ish : The daughter of Angrbodr, a frost giant of Jotunheim, presents Hela at Odin's court as a young girl, claiming she has Asgardian blood. Odin agrees, and declares that at maturity she will be given the land of the dead to rule. Rumor has it that she is half dead herself, hence Odin's decision.
770 : Appointed by Odin to be the ruler of the northernmost realm of Niffleheim, and the lands of the dead. However, Odin reserves Valhalla, where the honored dead go, for himself. This annoys Hela greatly.
1100 ish : Christianity almost completely supplants the Norse faith, annoying Hela greatly yet again. She decides to focus on gaining more Asgardian souls to make up.
1200 ish : Scheming against Odin with the goal of gaining dominion over Valhalla begins in earnest. Hela steals a part of Odin's soul, creating an entity known as Infinity, who she unleashes upon the universe. Hela slew Thor, and was then slain by Odin to recover Thor, but Thor convinced Odin to bring her back to restore the balance of life and death. Hela now secretly kinda likes Thor, and thinks his soul would be a fine addition to Niffleheim, so he has to die unworthily in a manner that doesn't make Odin annoyed with her. (Or Odin dies first which would be even better.).
* 1944 : Hela's disinterest with Midgard ends when she is mind controlled by Nazis and forced to fight Allied superheroes (including Namor) by an artifact called the God's Whisper. Fortunately for everybody concerned except the Nazis, the heroes free her and she returns to Niffleheim, but not before she kills a large number of Allied soldiers.
* 1946 : The three superheroes who helped drive her back to Asgard during WW2 agree that the artifact which controlled her is too powerful, so they split it into three pieces and each hide their chunk.
* 1946-2015 ish : Mostly back in Niffleheim but pokes around a bit on Midgard. Asgardian souls are coming to her more rarely in the modern age, so she's trying to supplant them with what mortal souls she can obtain. She even starts trying to make deals with the death gods of other pantheons. Pluto is a pretty nice guy. Not.
* 2018 : Manages to claim a couple of souls from Loki's activities in New York, but Thor's heroism and renown make her think maybe that's a better way of doing it. Every time Asgardians do something heroic a few more people worship them... people who will eventually end up in Niffleheim.
* 2020 : Decides to spend as much time as she can manage in Midgard. Has to return to Niffleheim regularly to recharge, however. Her ultimate intent, as ever, to claim more souls unto herself, with Thor's soul as the greatest prize of all. Killing them personally is against the rules (at least if she makes a habit of it) and would annoy Odin, but if she can convert people and make them die ignobly, that'll do.

IC Journal

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As Queen of the Dead, Hela is prideful and considers herself honorable. If someone assists her in a time of need, she will do her best to avoid dishonor and repay any debt she considers to have incurred. In her ruling of Niffleheim and Hel, she takes her role as death goddess seriously, and, it is said by those who know her well, genuinely loves her subjects. In a similar vein she discharges all the duties of that office to the best of her ability. And she does generally obey the rules implicit in that office ... when they are crystal clear anyway.

All things die, even Asgardians if you wait long enough. If she played the short game, she would be quite the monster. But she plays the long game. Why kill people when they'll come to you eventually anyway? This can make her appear reasonable, helpful, even heroic at the time, but there's almost always something in it for her ultimately, just not this week, or even this decade. Soul by soul, her dominion grows, as inexorable as death itself.

Ultimately, Hela is all about extending her power. The more souls she amasses in Nifleheim, the more powerful she becomes. She especially covets the souls of Odin and Thor, to the extent that she's saved them from death in the past if another death god stands ready to claim them. Of late she's begun to extend an interest in mortals too, if a believer in the Asgardian pantheon dies and isn't worthy of Valhalla, they go to her.

The flip side of honor, Hela is prideful and prone to jealousy. For her entire immortal existence she's felt slighted, and she feels those slights, starting with Odin when he said that Valhalla was not part of her domain. She jealously guards what she considers hers, and she definitely bears a grudge. Occasionally this spills over into not merely coveting souls, but coveting something else - love, knowledge, items of power, you name it. Hela has the same weaknesses as any human afflicted by this mortal sin, but with a far greater capacity to indulge it.

Character Sheet


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Thanks to the Allspeak, Hela can communicate in all the lanugages of the Nine Realms, Earth's dialects, and various alien languages.

Asgardian Physiology:
Hela was born to a Jotunheim giant, but also has Asgardian blood in her veins. She has all the typical Asgardian traits. She has a vast strength, considerably greater than even most Asgardians, being capable of lifting well in excess of a hundred tons, and has a moderate level of superhuman speed too, with almost limitless stamina. Her dense flesh is considerably more resistant to physical injury than a human, and again, she's tougher than even most Asgardians. She can withstand great impacts, temperature and pressure extremes, high calibre bullets and powerful energy blasts without injury, and can endure the cold and vacuum of space. If she is actually injured, then she heals much quicker even than an Asgardian - many times faster than a human - and can even reconstitute herself, in time, after being completely disintegrated.

Astral Projection:
Hela is able to astrally project herself, even across the nine realms. Thanks to her Asgardian physiology, she can maintain this indefinitely. Her astral form has the same powers of death as her physical form.

Death Goddess:
As goddess of death, she holds power over fellow Asgardians. While mortal spirits flee their physical forms upon death, the spirits of the gods remain in their bodies until the death-goddess draws them out and leads them to their final resting place. There they remain, for all eternity, in a quasi-tangible form, unless for some reason she decides to release them from death, a power used exceedingly sparingly as it would diminish herself and her role in the multiverse. In the modern age most mortal spirits are not hers to command, but the admittedly miniscule number of mortals who follow and practice the Norse faith are hers to command in death as well.

Due to Odin's decree, Valhalla itself is not a part of her domain, and those who die an honorable death are not hers to command, though she can still return them to life if she wishes, and she can still accompany them to Valhalla.

She may also claim the souls of any who voluntarily pledge their soul to her.

While the dead that rightfully belong to other equivalent deities do not end up in Hel at her command, they still cannot stand against her in person.

The goddess of death has a mystical awareness of the cycles of life and death, and can sense when her services are required across the dimensions, and either attend to the matter personally, or dispatch a minion, as required.

She has a wide range of more general magical abilities, a few examples of which are given here.

* Illusions powerful enough to disguise the true nature of Hel and Niffleheim.
* Flying at incredible speeds, levitation.
* Possession of corpses, speaking through skulls
* Telepathic communication, delving into people's memories
* Countermagic
* Empowering others, for example providing weaponry, or elevating someone to serve as her valkyrie
* Wiping memories, cursing people
* Animating golem-like creatures from clay
* Creating energy shields and beams of destructive force
* The 'Hand of Glory' - she can empower her fists to be even more powerful than they usually are, able to scar even Asgardians as if with a blade.

As a death goddess, naturally, Hela has extreme necromantic ability. One thing she cannot or will not do, however, is actually destroy souls themselves. Souls are her charges, after all, and conveying them safely to the afterlife is an important part of her function.

She can however throw bolts of magic that age their targets even to crumbling to dust if she wants, and undo said aging afterwards. She can cause great pain with a touch, and if she touches bare skin, even kill Asgardians and mortals alike. The darkness of the blackest pits of Hel can be brought to where she is, blanketing a huge area with a dark stillness.

She can claim people's souls as hers, but such soul-theft might annoy whoever those souls rightfully belonged to, and is a breach of The Rules, so she does such things sparingly. More generously, she can heal people and restore their vitality if she wishes, too.

There is nowhere in time and space where death does not hold sway. She can teleport to where she needs to be, be it Midgard, Asgard, Niffleheim, even other dimensions alien to her. (Obviously travel to other dimensions and other times will be at the demands of plot only).

She can also teleport other people along with her, if she wishes. In Hel and Niffleheim, her domain, she can banish miscreants from her realm if she wishes.


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Fighting Skills:
Hela rarely indulges in physical combat, but is fairly skilled at it should she have to. She more relies on her overpowering physical might though to win battles. Those lacking the utmost strength would find it extremely hard to stand against her, but without that advantage she's merely a competent warrior, not a sublime one.

Hela hs considerable knowledge in matters of magic and mythology, especially but not only Asgardian.

There are few beings with more knowledge of death - the processes around it, the magic of it, the powers that control it - than Hela.


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Niffleheim is one of the Nine Realms, a northern region of icy fogs and mists, darkness, and cold, and more importantly, the land of the dishonored dead. Hela is the supreme ruler of this land and the denizens of it - armies of trolls, goblins, even dragons - as well as the souls in her care.

Most of the time, her subjects are allowed to do as they will, but at times she prepares them for war on Asgard to attempt to lay claim to Valhalla and the honored dead within.

Hel is a realm of death within Niffleheim, mutable according to the wishes of its ruler - sometimes appearing as a pit, sometimes a palace, sometimes a puzzle box. Here the dead unworthy of Valhalla but who are not dishonorable who are assigned to Hela's realms dwell. The great Hel-hound Garm and the black cloaked goddess Modgud, her most powerful minions, guard the entrance to Hel, ensuring the dead do not escape and the living do not enter.

Hela has absolute control over the dead within Hel. She can also teleport them to and from, in large numbers, anywhere in the Nine Realms. Within Niffleheim Hela is even more resistant than normal, being nigh on invulnerable to all but the most epic of weapons or spells.

( Being the ruler of legions of Asgardian dead is unlikely to ever show up in anything but the more epic of plots ).

The Nightsword:
The Nightsword is the accursed blade of Hela. Enchanted with dark magics, this long blade is a weapon befitting a goddess of death and has seen many epic battles.


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Many seek power over Death. Many know of the Asgardian gods, and through exceptionally powerful rituals or artifacts it's possible for some to command Death itself - at least, the Asgardian variant of it. Hela's fame and the office she holds in some senses leave her vulnerable, and this vulnerability has already been exploited at least once, with the God's Whisper artifact still out there somewhere. There may be others.

Death Touch:
Hela's touch, even with gloved hand - at least to a living creature's bare skin, armor protects against it - is death. After a few hundred years as a death goddess, she discovered that this is much a curse as a power. While she can avoid outright killing people with effort, it takes a lot of effort on her part to suppress this. and even survivors find the briefest contact intensely painful, making close relationships impossible.

While this usually makes Hela quite distant, aloof and envious, she actually hates having to destroy True Love as part of her duties. She might even allow a dead lover to leave Niffleheim, if they impress her somehow.

The three Asgardian goddesses of fate warned the Asgardian gods that Hela would be a great danger to them. She is fated to lead the forces of Ragnarok against Asgard, so any who care for Asgard will most likely treat her cautiously, at best.

Half Dead:
When wearing the garment that serves as her cloak, cowl and headdress, Hela's body is fully alive and healthy. But when she is deprived of her cloak, she reverts to her true form. The right side of her body is fully alive, but the left side of her body is dead and decayed. Without her cloak, Hela's life force is insufficient to maintain her usual strength - indeed, she is unable to even stand or use magic, capable of only crawling. Touching the cloak is sufficient to stand again, donning it once more instantly restores her to full vitality.

The Rules:
While she seeks Odins' soul above all others, she has her place among the Asgardians, and certain rules of office govern her conduct. In particular, she is supposed to manage death, not inflict it. While she could gather the souls of mortals or even Asgardians directly, such a heavy handed approach not only would that incur the wrath of heroes, but more importantly, doing it in any numbers worthwhile to her would incur the wrath of Odin as well for overstepping her bounds. And that's before we get to offended death gods of other pantheons whose toes she would be trampling on. Therefore in general she must work indirectly, through agents, bargains, and simply doing her normal job - collecting the souls of those rightfully destined for Nifflheim and Hel.



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Hela has 16 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
ZZGU: Here's the Plan... December 2nd, 2020 Heroes, SHIELD, DEO, oh My! all meet to discuss ZZGU and how it can be defeated. Now it is time to put the plan in to action...
Banshee's Scream: Investigating a Terrible Scene November 29th, 2020 A group discover that the Dark Banshee haunting the streets of New York City has something far more sinister in mind at F.E.A.S.T. and rush off to prepare for an imminent attack.
ZZGU: Reinforcements November 19th, 2020 Dreamers premonitions take a team of heroes to the Metropolis Naval Base where they encounter a coup of the otherworldly kind. Using the slime of ZZGU intruders recruit a small army and attempt to bring ZZGU in to this world through a portal. Siobhan crossed over to ZZGUs world to battle another version of Kara Zor-El and is now trapped there. Maxima declare war against the monster. Hela thinks magic might be the solution.
Battle God Royale November 16th, 2020 Thorfeld.
Talking with the Dead November 15th, 2020 Lady Sif meets Hela, to seek an audience with one of her souls.
A Throne for Hela November 11th, 2020 Amora shows Hela the embassy and where her quarters will be. The throne appeases the Goddess of Death.
Near Hel November 9th, 2020 Hela comes to Bruce Banner's lab and they both learn some things.
A Time for a Bargin November 4th, 2020 Fugate pledges his soul to Hela
Wakandan Death Party November 3rd, 2020 Hela offers an alliance with Wakanda. Naturally, there's only one thing she REALLY wants...
A Prize That Everyone Wins, But No One Wants November 3rd, 2020 Edward Nygma aka The Riddler realizes that he's dying, so goes to the Asgardian Embassy to switch pantheons and challenge Hela to a literal Game of Death. She gives him a series of challenging puzzles in Niffleheim, but eventually he succeeds, and she returns his soul to him and cures him of his illness.
MiB meets WiB October 28th, 2020 No description
Up from the pit, 7' high October 27th, 2020 Hela meets Thor to talk of peace between them. Meanwhile the snakes gather around them.
The day that Sera died October 26th, 2020 Sera dun died yo. Turns out Angels do have souls. Also the Queen of the Dead is cool??
Hela-va Banshee October 26th, 2020 Siobhan seeks answers, turns out a particularly helpful Hela is there to provide partial answers.
Amora and Hela moan about how unfair everything is. October 25th, 2020 Neither Asgardian is that happy with the current state of affairs. But some scheming about how to obtain more souls for Hela is done.
War comes to Niffleheim October 24th, 2020 Ares goes to Hel's entrance to check on Hela.


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Hela has 16 finished logs.

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