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Henry Devine (Scenesys ID: 1624)
Name: Henry Devine
Superalias: Ratchet
Gender: Male
Species: Altered Mutant
Occupation: Junkyard Scavenger
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York
Education: Self-taught
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 15 Actual Age: 15
Date of Birth 03 Oct 2004 Played By R.O.U.S, most notable for their Oscar nomination in 'The Princess Bride'.
Height: 5'2" Weight: 142 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Amber
Theme Song: Gospel of the Throttle (Drifters Remix) - Minutes Til Midnight

Character Info


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Henry Devine is a driven, amnesiac engineer with powers that lend him well to understanding and manipulating machines, both through mental and manual means. He is a mutant who is trying to get by in a junkyard in New York, and while friendly enough...he tends to have some feral and rebellious tendencies from a mix of missing parental figures and an altered physiology.


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2005: Born in the slums of Los Angeles.
2009: Mutations triggered, granting him exceptional machine knowledge.
2010: Taken in by a mysterious group of scientists.
2015: Dumped back out into a junkyard in New York, permanently transformed into a bipedal rat, and critically wounded. Manages to slowly recover over time after finding himself treated bandaged up.
2020: Has carved out a fairly quiet, but sustainable existence in the junkyard, taking cash to help repair vehicles on the cheap, or finding jewels among the junk and fixing up those parts to sell elsewhere, keeping the absolute best for himself.

IC Journal

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There is also the matter of his lack of proper rearing. Putting his animal nature aside, and he is undoubtedly an unruly, carefree kid and very much opposed to ham-fisted authority types...and at times authority itself. He is not afraid to his and bite to draw his line in the sand.

Ratchet is quite sociable around people, even strangers, unless they threaten or rebuff him right away.

Ratchet's odd nature as a hybrid mutant results in him carrying over some of the more endearing qualities of his animal counterpart: squeaking in delight, hissing and fluffing up his fur to show aggression, and showing affection in the form of gentle headbutts or unprovoked hair grooming.

Character Sheet


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Machine Empathy:
Ratchet's primary power allows him not only a greater understanding of electronics and mechanical engineering, his mental influence also grants him the ability to control machines either directly or through commands and suggestions that can be followed. Spreading his influence through a machine can help further his knowledge of its functions, even if it would normally be to advanced or alien for him to understand.

Rat Physiology:
Ratchet's new form, while unsightly to some, grant him incredible boons that make him more physically versatile. His sense of hearing and smell are far more keen than the average human, and his digitigrade legs and sharp claws allow him a great deal of mobility for jumping and scaling up heights in quick succession. His sight, likewise, is unhindered in darkness. His brain has also been chemically altered to facilitate the extended use of his power for more complex machinery, the consequences of which are listed in Weaknesses.


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One of his best skills, due to his powers. Whether it's tuning up a car, throwing together a junk pistol, making a gadget out of household materials, or putting together a vehicle of his own, there's nothin' outta this rat's reach when it comes to mechanical engineering. This also extends to electrical engineering.

While his powers are currently ineffective at full controlling electronic devices, it does grant him insights to the vulnerabilities of each device he comes across, allowing him to infiltrate through a more manual vector.

Who needs a driver's license or a commercial aircraft license when you've got powers? If anything his ability to push a pilotable machine to the maximum of its abilities surpasses many seasoned and trained professionals

While he might not have camouflage or invisibility, his instinct for keeping out of sight and out of mind is top notch, and his frame allows him to slink in and out of places all the better.


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Often time used as an improvised living space, 'Friend Bus' is a refurbished, mildly stolen Six Flags party bus with crude patches of steel plating welded onto the sides for protection. There also appears to be what looks like a flat-nosed cow-catcher of some sort, fabricated from steel to punch through obstacles with ease. The engine has also been amped up for some added horsepower, making it a mobile battering ram that serves Ratchet's beck and call.

A fairly hefty piece, despite the size. Only a little fatter than a .38 snub nose, this firearm contains a small, yet incredibly powerful turbine (that looks like a revolver's cylinder!) that functions to hyper-compress air to the point of ignition as it's release through the barrel connecting to the turbine's exhaust. The pistol can be fired on burst for a spray of firebolts, or charge an over-pressurized shot for a powerful fireball with a lot of punch and recoil behind it! The gun itself appears to have been built from the frame of an older Smith & Wesson model.

Scrap Armor Vest:
It's not much at the moment, having been cut and reforged from some of the really fine steel scraps he could find lying in his junkyard. The thin plates have been designed to interlock and shift for better upper torso mobility, but it's not quite at the defensive level of stopping a bullet in its tracks.

A three in one collection of toolbags: one on his back, and another two on each of his outer thighs. These bags contain everything he needs to repair equipment or machines on the spot, or to through together a makeshift weapon with what materials are laying around at the time.


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While Ratchet wants only to do good, his grasp on what the means from case to case can...vary greatly. With only flowery media and cartoons to base his own principles off of, he struggles and can even become combative with grey morality. Likewise, he doesn't fully understand the collateral damage his powers and gadget can wreak on his surroundings.

No Social Skills:
A bit of a hinderance when it comes to trying to make new friends, his lack of social cues and tact end up leading him into a lot of trouble...or at the very least to snubbing people he wanted to impress in the first place.



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Henry Devine has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Everything Is Awesome June 4th, 2021 Our heroes get the Brazier back, stopping Grodd and the Vizier...for now. They are truly Dream Warriors.
Themysciran Arts May 26th, 2021 The Themysciran Arts Center debuts its offerings to the public. The Center will be a bastion of immersing the public of the mortal world in all things related to paradise island. Caitlin Fairchild is welcomed in to the Amazon ranks, and a squirrel eats a hot dog that is bigger than its own body.
Mojo's Arcade Legend: Proving Grounds July 1st, 2020 Teamwork makes the dreamwork. ARAM, Proving Grounds!


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Henry Devine has 3 finished logs.

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