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Hiroshi Taka (Scenesys ID: 2045)
Name: Hiroshi Taka
Superalias: Tora
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Mostly)
Occupation: Student / Heiress
Citizenship: Dual Japanese / American Citizen
Residence: New York City
Education: Japanese Primary and Secondary. University in New York City
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 17 Mar 2000 (20) Played By Someone Drawn
Height: 5'1" Weight: 108 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Shapeshifting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m1VCw11ZAI

Character Info


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Japanese American college student and martial artist. Heiress to wealthy corporate board member in Hiroyuki Incorporated. Based in New York City.


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ansi(hm,2000)] - Born to Hiroshi Tanaka and his wife Kami. Into a family of tradition and history. Tradition dictates that the eldest child be trained to receive the ancestral gifts of the Tora (Tiger) brands.
2004 - Began training in Hiroshi-Do Martial Arts. Incorporating elements of modern Aikido with ancient Jiujutsu and Yari-Jutsu. Showed great potential.
2006 - Began coming into her own for personality, excelling in school and training. Strong independent personality began manifesting in early rebellion behavior.
2010 - Hiroshi Kami, Taka's mother, died of Cancer after two years fighting. She ran out of willpower reserves and succumbed. Loss of her mother made a rebelling Taka bond more strongly with her father.
2013 - Made father proud when she accepted the Tora Brands, beginning Secondary school a year early due to excellent academic performance.
2014 - Father promoted to the board of Takahashi-Hamato Corporation, which is controlled by extensions of the Foot Clan. This means that in the next few years, he will be relocating to New York City, where the Hamato branch of the company will be headquartered once the tower is completed. It had been under construction for five years already.
2016 - Relocated to New York City after early graduation from Secondary school, and acceptance to ESU (Empire State University). Taka, along with Tanaka (Father) and Sanada (Grandfather and Sensei), moved to New York City where Taka was slated to begin college studying mathematics and communications with a minor in philosophy.
2019 - Taka moved into her own apartment off campus near ESU. Began trying to establish herself out of her father's shadow, but still visited her Sensei and Grandfather for further training. Wanted to be an American kid.
2020 - Acquired permanent residency via Kiroyuki Corporation and began post- graduate studies in philosophy at ESU. Decided she could not stand by and watch the world descending into chaos. Designed costume and began stepping out in a vigilante role.

IC Journal

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Taka has spent a few years in New York now, and she has adapted to the local lifestyle better than many other young people from her homeland. She dresses in modern ways, behaves like a young woman from New York more often than not. She listens to American music, eats cheeseburgers, and is doing her best to enjoy -being- an American girl. Maybe a bit too much.

Devoted To the Tora:
The tora (or tiger) is a spirit that bonded with Taka's family many generations ago. It is bonded to whomever has the current generation of brands or tattoos to link it to a mortal. Taka believes fully that this is an honor and responsibility and she is ready to bear it. It is a part of the family tradition that she honors and accepts in her life.

Edmund Burke:
As a student of philosophy, and a lover of history, Taka read Edmund Burke's quotation, long and short version, and that has driven and galvanized her into deciding that she could not stand by and watch the world devolve. She had to do something. That as much as anything else has helped her to decide to go out with the name Tora, to be a vigilante.

Her Father's Daughter:
The death of Kami, Taka's mother, made father and daughter form a bond that is nigh-unbreakable. She loves and honors her father, despite not behaving like a traditional Japanese daughter. she believes in the Kami of the family, the Tora (tiger) as a patron of her family. She is just not looking forward to motherhood, or producing the next generation of Tora wielders. Aside from that, she adores her father, and despite her Americanization, she will come when he asks her to, jump when he says to, and in return, he dotes on her and would do anything to protect his daughter.

Taka has a traditional education. She has had the ancient traditions of her homeland ingrained into her soul. She believes in the old ways, and honors the Kami. She believes that there is a way to blend the old with the new, the traditional with the trendsetting. But she still enjoys a tea ceremony, a quiet meditation. She respects the traditions without feeling hidebound by them.

Character Sheet


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Ki Manipulation:
The Tora brands have created a bond. A link with the Tora Kami which imbues their bearer with superior access to Ki and with training, to manipulate that Ki for a variety of effects. Those abilities are listed below:
Zanshin: Mind like the moon - Taka can enter a mental state where her point of awareness floats above her body, looking down upon her and her surroundings. This area is no larger than six feet in radius from her body. When active, this gives complete awareness of this radius. But it is exhausting to maintain for longer than a few minutes at a time. So it is not something done lightly.
Karumi-Jutsu: Effectively reduces her weight by 85%. This means that she can leap up to 40 feet in any direction with minimal effort, can run a bit faster than normal, and climb walls with little fear of falling. She can also fall hundreds of feet, landing as if she had fallen merely 20 or so feet. She can also walk over delicate surfaces without exerting pressure upon said surface. The old rice paper trick for example.
Ki Healing: Also known as Ki-atsu. This can be used, meditatively, to speed up the healing in her own body or in others. It is not capable of restoring lost limbs, but it can quickly close cuts and repair tissue. It gives somewhere about ten times the healing speed. It takes a several minutes at best to put this power to use, so it is not something that can be used in the heat of combat.

Tora Form:
By activating the Tiger Brand, Taka can assume a form that blends Tiger and Woman into one. It is a hybrid appearance that might seem like a Were-Tiger to some. I(n this form, she is stronger, tougher, and has claws and teeth as well as animal instincts and senses. It should be noted that because of the bond with the Kami, those animal senses are active even in human form, but at reduced levels.


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As a communications major, and a natural linguist, Taka grew up speaking Japanese, and learned English early. She also speaks the Mandarin and Cantonese languages of China, Korean, and Vietnamese. And for European languages, she can speak French, Russian, and German.

Martial Arts:
Taka has been taught the Martial Arts since she was four years old. She has achieved advanced belts in Aikido, Jiujutsu, and Yarijutsu (Spear arts). She is trained in many weapons, but the spear is her specialty for sure. She could be considered on par with some of the best of the Foot clan. Her best skills are defensive, following the flow of Ki to redirect force away from herself.

Pursuing post graduate studies in philosophy has given Taka a well rounded education in the classics and a variety of teachings from all over the world. A part of this has been a study of religions and how they have affected behavioral sciences and the principles of several Asian teachings from Confucianism and Buddhism to Hindu and other teachings.


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Daddy's Money:
As heiress to Hiroshi Tanaka, Taka has access to money, not inexhaustible access, and not unlimited funds. But her father is successful and wealthy. The trust fund has not fully kicked in yet, as she has not reached the age of 25, but she can call upon him for some money now and then. Or at least on the emergency credit card she has access to.

It's not as if she has a fortune to spend on equipment, but Taka has a bit of gear she has acquired here and there. Her favorite item is her spear. But the items she does have are listed below.
1) Spear - Taka has a lightweight titanium short-staff that can extend to six feet in length. The staff can also snap a blade out of one end to function in every way as a spear, or a Yari.
2) Restraints - Taka has a pair of handcuffs, and a packet of 100 zip ties that she carries with her in belt pouches on her costume.
3) Costume - Taka has an outfit made of lightweight reinforced materials. It will not stop a bullet. But it will slow one down so that handgun rounds will not strike with nearly as much force, and that blades will be reduced in lethality. The odd part is that it will do nothing to prevent blunt force trauma.


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It may seem to be a contradiction in terms, but Taka tries to be an honorable and traditional warrior and at the same time, a truly American girl. She is trying very hard to appear as just another of the popular types who loves social media, selfies, pop music and all of that. That dictates her behavior in many many ways.

While some might think of Ki as nonsensical, others think of it as spirit power. In the end, it is a variant of magic or mystic power. This means that her brands / tattoos are imbued with power. Those sensitive to such power would be able to pick her out of a crowd, or feel the power in her brands.

Honor is a strength. It can give a sense of duty, of comfort. But it can be used against a person. Taka believes strongly in Bushido as taught to her by her Grandfather. One honors the Kami, the family, one's enemies. It is not honor to only treat people well when they treat you well. One must behave honorably at all times, or it is not honor.

Seeking Approval:
Taka may not admit it, but she truly desires her father's approval and affection. She may act tough, but she is still a little girl who values her father.

The Foot:
The Foot Clan has ties to Hamato Corp in New York City, using them as a legitimate cover for many of their operations. This could easily prove an Achilles heel for Taka, as operating against the Foot would harm her father's position in the company. Especially if it became known that it was her operating against them. It is a fine line to walk, especially since at present, she has no idea who the Foot are or anything about their links to Hamato Corp.



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Hiroshi Taka has 5 finished logs.

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