How Do I Explain This

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How Do I Explain This
Date of Cutscene: 21 January 2021
Location: City Spire Condominiums
Synopsis: Mike mulls over the doppelganger situation while walking alongside one of Pym's ants
Cast of Characters: Michael Hannigan

Mike glances down to the large ant walking alongside him in the hallway of the building, being mindful to look like he's practicing with the makeshift marionette sticks that connect to Bo to give the illusion of puppetry.

He's pretty glad that its one of the odd hours for the building because he figures if he runs into any neighbor right now, there's going to be explaining to do, regardless of the disguise Lang set up for his new guard Ant.

One explanation he's not looking forward to is the one he's going to have to give to his roommate. Wade can be overprotective as is. God help him if he's given an actual reason to worry. No matter how odd.

The whole situation seems weird. Not real at all. And Mike's inclined to believe none of it is happening. But, a glance down to his side is a reminder that he can't quite dismiss it. Also, it is New York.

Giving a sigh as they reach the condo door, he starts to unlock it. HOW is he going to explain this? Hey Wade. Uh ran into one of our dead band-mates from another world and he followed some other guy that we never heard of over here. And the guy we never heard of is not nice so we got a guard ant now.

Right. That'll go over Juuuuuuust nicely.

The door opens to a dark condo. Causing for Mike to blink. He reaches over to his left to flip on the light. Stepping aside to let Bo into the condo. As it cuts on, a slip of paper on the small kitchen table is illuminated.

He closes the door, locking it before walking over to the table to look to the two sentences on display.

'Went to NAMM. Your box is full.'

Was that convention this week? Huh. All that concern over nothing. Well alright. Good news for once. He's got several days for things to get worked out before Wade gets back from LA And that means time to figure out other matters.


Shit. The drum kit.

"Bo! No!"

Looks like he'll have to introduce his new guest to the drum pads.