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Hyperspace is one of the Fundamental Realms.

If the Astral Plane is neutrally charged, then Hyperspace would be considered 'positively' charged. It is a state of existence available only to those species with advanced technology or creatures capable of folding P-brane spacetime around themselves. The intense energies of hyperspace are inimical to most forms of organic life.

Unique lensing effects create a strangely distorted 'echo' of reality. The larger an object's gravity well, the smaller it is in Hyperspace and the closer it is to other gravitational bodies. This makes travelling via hyperspace an extremely effective means of conveyance, shrinking down voyages that might take millions of light years into much more manageable timeframes. Using well-charted routes, a hyperspace ship might cross much of the known universe in as little as 18 months.

Hyperspace lanes are considered major hubs of trade for this reason. Most of them are very well documented and mapped out by the various spacefaring races-- main sequence blue stars in particular act as beacons for travellers who might be otherwise lost.