Iara Dos Santos

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Iara Dos Santos (Scenesys ID: 4095)
Name: Iara Dos Santos
Superalias: Shark-Girl
Gender: Female
Species: Homo Superior
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: Brazil
Residence: Xavier School
Education: Xavier School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Mutants, Xaviers
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 14 July 2003 Played By CGI
Height: 6'7" Weight: 250
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Black
Theme Song: "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado https://youtu.be/I512Mgmb678

Character Info


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Iara hails from Brazil and is a relatively recent addition to the X-men family, loving the upsides of her mutation but still learning to deal with some of the downsides. Currently trying to find new friends amongst people her age and get quickly to the fun part of being in the X-family where she gets to rip bad guys to shreds.


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*2003: Born in Recife, Brazil

*2022: Powers manifested after a long day of swimming with a sudden, irresistable craving for raw fish. Iara got into a fight with some fishermen over said raw fish and accidentally injured one with newfound super-strength and shark hybrid transformation, Cerebro identified her and she was picked up by the X-Men the next morning to help her learn to use and control her newfound body.

IC Journal

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Iara frequently speaks her mind and has little tolerance for putting up with things that harm or inconvenience others, whether that be a problem that someone might want to put off for later, a jerk it would be considered impolite to simply eat or just plain boredom.

Iara is blunt and has no reservations when talking about food, hot guys, and many other subjects others might be off-put by. She also swears a lot.

Iara can put up a fiesty wall in front of new people, in that she usually expects the worst of others due to her appearance, but once she gets to know someone she cares for her friends passionately.

Character Sheet


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Iara's mutant form is a Human/Shark hybrid. She prefers this form to the point that she's started sleeping in it, filling her tub with water and sleeping in that rather than her bed. She can turn into her original human form at will, but rarely does so unless she absolutely has to, like working undercover, and given the size difference between her human and shark hybrid forms she has to accomodate for her changing size, wear stretchy clothes like a one piece swimsuit or bring a change of clothes.

Iara can swim at great speeds in the water.

Iara is super strong, being described as able to punch through cinderblocks with ease.

Teeth and Claws:
Iara has strong teeth and claws, and her teeth constantly grow in new ones like a real shark... so don't worry if she spits out a tooth after a punch to the jaw.

Water Breathing:
Iara can breathe in water just as well as on land, thanks to possessing both gills and lungs.


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Iara makes great empanadas!

Even outside of shark-form, Iara is an accomplished swimmer and surfer.


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Iara belongs to the Xavier school, and has access to their facilities, staff, and the friends she's managed to make there.


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Sometimes when violence is the answer, violence becomes the only answer. Iara is prone to bloodlust like her namesake's feeding frenzy when she gets a taste of blood, and can struggle to control herself or distinguish friend from foe sometimes when she gets a taste of it.

A shark's nose is very, very sensitive, required for detecting subtle movements in the water while swimming. Rubbing it feels great if not overstimulating, but a solid strike to it REALLY hurts.

While Iara loves her appearance, she's aware that many people don't, so remarks about how much someone else appreciates her form will go far, and compliments and flirts can fluster and distract her relatively easily. This doesn't turn her into a blushing, shy little schoolgirl, but she might not be able to stop thinking about it and could be easily seduced... by someone she considers attractive anyway.



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Iara Dos Santos has 45 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Bushwick Blowback July 18th, 2023 Protests in Bushwick flare up as people for and against the 'mutant vaccine' spill over, and the locals have to help keep the peace.
(King) Shark Week: 2023 July 10th, 2023 King Shark hits the beach at Coney Island...quite literally. Also, Shark Dates are a thing? THEY ARE NOW!
Brood of the Savage Land: The God Machines, Finale May 19th, 2023 The group travels to find the final Celestial computer... but they don't find the Engineer. Instead, they find the Savage Land sun cult, who speak of their god imprisoning the Deviant as a 'demon.' Also, one of the priests thinks Lorna is their high priestess. She tries to trick them by playing along, but gets in trouble when the genuine article arrives. They do bear a certain resemblance. What does it mean? Who knows. But at least they finally got Doug to the damn computer. POWER ON!
Brood of the Savage Land: The God Machines, Part III May 11th, 2023 Shockingly, the creepy secretive scientist turns out to be up to no good. Maybe he's looking for Iara's secret shark juice, or maybe he wants what Jemma figured out is inside Nat. Either way, things go bad, and he loses an eye and an arm for his trouble, while Rogue gains another overdose of ageless understanding, this time in a different part of the Celestial heritage: Homo Descendus. Now, back to meet everyone's favorite green guy in a lab coat.
Brood of the Savage Land: The God Machines, Part II May 5th, 2023 Unsure how to find the rest of the Celestial computer cores (or what to do with them if they did), the heroes use Lemurian legend and SHIELD intel (courtesy of Lara Croft) to locate a ruin potentially tied to early residents of the Savage Land. En route, they are faced by increasingly more well organized members of the dino-brood Hive, and despite an attempted distraction, suffer injuries - and potential infections - in reaching the ruin. In the last moment, they are aided by an inscrutable and likely inhuman figure. Despite its aloof nature, its promises of aid seem their best chance at saving their friends and dealing with the larger Brood threat!
The Nightclub Under Your Bed May 1st, 2023 The Under Your Bed dive bar for monstrous folks is unfortunately lost as it suffers multiple holes in its walls and severe fire damage. Whether it is written off for the insurance money by whoever owns it is uncertain, but Iara, Sally and Andi meet for the first time, they all get a taste of Batman at work, and they all have a pretty stereotypical night in Gotham: Interrupted by villains and not finding any peace.
Return to the Savage Land, Part II: The Goddess and the Queen March 23rd, 2023 The X-Men defeat Arrash, whos is actually Deathbird trolling them (it's Sharra kinda-backwards, she so funny). The prophecy is fulfilled, at least in part (Deathbird IS a Princess). Tanya, the would-be Brood Queen is in custody. And the... new hive continues to grow in the center of the Savage Land, ready to consume all around it, while ironically under the protection of the uncaring Celestial defense systems.
Return to the Savage Land, Part I: the Aerie March 16th, 2023 The X-Men return to the Savage Land, traveling to the Aerie Shalan, home of the bird-people. On the way, they discover a T-Rex feasting on a dead Triceratops (as one often does, in the Savage Land), save that both seem horribly infected... and display Brood-like features. The creature is destryed without mercy, and soon the team enters the spire. They arrive at a lab full of more alien technology, and discover the missing Doctor Tanya Anderssen in a suspension pod, also showing Brood-like features. As they investigate ways to free or help her, a hologram activates to taunt them in the form of the apparent 'false goddess' of the Aerians, before sealing the POWER-DAMPENED room as it fills with what is almost certainly some very, very bad mist!
Quiet Day March 2nd, 2023 Beer and Pizza Breakfast of Champions.
Operation WATCHFUL x Savage X-Men: Dr. Lykos, I Presume February 23rd, 2023 SHIELD takes custody of Dr. Karl Lykos from the X-Men as they return from the Savage Land. In human form, Lykos is repentant, but claims innocence in the plot to free him, and urges his captors to find Tanya Anderssen, who possesses equal knowledge of his work. Work that between the research and stolen physical samples could potentially be used to create a powerful genetic weapon capable of truly strange mutations for its targets.
Try not to wreck the Rec Room February 23rd, 2023 And the rec room survives
Sinister Invites You To The Estate February 21st, 2023 An auction is done of old things from an old Man Sinister. Lessons are learned from those who judge and may need to be judged. In the end, Mystique burns it all down the way it should be.
Savage Land: Epilogue is not Ending February 15th, 2023 Hailed as heroes, the 'Knights of Xavier' enjoy a Lemurian tourney feast, several prevailing on the dino-jousting lists of honor. Tales are told, songs are sung, and they enjoy their victory... before turning to the task of Sauron. As frustrating as ever in the face of interrogation, answering every question with misdirections, they at last concede to use the best tool at their disposal, and delve into his mind for answers. They get a few, and perhaps a few more questions. As well as the company of one Dr. Karl Lykos.
LAUNDRY TIME February 10th, 2023 Two mutants discuss life, laundry, Glob, and clowns.
Savage Land: Sauron vs the Fellowship! January 26th, 2023 The Fellowship fights its way into Mordor, aka the mountain domain of the Pterons. After meeting various dino hordes in battle, they discover Sauron in his lab, built around an ancient machine powered off the the heart of a sleeping volcano. The battle is bloody, as the machine seems to intervene at every turn. Eventually, they uncover its secret, that this isn't Sauron's work, but some ancient AI designed to help maintain the artificial biome of the Savage Land. But will this information help them as Sauron feats upon one mutant's life force and looks hungry for more?
Savage Land: Captured! January 19th, 2023 On that day, after the disagreement on the shore of Gorahn, the battle of loincloths and potatoes, and the reading of the cards, the Fellowship among men, Aerian, and Pteron was forged. Next time: Sauron, for realsies!
Into the Savage Land December 16th, 2022 The X-Men travel to the Savage Land, landing at the outpost in Ka-Zar's protected valley, but find it attacked by 'bird people.' Rogue and Ororo visit the Lord of the Jungle's house and meet Zabu, his intelligent saber-tooth tiger, as well as a bird person captive, while the others fight off some dinosaurs and reach the village of the Fall People, a tribe of human hunter gatherers who live in the valley and may be able to offer information and aid. And Emma gets her Savage Land alternate outfit.
The McRib is Back December 15th, 2022 The Xaviers School team is sent on the epic quest of 'Recover the McRib' before it goes extinct again! Which reminds me, have you ever heard the conspiracy theory that the McRib only ever comes back as a distraction from some sort of event happening at the same time? Like 'Oh, just give the fat plebbs their McRib again, that'll shut them up for awhile!'. But yeah, anyway, this was fun and everyone in it is a peach, a damn peach, I say!
Ia Counselling Session One December 6th, 2022 A counselling session for Iara goes fairly well.
The Hunt for Sauron November 30th, 2022 The X-Men visit Tierra del Fuego and a research station operated by Tanya Anderssen - the daughter of Karl Lykos' old mentor. Investigating, they find the place mostly empty: Tanya is missing, with some signs of a struggle in her room. The computers and communication equipment at the place have also been tampered with, presumably by whoever attacked her. And while Sauron seems a likely suspect, when he arrives with an army of dinosaurs, he seems to blame the X-Men instead. They fight him off, but not without a few bruises as Rahne risks herself saving a nearby civllian and Rogue attacks her teammates under hypnosis. Worse, the discovery of underground connections between the Savage Land and South America may allow Sauron to lead an invasion beyond the Antarctic... unless they can figure out who took Tanya Anderssen, and deliver them to him!
The Guilty Party November 25th, 2022 Iara threatens to eat Remy's face! Mighty Woman talks her out of it! (Advertisement for REDACTED brand plays.)
Danger Room Duo November 21st, 2022 Iara finds Warren in the Danger Room, and they try a fastball special with unintended consequences.
Order Borne of Darkness - Cosmic Carnage Under the Sea November 20th, 2022 Intrepid heroes dive into the depths of the sea, and fight an ancient guardian protecting something most precious. An artifact that can bend reality. It is stolen from them and taken to deepest, darkest space. Now the heroes shall have to track down members.. Of the Black Order.
Shark in the Minnow Club November 9th, 2022 Iara and Caleb made small talk, discussed appearances and exhanged phone numbers.
Along Came A Wendigo: One Year Later October 19th, 2022 Hanna is kidnapped a year to the day later and taken back to the scene of where her grandparents died...only to lose a mother. That awakens her horned friend that lets her exact revenge, but it is interrupted!
Just a Small Town Girl October 18th, 2022 The heroes stop a train heist!
Subjecting a shark to science! October 7th, 2022 No description
Come On Knock On Our Door September 16th, 2022 They haven't talked in a while, so Iara Dos Santos comes to check in on Jubilation in the wake of all the anti-vampire sentiment that seems to be growing.
Alcoholic Beast of Ages Past August 24th, 2022 A group of intrepid heroes encounter a booze demon. Sobriety will never happen again.
Stepped Straight out of Tartarus. August 17th, 2022 Tabby sucks at DDR. Disuades vengeance murder for a beating her father didn't do this time. Maybe grosses Negasonic out with Tartare Sauce wrestling Amazons. And maybe needs to take better care of her injuries so Iara and Jubilee stop feeling snacky at bad times.
Shark Week More Like Snark Week July 28th, 2022 It's Shark Week on Discovery Channel! But, finding out that it's not exactly the Macy's Day Parade she was expecting, Iara Dos Santos heads down to the Danger Room to blow off some steam. But, Jubilation Lee is already down there working out her own vampire bloodlust. Iara shares her recent bad luck with men, which sets Jubes off on a path to find a way to bring some love into Iara's fish tank. TO BE CONTINUED!
Ninja vs Shark! July 28th, 2022 No description
AIM of the Savage Land July 15th, 2022 The sentinel dinodaurs are destroyed as is the base which produced them. Our heroes retirn home with pit any greivous wounds for once.
Medbays and M's July 15th, 2022 Some of the X-men visit M in the medbay
Friendly while Frenzied July 14th, 2022 Warren and Iara talk about their recent missions and her place in the world, and Warren gives Iara an early birthday present in the form of two airline tickets to Brazil!
Blood and Borgs July 6th, 2022 Beroe, Gabby, Iara, and Warren investigate an apartment linked to mutant kidnappings by cyborgs. They find cyborgs, a kidnap victim, and a whole lot more than they bargained for.
X-F Side Dishes( June 16th, 2022 Wade meets Iara in an improbable way and offers her a position with his crew. She's on the fence about it but the seed has been planted, all that's left is to see if it grows.
That Which is Transparent Cannot Lie June 9th, 2022 Grossness takes control of a fishing vessel and the heroes burn it with fire. And some ice.
A Wider World June 2nd, 2022 Iara, Sam, and Warren head into Mutant Town for breakfast to show Iara the wider world of mutant life in New York. They get more exposure than they bargained for when cyborgs attack!
Shark Mama Said Knock You Out June 2nd, 2022 A Cardinals fan and a shark in disguise show up at Monkey Heaven, where baseball loyalties are unjudged and species are free to remain undisclosed. Unless you're an angel, because angels aren't welcome in Monkey Heaven.
The Toys From Brazil May 30th, 2022 In Iara's origin story, The X-Men acquire Shark-Girl from the beaches of Recife, Brazil, which is harder than you'd expect when they run into armored troopers and vehicles belonging to HYDRA in the process!
Sharks and Minnows at the X-Swimming Pool May 29th, 2022 Jimmy Hudson and Logan observed Iara's aptitude in the water and debated if she might join the X-Men and/or utilize the danger room in the near future.
What Lies Beneath May 26th, 2022 The Foot are working on an experiment when they have a few uninvited guests.
Take a Bite Out of Thyme May 26th, 2022 Emma checks up on Iara's first time in the medbay!
A bite out of the X-Life. May 24th, 2022 Iara gets a tour of the rec-room, Tabby and Jubilee are probably not the best teachers in what constitutes a monster but Iara is definitely not one. However hangry she may be.


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