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Iason (Scenesys ID: 1935)
Name: Iason
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Animated Statue
Occupation: Unemployed
Citizenship: No Current Status
Residence: New York
Education: The Mouseion of Alexandria
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Themyscirans
Apparent Age: 1617 Actual Age: 1617
Date of Birth 01 Oct 404 Played By Kostas Martakis
Height: 5'8" Weight: 177 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song: "Coin Operated Boy" by The Dresden Dolls

Character Info


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A statue brought to life by the Greek goddess of Justice. A young man from a time gone by lost in a world he doesn't know.


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Alexandria, 4th century AD.-

The philosopher Theon of Alexandria had a son who died in childbirth- Iason. As he grew older, he began to struggle with the notion that his legacy was on the shoulders of a daughter, Hypatia, whom he believed would never be granted the acknowledgement she deserved, and the future of the Neoplatonists and his school, the Mouseion, was very uncertain. This grief and these doubts assailed him as he grew older, which informed the choices that would follow.

In 404 AD, Theon commissioned the famous sculptor Themistokrates for a bronze statue of the man he believed his son would grow into. This statue was then placed in the courtyard of his school, and after Theon's death in 405 AD it became a habit of Hypatia to spend her early evenings in the courtyad, confiding her secrets and problems to her 'big brother.' Theon did not live to see Hypatia become one of the most respected intellectuals of her day, contrary to his fears, but even the level of respect she commanded could not shield her from the unrest that was brewing in the city. When the Serapeum was demolished during the rising religious tension in Alexandria between Christians and Pagans, Hypatia approched the statue of her brother and, in fear of her life, spoke a plea to the statue as if it had been her actual living brother, to continue avenge her and continue her work. Divine ears were indeed listening to Hypatia's plea.

When Hypatia was brutally murdered by a mob in 415 AD, the goddess Dike, goddess of Justice, extended her blessings upon the statue of Iason, who immediately sprung to life and brought Hypatia's killers to justice- a task which took three years. However, with the closure of the Serapeum, there was nothing Iason could do to continue his sister's intellectual work, Iason sank into deep grief for the sister who spoke so often to him and with whom he could not speak. In his grief, he ceased to move altogether, storing all the teachings and memories of his sister in his heart, and eventually reverted into a seemingly inert bronze statue of a beautiful young man.

Not too long after, Iason's statue was lost to the world when the vessel that carried it sank to the bottom of the ocean.

New York, Current Era

As fate would have it, Iason's statue was rescued during a marine archaeological expedition in the eighties and was acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of its permanent Ancient Greece exhibition. Iason remained dormant for decades, until a chance conversation by two people near his exhibit touches upon Diana of Themyscira, and the cultural function of Themyscira - and a memory stirs in Iason of stories told by his sister, of the vast libraries and knowledge that legend said the Amazons possessed...

And Iason awakened.

IC Journal

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Iason loves people- they are sort of a new thing to him, due to his restricted existence as a statue. He is endlessly curious about mortals and their world, and he is very willing to explore and get to know as many people as he is able.

Of course, the herald of Dike's justice is an idealist: Iason believes that there are right ways to tackle a situation, and wrong ways, and that the wrong path is seldom right at all. He can be rather uncompromising about this and he is unlikely to bend, unless the situation is absolutely dire- and even then, begrudgingly so.

Iason may be ignorant of the ways of the modern world, but he is incredibly intelligent and curious- he picks up things rather quickly and, given enough time, he can learn new things with a great deal of ease.

As befits a young man raised among philosophers and thinkers, Iason is far more of a sensitive, poetic soft-spoken young man than a boisterous, rough-and-tumble fighter. He has a keen appreciation for poetry and music- although it will take him some time to come to appreciate their iterations in the modern world. He is far more likely to be a romantic than a pragmatic or cynical.

Tender Heart:
Iason is truly a gentle and caring soul. He is easily moved to pity and will feel incredibly guilty if he is not capable of bringing some sort of comfort or solace to a soul in need.

Character Sheet


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Blessing of Dike Aidoios:
Calling upon Dike's protection, Iason can conjure the protective aegis of the goddess around a target that is close to him (ten feet maximum distance.) As long as Iason maintains the aegis, any damage that impacts the aegis is directed at Iason, not the target, until Iason falls unconscious, dies, or lowers the Aegis.

Blessing of Dike Euboulos:
The blessing of the goddess of Justice allows Iason to touch an object and see its immediate past, as if he had the power of psychometry. This comes with restrictions: He is not capable of seeing any point in the object's past, only events in which the object was used to directly harm another person. There is also a window of time in which this power can be used to its full efficiency: after 48 hours from the event in question, Iason will not be able to see clear images anymore and will not be able to distinguish the perpetrator's face. However, he may receive clues about the perpetrator and the event that can help him investigate.

Blessing of Dike Soteira:
Dike is a goddess of order, and Iason is able to invoke her name and summon an aura of order and calmness in the immediate area. When invoked prior to any hostilities taking place, those touched by the aura will have to struggle to perform a violent action, faced with an overhwelming sense of peace and well-being. The aura is fragile, though, and any violent action directed at those affected from outside its area of influence (roughly thirty feet) will shatter it. Once a violent action has been successfully performed, the aura cannot be called again in that area for the duration of the hostilities. Performing a violent action while under the effects of the aura is not impossible, merely extremely difficult. This ability can also be used to soothe people under extreme emotional duress.

Iason does not age, but he can be destroyed. Should his body be destroyed, there is a possibility of bringing him back- but that would require rebuilding his body and once again gaining the blessing of the goddess Dike.

Mythic Body:
Due to being born from enchanted bronze, Iason has a very high resistance to physical damage, capable of sustaining powerful blows, impact and trauma that would drop many, and his skin is highly resistant to cuts and abrasions. His metabolism is highly resistant (though not immune) to poisons and toxins. He is capable of lifting about six tons' worth of weight, as well as applying said strength to offensive purposes if need be. Iason is very agile, but along the levels of a seasoned Olympic athlete instead of a superhuman.


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During his three years spent chasing down Hypatia's killers, Iason saw himself involved in quite a few scuffles. As he was loath to truly hurting someone with his formidable strength unless absolutely necessary, he had to learn to fight smarter, not harder. He is a competent hand-to-hand fighter but lacking in finesse.

Classical Education:
Ten years in the Mouseion can broaden a man's mind. From his vantage point in the courtyard, Iason was capable of listening in on many classes, including Hypatia's lectures, and thus has a foundational basis in classical logic and philosophy, Inductive reasoning, mathematics and some history up to, roughly, 405 AD.

Iason's early days as a statue in the Mouseion exposed him to a wide number of languages- although unable to respond himself until his animation, he was exposed to Greek, Coptic, Latin and some Aramaic- which gave him a foundational ear for learning languages. After being rescued from the oceans in the eighties, he was briefly exposed to French and Italian (the languages that were primarily spoken by the archaeology expedition and the subsequent museums where he was studied and restored), only to finally be exposed to English when purchased by the Metropolitan Museum. His ability in these modern languages is adequate, but lacking in the more idiomatic and idiosyncratic uses of the language, so that he comes across as rather formal. He is, however, illiterate in all languages, as he has merely had oral exposure to them.


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Iason is capable of summoning the divine blade of justice herself- an unbreakable golden blade that may be wielded as a weapon, but which cannot be used to kill. The blade is sharper than mundane swords and, with enough strength, it is capable of slicing through many hardy materials (with the exception of vibranium and indestructible alloys) and it can be used to cause non-lethal wounds on a person. However, if a killing blow or a lethal wound is attempted, the blade will vanish.

By asking for Dike's protection, Iason can summon a divine armor to protect him. It has the appearance of light but olored in white and gold. It is extremely resilient and serves as an added level of protection on top of his natural defenses. It consists of a bare-arned muscle cuirass, a zoster (leather belt) from which the scabbard for Dikaiosune, and a row of leather pteruges or flaps around the bottom which cover the groin and upper thighs. A pair of cothurnus (short leather boots that lace up in the front, the world's oldest moccasins!) complete the ensemble. This divine armor can be destroyed- it can manifest again 24 hours after it has been destroyed.

Holy Patro:
Iason exists by the grace and benevolence of the goddess of justice and order. Although she is pretty hands-off on her approach to her realm, at times she is moved to act directly (such as in the events that led to Iason's animation.) In extreme situations, there is a very small chance that she may intervene in Iason's favor.


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Iason is obligated to serve the cause of Justice wherever it leads him. The benefits of Dike's blessings are bounteous, but so are her obligations- Iason is bound to act in the name of Justice, and he is from time to time called to specific cases, guided by Dike's hand. He must pursue the matter until justice is administered, and he may not abandon a victim. Iason is also unable to refuse a request for help when spoken in the name of Justice or Dike- this plea is as binding as the Hiketeia is to the Amazons, and abandoning a victim would result in the loss of all of Iason's powes (except for his animation) until a proper atonement to Dike is made. If Iason finds that he is being manipulated or being used to advance an injustice, he can renounce his obligation to help that particular individual with no consequences.

The herald of the goddess of Justice is, of course, incredibly idealistic. He abides by a moral code that forbids him from using unnecessary violence when other methods are available, and he is incapable of deliberately killing someone. This will curtail his effectiveness when fighting the more ruthless enemies who do not play by those rules.

Human Needs:
Although Iason was created from a statue, outside of his astonishing strength and resistance he is very human in his needs: food, rest and shelter. He can suffer exhaustion, hunger, thirst and many other maladies of the body and the mind. He has a very healthy immune system and is resistant to many illnesses, but not impervious. The urgency of his situation is compounded by the fact that he has no property, history of employment or family that he can rely on.

Iason is noble, pure of heart and very caring. He is also very intelligent- but at the same time, he has a nature that leads him to be too trusting at times, more likely to see the good in people. This is heightened by the fact that Iason is a fish out of water in modern society, completely unfamiliar with it and, as such, he will often depend on the guidance of others. This could be disastrous.



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Iason has 6 finished logs.

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Iason has 6 finished logs.

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