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Inari Coltrain (Scenesys ID: 2177)
Name: Inari Coltrain
Superalias: Lodestone
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Thief/Criminal
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Gotham
Education: Highschool
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 13 July 1998 Played By Jasmin Savoy Brown
Height: 5'2" Weight: 114 lbs
Hair Color: Light Brown Eye Color: Ice Blue
Theme Song: Stronger (Kelly Clarkson)

Character Info


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Inari has been many things in her life: a runaway, a drunk, exotic dancer..Former gang member, thief and most recently, a member of a mutant terrorist group. After her former teammates were all either captured or killed, she is now on the run and perhaps turning over a new leaf, desperate to turn a tarnished life around, if only a little..


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*1998- Born July 13th in a small tourist town in New York, to an African American Flight attendant mother, and a Caucasian American science fiction writer father.

* 2007-Mother died in an airplane crash, father started to crumble and descend into alcoholism. Julia largely raised and cared for by her grandmother.

*2012-Her mutant powers manifest, turning to magnetite and accidentally destroying the family car. Her grandmother, suffers a heart attack in response and dies.

2013-Her dad's alcoholism gets worse. Becomes abusive and violent. Julia runs away from home to the big city, and falls in with gangsters. Learns how to fight, to steal, gets involved in crime.

*2015-Joins a meta human terrorist group, inadvertently causes the death of innocents which hardens her. Develops bouts of schizophrenia which further destabilizes her mind.

*2016- Does a brief stint of exotic dancing to make ends meet.

*2018-Team-mates either captured or killed, is lone survivor, runs away again and maintains a low profile, obtaining fake identities.

*2019-Currently into petty thievery, hiding from the law, seeking retribution for terrorist crimes.

IC Journal

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Inari has attractive, exotic looks, and she is very athletic and graceful. She is quite aware of her looks and knows how to use it to her advantage. It was easy for her to briefly become an exotic dancer, but even since quitting, she knows how to get people to lower their guard in order to get what she wants. She is charming, sultry, and a bit mysterious. And this can come in handy.

Fiesty and fiery, Inari is used to living on the edge of civilization and has learned to take care of herself, developing a smartass, quick-witted attitude in the process. In spite of a combination of racism against both her mixed heritage and mutancy, she has learned to take everything in stride, and usually has some clever remark just ready to retort at anyone who dares to get in her way.

Hard Exterior:
Inari has developed a thick skin, both metaphorically and literally. She is the type to keep others at arm's length, to never let anyone get too close to her for fear of getting hurt. Inari learned to deaden her feelings a long time ago and shut down her heart. She trusts very few people, and lets even fewer get close enough to her heart and vulnerabilities.

She has a love of treasure and shiny things and bling.This is a hard habit for her to shake, as she has stolen all her life to survive. Thievery is her bread and butter, although it sometimes gets to the point of a dangerous addiction. She just cant help herself any time she sees something pretty and clearly worth something.

Natural Survivor:
She is a survivor, and has grown very resourceful and intelligent, in spite of dropping out of highschool. Inari is a master of her environment, using everything around her to her advantage. It helps that her powers allow her to do this quite literally as well.

Character Sheet


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In metallic form, she takes on powerful magnetic properties, capable of changing the polarity of her magnetic field as she sees fit. She is nowhere near as powerful as, say, Magneto in this form, and her powers are more limited. She could potentially lift something as heavy as a city bus at her maximum strength, but probably couldn't hold it up for more than a few minutes. She could stop and propel bullets back at their source with the same force and speed they were thrown at her. Perhaps her most favored ability is the manipulation of a set of throwing knives she keeps on her at all times, moving them around herself and tossing and retrieving them with great speed and accuracy. She is better at gross motor co-ordination such as crushing a car. Less so at fine motor skills like making a metallic sculpture.

Magnetic Flight:
Inari can potentially reverse polarity in her body to create some form of levitation and even flight, pushing against the earth's magnetic field and moving at about the speed of 500mph maxiumum. She is not able to generate a magnetic field, or levitate other people with her, however.

Magnetic Form:
Inari's primary ability allows her to shift into a metallic form made of a strong silver magnetite mineral, making her body highly magnetic. This form acts like a tough armour over her skin, and while in this form, she becomes stronger and tougher, able to lift upwards of 500lbs. This form is particularly tough, able to easily deflect bullets and she could probably resist up to 15 tons of crushing force. She is also resistant to temperature extremes and does not need to breathe, but can only maintain this form for up to a day or two due to the stress on her body and fractured mind.

Psychic Resistance:
While not immune to psychic attacks while in metallic form, Inari can certainly enjoy a much stronger resistance against psychic probing and blasts while in this state, effectively cutting their effectiveness by about half.

Perhaps due to the constant shifting nature of her metallic form, while in this form only, Julia is capable of regenerating lost limbs, and healing even grievous wounds such as being stabbed in vital organs within several minutes to an hour or two. Potentially life threatening injuries will force her into a chrysalis like state where she is in a regenerative coma-like state as her body attempts to heal and recover. Such a state may last a day or two. She cannot recover from decapitation and is as vulnerable to infectious illnesses as anyone else however.


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Initially she learned some down and dirty tricks from her fellow gang members. Later on, one of her gangster friends who turned out to be a martial arts master, teaching her some formal martial arts in karate and aikido, including basic weaponry. While she is no pro, living a tough life on the streets for many years and being naturally talented, Inari earned a brown belt level of martial arts skills and can easily take on a small number of street thugs with relative ease.

She is an excellent cook, and has a knack for being able to make some very tasty and nutritious meals out of the most bare bones ingredients or simply unusual things. Inari is a very creative person and cooking makes an excellent outlet for her untapped creative energy.

She is incredibly graceful and light on her feet. Inari has the natural body of a dancer, and has shown to be quite talented. Unfortunately, aside from a brief stint as an exotic pole dancer, she hasn't really tried anything more disciplined than that. One of her dreams is to learn ballet one day..

Inari has learned to train her body to move seamlessly in numerous gymnastic and athletic feats such as scaling low walls, tree climbing and vaulting even tight rope walking. Again she is not professional level but is still highly skilled and considerably ore agile than the average person.

She has lived on the streets and lived the gang life for many years. She knows how to fend for herself, to keep warm and start a fire, where to find food and shelter, both in the big city and in the wilderness to some extent. She is not an expert survavlist when it comes to living in the wilderness, but Inari knows how to make a basic fire, how to set simple traps to catch small animals like rabbits and how to create a fishing line and catch fish.

Inari has learned some pretty handy thievery tricks from her life on the streets. She knows how to tactfully pick pockets, to break open most locks, and disarm some low level burglarly devices. She is by no means a master thief, but she knows enough to break into the average house and outsmart a basic antiburglarly alarm. However, she's nowhere near good enough to successfully break into, say a sophisticated bank security level system or anything above breaking into say, an expensive mansion or small business building.


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Her former team had a hidden base in the sewers. It was nothing special, just a hidden shelter with electricity, water, warmth, a bed and small tv and a steal door to keep intruders out. Although her team mates have all since perished or been arrested, she still has a safe haven to turn to if she is desperate.

While many of her former teammates are gone, she still has a relative or two out there she could fall back on, not to mention gang members she can call on if she needs backup or general help or just someone to talk to.

Family Heirloom:
Inari's mother once gave her a heart shaped locket with a family picture in it during happier times, and a beautiful pink diamond. The stone has no magical abilities that she is aware of but is probably worth an incredible amount of money and has been in the family for years.

She has saved quite a bit of money through years of collective thievery. And while it's not a lot, maybe $10,000 hidden under her mattress, it's something to fall back on in hard times.

Inari doesn't have a large resource of weaponry. However, she does have a small collection of four battle hardenned pocket knives which she usually keeps hidden on her at all times. She is very skilled in using these for close combat, and in her metallic form, she usually keeps these hovering around her, to be used when she has no other resources at hand. She can throw or stab or counter with these with incredible speed and skill due to years of practicing with them.


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Criminal Record:
She's developed quite the criminal record from years of crime, ranging from petty thievery to inadvertently causing the deaths of several innocents when she and her terrorist team mates set fire to an anti mutant residency or two. While she has maintained many different identities and disguises, sooner or later the law may catch up with her.

Inari's metallic form is an incredibly strong conductor of electricity. Unfortunately she is still a living creature underneath the armour. Therefore, electricity will hurt her greatly, doing approximately twice as much damage to her while in metallic form and can even prove to be fatal. It will also cause her to instantly revert back to human form.

Her powers give her the feeling of invulnerability, making her jump into dangerous situations or do foolish things that are often potentially life threatening. Who knows when her luck will run out?

Power Limitations:
She must be conscious when morphing. If she loses consciousness, she shifts back to human form. Furthermore, any unhealed wounds suffered will not heal while in human form. This includes potentially fatal wounds. Currently she can only maintain magnetized form for up to a day or two at most. In magnetic form, while her mind seems a bit more resistant to psychic attacks and probes, due to her unstable mind she can still fall prey to such attacks.

Unstable Mind:
Inari has developed a mild form of schizophrenia and while not extreme or constant, she will occasionally suffer bouts of paranoia, thinking people are talking about her or against her or plotting. She occasionally takes medication for this but not on a regular basis.



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