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  Werewolf By Night  
Jake Gomez (Scenesys ID: 2504)
Name: Jake Gomez
Superalias: Werewolf By Night
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: College Student
Citizenship: American
Residence: Columbia University, NYC
Education: Some college
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 10 Dec 2000 Played By Michael Hudson
Height: 5'10" Weight: 165 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: @TheHopiWolf99
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6biUKaFD7AE

Character Info


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Jake Gomez is a young college student at Columbia University who is studying Climate Change on scholarship. He is a full blooded Hopi Native American from Arizona who also carries the 'curse' of the Werewolf By Night. When he is not studying for his finals, he is prowling the nights for those who seek to hurt the environment, or perhaps, just rough up a mugger or two. He is a fish out of water in New York.


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* 1999: Born and raised in the Hopi Reservation of Painted Desert in Arizona.
* 2012: At 13, Jake found out that he can turn into a werewolf but only at night.
* 2016: Found out that Life Pharmaceutical was kidnapping members of the reservation to experiment upon them and coordinated with his family to rescue them.
* 2017: Life Pharmaceutical's crimes were exposed and the Hopi Reservation sued and won punitivie damages. Money went towards his college fund.
* 2018: Accepted to Columbia University for a degree path in GSAPP Climate.
* 2020: Currently living in NYC, a fish out of water.

IC Journal

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Jake is a lover of all things in life, as he was raised. He has a soft heart for the wounded, the sick, and for animals. He will go out of his way to help someone and show empathy.

Jake loves taking risks, whether it's being a bit reckless on his motorcycle in the desert, or creating make-shift bungee jumping kits, he loves the feeling of adrenaline and a good time.

Due to the curse of being a Werewolf, Jake feels emotions a bit more intensely and passionately, whether that's anger, love, or lust. Though he has learned how to keep most of his emotions tame through meditation, prayer and music, he still finds himself acting out on impulse.

Jake is very loyal to his family, his tribe, and his land. Those three come first in his life and he will give up his life to protect them. There is nothing more important to him.

Jake comes from a very traditional Hopi family that spawns generations. Though he has some wiggle room, he does not partake in many 'white' traditions such as standing in line for the new iPhone, partaking in Christmas, Easter, or other holidays. He has his family rituals that he still practices mostly in private.

Character Sheet


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Healing Factor:
When in his Werewolf form, Jake is able to regenerate slowly most common damage. Injuries that he takes from silver won't heal until he shifts back and is able to get medical attention. He is not able to heal limbs that get removed.

Heightened Senses:
As a Werewolf, Jake's senses of sight, smell, and hearing are augmented greatly. He is able to hear across several miles away, smell emotions radiating off someone, and see targets at a longer range as examples. As a human, those senses are also a bit more 'keener', but not as strong as he is in his shifted form.

Superhuman Strength:
In his Werewolf form, he has the ability to lift vehicles as heavy as armored tanks and tear steel doors off their hinges. He is designed to be a damage dealer during hand to hand combat in this form. Combatants that have super durability most likely will have an easier time manhandling a werewolf. His strength allows Jake to go toe to toe with most powerhouses in his weight class.

Jake can turn into an 8 foot werewolf but only at night. This transformation is mostly controlled via his emotions, as opposed to the current phase of the moon. Thus, Jake can become a werewolf even during a new moon. He draws upon anger as his most relied emotion to help him through the shift, as well as stress. This gives him natural weaponary such as strength, claws and sharp teeth.


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Hand To Hand Combat:
Jake knows how to handle himself in a fight. Having been bullied at an early age, he's learned to use his fists as a kid. As he became older, Jake grew into a capable street fighter / scrapper, as well as a decent boxer.

Growing up on a reservation without the luxury of technology and other distractions, Jake became a bit of a wilderness buff. He is capable of building tents, starting fires, using rope creatively, hunting and stalking.


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Molly (Npc):
Molly is his cousin and best friend back home in Arizona who lives on the Hopi Reservation. She has known about Jake's 'curse' since he was 13. She is always on call and willing to help him out in any way that she can, which mostly comes down to emotional support.

Jake also has a 80's Harley that he was able to rebuild from a scrapyard and he keeps it tuned and working.

Savings Account:
Jake has a savings account that he uses for college purposes. There is enough to cover his tuition and boarding and allow him a little bit of spending money for food and clothing.


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Being that Jake is Native American, his family is practically 'extinct' and he is incredibly loyal to them and their well-being. He will do anything to help preserve his family's lands.

Human By Day:
While he can shift into a terrifying werewolf by night, at day he is just a normal human who can easily break and is quite squishy.

Life Pharmaceuticals:
After helping to expose the company of corruption, they are sure to remember this in the future. They're already creating 'monsters' in their labs to be sold to military agencies around the world and could at any point be sent after the 'werewolf' that crushed their efforts in the US.

Jake is weak against silver based weapons, and even items such as jewlery when he is in his werewolf form.

The Beast Within:
It's hard for Jake to control his emotions in this form. The longer he is in it, the more feral he becomes. He carries with him an iPod full of music that he recognizes that helps him calm down adn he tries to remember to play it before his mind gets too beastial.



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Jake Gomez has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A meeting of the Reds February 24th, 2021 NEw people meet, and the Minivan is sent in for repairs.
Tracking a Wolf February 22nd, 2021 Black Canary goes hunting a werewolf and finds more than she realizes.
Those Darn Thieving Ninjas February 19th, 2021 Shredder is training and initiating members of the Foot, their activities drawing Grifter, Jake Gomez and Kitty. Ninja fight!


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Jake Gomez has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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