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  Jason Blood  
Jason Blood (Scenesys ID: 1126)
Name: Jason Blood
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Immortal Human
Occupation: Demonologist
Citizenship: British
Residence: Gotham City
Education: Many Years of Experience
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Mystic Arts
Apparent Age: 1352 Actual Age: 1352
Date of Birth 01 Aug 668 Played By Jason Isaacs
Height: 5'10" Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color: Red with White streak Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song: Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones

Character Info


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Renowned occultist and demonologist, Jason Blood resides in Gotham and is happy to consult with anyone on matters relating to his areas of expertise. Wealthy enough to be a socialite, Blood is rarely seen in public and attending social gatherings of his 'peers', preferring to focus more on his own interests and his work, though he has been known to teach classes at local universities regarding occult history from time to time.


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* 6th Century - Jason lives in Romano-Celtic Britain, a minor knight in service to Arthur. Morgaine Le Fay plots against Camelot, and to fight her, the wizard Merlin summons the Demon Etrigan. To control the creature, he binds it to Jason's soul, damning them to a shared eternity. Though Camelot falls, Merlin and Le Fay continue to oppose each other through the ages.
* 7th-14th centuries - The pair travels Europe, the Mediterranean and Middle East. Jason strives to acquire occult power to break his curse, but Etrigan perverts his quest with avarice and violence. He joins Viking raids, feudal wars, and the Crusades, everywhere men go to loot and pillage. Etrigan has a particular 'fondness' for religious targets, and he loots Church and Mosque alike in search of mystic relics.
* 1400-1650 - The Renaissance offers a juicy combination of knowledge and religious hate. Etrigan has so much fun.
* 1660 - After a millenia on his fruitless 'quest,' Jason takes a contract from Lucifer himself to gain knowledge of the future. Soon, he embarks for the New World and Dutch New Amsterdam.
* 1800s - Jason fights in the Civil War (among other conflicts), and tours the American West. He seeks spiritual knowledge, though Etrigan seeks only to devour the native spirits. Through the Industrial Revolution, he splits time between newly-booming Gotham and London, invests his Old World wealth and joins Occult societies popular at the time. Several arcane figures become aware of him, but act against Etrigan rather than to help Jason.
* 1914-1945 - The World Wars. 'Captain Blood' participates in both, which unleash the worst in mankind... and in him. At battfields in Belgium, bloodied in both wars, he unleashes Etrigan, but the demon brings hordes with him, causing massacres on both sides. The horror threatens his sanity, and Etrigan wipes most of Jason's memory to keep him 'functional.' For the next 40-odd years, he lives without knowledge of his past, believing his wealth and collections to be a family inheritance.
* 1990s - Jason again resides in Gotham, established as an occult and antiquities expert. Now quite wealthy, he's popular in academic and society circles, albeit with an eccentric reputation. Merlin appears and calls Etrigan to defeat Le Fay. His memories start to return. The modern world is very different, and he seeks aid in mastering his condition.
* 2005 - Batman appears. Jason makes his occult services available to the hero community, and Etrigan emerges to challenge more supernatural threats.
* 2012 - Now acting as a sort of 'hero' himself, Etrigan makes appearances battling the Alien Alliance. It is the first time the Demon appears beyond the shadows of alleys and cult lairs. He keeps his identity well hidden.
* 2020 - Finally feeling a stronger hold on Etrigan, Jason Blood approaches a more active role in battling occult dangers.

IC Journal

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Blood: Honorable:
Blood is a man of his word and will not give it to someone if he doesn't believe that he can come through. He will also help others in need when they come to him, considering it as something of his duty as a knight.

Blood: Serious:
No matter the situation, Blood is often without humor and is totally focused on the task at hand. Likely he has spent too much time on this earth to view silliness or other antics as anything but a titanic waste of time.

As the son of an Archduke of Hell, Etrigan is both a duplicitous trickster and sado-masochistic brute. He delights in chaos and revels in battle, and like all of Hell's host, accepts no authority but power. To call him 'Evil' is a question of philosophy, but there is no doubt that he rejects human morality. Yet Demons have always served not only to tempt mortals to perfidy but to punish them once they fall. They may not uphold good, but they practice justice. Bound to Jason Blood, Etrigan spent a millenia trying to corrupt his host, battling Blood's better impulses and Merlin's meddling. While he won more often than not, the moments of heroism proved... entertaining. And why wait for the wicked to die and go to Hell, when you can send them yourself?

Character Sheet


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Blood: Etrigan:
"Gone, gone the form of man. Rise the demon Etrigan." With these words Blood transforms into the Demon that is bound to him.

Blood: Immortality:
Jason Blood does not age, and has been alive for a very, very long time.

Etrigan: Claws:
His fingers end in sharp claws that are capable of doing serious damage to others while in combat. They also make climbing a bit easier if need be.

Etrigan: Hellfire:
Etrigan is capable of forming bits of Hellfire with his hands, or to shoot it out of his mouth. He can even breathe a stream of it like a flamethrower if need be.

Etrigan: Immortality:
Etrigan cannot die of age.

Etrigan: Superhuman Dur.:
Etrigan enjoys pain in battle, and it helps that he can take an absolute beating and continue fighting. He also has accelerated healing which makes bringing him down more difficult.

Etrigan: Superhuman Str.:
Etrigan is one of the strongest demons in Hell. He can battle some of the strongest superheroes and villains in a physical encounter.

As a powerful Demon of Hell, Etrigan has access to a near-limitless magical capacity, well beyond the scale of most mortals. He can teleport, invoke and shape the elements, create illusions, perceive events through time and space, summon legions from Hell or even perform necromancy. However, his more potent magic is usually reserved for purposes of Demonic bargain, trickery or ironic effect. And, to cast these in good time, he DOES still have to rhyme.

Blood's connection to the Demon has granted him only a tiny bit of that power. His advantage is a millenia of study in the occult arts: he is a master of certain complex spells and invocations. With proper research and rituals, even powerful beings can be affected. His expertise includes:
* Clairvoyance & Precognition: While often emplying classical techniques (water, mirrors, crystal balls, etc), he is known to have brief innate flashes.
* Summoning, Binding, Exorcism, Wards, & Dimensional Travel: As a demonologist, these are Jason's forte and allow him to call demons and other spirits, banish, contain, or defend against them, or even journey to their realm.
* Telekinesis - Of smaller objects.
* Blasts - He can produce basic arcane attacks as a last resort.


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Blood: Equestrian:
The Knight can't leave the old soul, and riding horses is one of Jason's favorite activities when he needs to clear his mind.

Blood: Multilingual:
Jason Blood has lived a very long time, and in that time he has learned a great deal of languages. French, Spanish, Latin, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic. There's quite a list, but it's come in handy when consulting.

Both Blood and Etrigan are well versed on all the denizens of Hell. And there are many names that both of them would like to put an end to.

Etrigan: Intimidation:
Etrigan is a squat, very fierce looking demon who enjoys fighting. He is very intimidating, even to other demons who are aware of his reputation.

Blood has a lot of experience with magic and the occult. Over a thousand years of it in fact, and he uses it to do his consulting. It also helps to have a demon friend who has quite a bit of knowledge of magic and the occult from an entirely different perspective.

Once a knight of Camelot, always a knight of Camelot. He also has over a thousand years of lived experience to keep up with his craft, though it's not often that Blood will try and fight someone himself. Etrigan is also an expert swordsdemon, the sword being his preferred weapon when doing battle. This shared love of the blade has been part of the developing bond between Man and Demon.


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Etrigan's Sword:
Etrigan can summon a large bastard sword forged from Hell when called forth. It isn't special or anything, but it probably really hurts if you're on the other end of one of his swings.

Jason has an extensive library on the occult and demonology that he amassed over the centuries, it is the foundation to his consulting business.

Signet of Camelot:
Jason Blood wears a ring bearing the crest of Camelot. It was given to him by Arthur upon his knighthood. Though it has seen much better days, he cares for it deeply and never lets it leave his person.

Sword of the Blood:
Jason's sword from his time as a knight of Camelot. He was able to magically enchant it to keep it looking the same now as it did over 1200 years ago. It has no other special properties.

Jason Blood has accumulated a nice chunk of wealth over his extended life. He's not Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark rich, but he's got enough that he doesn't have to worry about working.


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Blood: Immortality:
Jason Blood may be immortal in the sense that he does not age, but he can be injured, and even killed.

Blood: Vocal Spells:
Jason can only use magic via incantation, including the spell that releases Etrigan. If he cannot speak, he cannot use magic.

Etrigan: Powerful Magic:
Etrigan can shrug off a lot, but there are certain individuals who's magic is so great it can stop the demon in his tracks.

Etrigan: Summoning:
Although bound to Jason Blood, it -is- possible for another to summon Etrigan forth by taking control of Jason, and it can cause the demon to fall under that summoner's sway if they are powerful enough.

Etrigan: Time On Earth:
Although Etrigan would love nothing more than to spend all of his time on Earth fighting and killing, he cannot replenish his own energies here and must return to Hell in order to regain strength.



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War of Worlds continues in HAM #1993

Mutant Rights Fundraiser! April 4th, 2020 Money is raised, art is made.


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Jason Blood has 10 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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