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Jean-Paul Beaubier (Scenesys ID: 1254)
Name: Jean-Paul Beaubier
Superalias: Northstar
Gender: male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Professional Skiier
Citizenship: Canadian
Residence: Laval, Quebec & New York, NY
Education: High School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 26 Actual Age: 26
Date of Birth 12 Apr 1994 Played By Matt Bomer
Height: 5'11" Weight: 165 lb
Hair Color: Black with silver streaks Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @SkiBeaubier
Theme Song: Roi - Bilal Hassani

Character Info


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Jean-Paul Beaubier is not much of a hero, luckily he's also no villain. He's a man out for himself. He has fame, he has wealth, and what more does the orphan kid really need? Perhaps with the right convincing he may one day pick a side, but for the moment he's in it for himself.


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* 1994: Jean-Paul and his twin sister Jeanne-Marie are born to the Beaubier family in Montreal.
* 1995: JP's parents are killed in a car crash and he's sent to live with his mother's brother and his wife the Martins, they can only afford one child though, so the keep JP and his sister is sent away.
* 2000: The Martins die in an accident and JP is put into the foster care system.
* 2003: During his childhood, JP took up skiing as a hobby, he had a natural skill for it, and it becomes a life long passion of his.
* 2004 - 2008: JP's life take a bit of a downward spiral. He can't keep a foster home and frequently gets in trouble. He's pulled up a few times on pickpocketting and purse snatching but never receives more than a slap on the wrist.
* 2008 - 2011: Tired of being shunted from foster family to foster family, JP ran away and joined te circus where he eventually made a living as an acrobat and trapeze artist. He would also supplement his income with a little thievery and burglary on the side. It is also during this time that his powers manifest.
* 2012: JP seemingly gets his life together, he leaves the circus and with the money saved from that job and his illicit activites he sets himself up as a professional skiier.
* 2014: He takes gold in a couple skiing events in the 2014 Winter Olympics.
* 2015 - 2018: JP's powers are discovered by the Canadian government because of his sister, and he's recruited into the same secret government program as her. Alpha Flight. While he doesn't really care for the work, he remains mostly for his sister's sake. He does end up leaving eventually for reasons he keeps to himself.
* 2019: JP resumes his life as a professional skiier and even publishes a book about his youth leading up to the Olympics. Though he keeps his powers out of it. He receives a pardon for the crimes of his youth from the PM of Canada.

IC Journal

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Some might say over-confident bordering on arrogant. Jean-Paul is usually pretty sure of his abilities and skills and doesn't like ebing questioned on whether he's capable of doing something.

Jean-Paul had a rough childhood, and it left him particularly defensive. When he percieves he's being attacked he has a tendancy to lash out and let his tonuge get the better of him.

Jean-Paul loves all things French. It's one of the few anchoring roots he has in hislife and he holds on to it. He can get a bit snobbish about it, too.

Once he decides you're a friend or confidant, which is a difficult line to get over, Jean-Paul becomes fiercely protective. It can get over-bearing even if he generally means well.

Character Sheet


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Concussive Blasts:
Jean-Paul can focus is photokinesis into concussive blasts of photonic energy. These are hard for him to control the strength of and tend to explode with quite a bit of force, being potentially lethal to the average human.

By directing the atomic motion in his body against gravity, Jean-Paul can both fly and levitate. His super speed restrictions in flight are the same as all other forms of motion.

G-Force Compensation:
Jean-Paul can automatically compensate for any G-forces acting upon his body and ignore their effects.

Heightened Reflexes:
Jean-Paul's reflexes are attuned to operate at super sonic speeds. Due to the way his speed powers operate he can make immediate sharp turns and react to obstacles and attacks even moving at high speeds.

Jean Paul can radiate light at a strength of about 500,000 candela. He can't tune how much light he gives off, it's that much or nothing. If in contact with his twin sister, the strength of this light output doubles to 1 million candela, or the strength of a lighthouse. More than enough to blind anything standing too close.

Quickened Metabolism:
Jean-Paul's metabolism works at a higher rate of speed than normal humans. So he can heal from wounds in about a quarter of the time it takes a normal person to do so. He also has to eat a lot more.

Speed Based Durability:
As a strange side effect of forcinghis atoms to move in tandem he also increases their molecular bonds. In laymen's terms, the faster Jean-Paul is going the more durable he is. While not using his powers he's no more durable than a very fit human with no powers, while at mach speeds he can use his own body as a physical projectile without harming himself. This is also how he keeps from harming himself with atmospheric friction while moving at high speeds, though Earth's atmosphere starts to overcome the durability at speeds over Mach 10.

Super Speed:
Jean-Paul can move at supersonic speeds. This is actually done by forcing all the atomic motion in his body to go in the same direction. This allows for superhuman speeds through all forms of motion including flight and swimming. He can also move portions of his body at super speed, such as speeding up his arms for rapid fire punches. In Earth's atmosphere he's able to reach speeds of Mach 10 without injuring himself. Theoretically he could go much faster, approaching the speed of light, especially in a vacuum, but it would wreak havoc on his body and the area around him. He can carry others with him, but without a protective suit or powers he has to limit himself to 60 mph.

He can also perform some mental tasks at increased speed, such as reading.


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Having spent a few years as a trapeze artist in the circus, Jean-Paul is actually quite the skilled acrobat.

Aerial Combat:
Jean-Paul has spent quite a bit of time perfecting fighting in while in the air mid-flight and using the ability to move in all three dimensions to his advantage.

While he may not have the formal education, Jean-Paul has a natural head for business. He knows a good investment when he sees one and he's shown to be quite shrewd in promoting is own brand and making a small fortune off of it.

Jean-Paul considers French to be his native language, but he speaks both French and English with perfect fluency. His French also has no trace of French accent to it, nor vice versa.

Jean-Paul picked up more than a few illicit tricks during his time on the streets. He's has some practice with pickpocketing and sleight of hand, as well as picking locks, breaking and entering, and being a generally sneaky sort..

Martial Arts:
He received military level fighting and hand-to-hand combat training in his time with Alpha Flight.

Jean-Paul is a world class skiier, even when he's not using his powers to give himself the occasional edge. He's good enough to ski at the Olympic level and makes a living off of it professionally.


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While Northstar is no longer an official member of Alpha Flight he hasn't given up all the government contacts that gives him. Of course he might need to do a favor or two in return, but he knows people in sensitive and important positions in the Canadian government.

Jean-Paul's Northstar costume is specifically engineered to resist friction and endure his super sonic speeds without tearing. Strangely, the white parts of his costume are also slightly luminescent.

Jean-Paul is famous, at least as much as any gold-medalist in the Olympics would be. Definitely better known in Canada, but he's done a few promotions and endorsments, so his face is not altogether an unfamiliar one. He's also a published author with his own auto-biography.

He owns a private estate in Laval, Quebec, and keeps a small staff there to help him while he's there and take care of the place while he's away. It's his own personal retreat.

He's actually managed to leverage his professional skiing career and Olympic win into quite a healthy amount of cash, as well as a successful book deal. On top of several sound investments and endorsements, he's managed to acquire himself a small but significant fortune.


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His powers do come into play during his professional athletic career, they give him a bit of an unfair advantage, of course. Should this come out, well, it might have more than a negative consequence on his career.

He suffers from a phobia of tightly enclosed spaces.

Jean-Paul only has one family member left, his twin sister. While they may not always get along, he would move heaven and earth to keep her safe. She could be used against him easily.



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Jean-Paul Beaubier has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Coffee and Kidnappings May 26th, 2020 Bobby asks JP and Lorna to come out to the diner not far from the Mansion to get coffee and just get out of the stress for a few minutes to eat greasy food and talk about what's going on. He warns JP about mutants being taken, and they discuss the possibilities of what might be going on.
Greek Statues and Medal Etiquette April 28th, 2020 Bobby and Jean-Paul have a meandering discussion while meandering the Met.
A Decided Lack of Chill April 21st, 2020 There's a bit of trouble as some strange creatures try to free or eat the animals in the tropical section of the Central Park Zoo. Iceman and Northstar are there to get rid of them before there are any real escapees.


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Jean-Paul Beaubier has 3 finished logs.

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