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  The Confessor  
Jeremiah Parrish (Scenesys ID: 1082)
Name: Jeremiah Parrish
Superalias: The Confessor
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Occupation: Vigilante/Priest
Citizenship: USA
Residence: New York City
Education: Chichester Theological College
Theme: Image (FC)
Apparent Age: 181 Actual Age: 181
Date of Birth 06 Aug 1838 Played By John Slattery
Height: 6'1" Weight: 210 lb
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Black
Theme Song: The Confessor by Joe Walsh

Character Info


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A dangerous urban vigilante haunts the streets and back alleys of New York City. Unknown to most, Jeremiah Parrish is a supernatural creature paying penance for his sins. In the evenings, he is a priest devoted to the work of God. By night, he protects those who cannot protect themselves... sometimes by feeding on the wicked.


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* 1838 Born and raised near Chichester in West Sussex, England.

* 1842 Enrolled in The Prebendal School, a preparatory boarding school where he excelled in mathematics.

* 1855 Graduated from preparatory school and enrolled in the College of Richard Collyer.

* 1857 Surrendered to ministry in his final year of college where he had focused on architechture.

* 1863 Graduated from Chichester Theological College and moved to New York City.

* 1864 Began assisting Cardinal Enzio Grandenetti in constructing a magnificent cathedral with elaborate chapels, vestries, and underground catacombs that would eventually span fourteen city blocks.

* 1867 Became enamored with a woman while visiting those injured during construction. Seduced into an embrace, she bit and drained him of his blood. Three days later, Parrish woke up as a vampire.

* 1868 Full of remorse, Parrish spent a year trying to atone for his sin by diving into writing and scholarly studies.

* 1869 His writings provoked the people to wall off and unconsecrate the section of the cathedral where Parrish lived.

* 1870 Totally dejected, Parrish went into seclusion, using prayer and self-mortification to quell most of his urges.

* 1997 Inspired by decades of public superheroes, Parrish began inhabiting the streets, alleys, and rooftop to atone for his deeds as a defender of the innocent.

* 2007 Converted his portion of the Grandenetti Cathedral into a command center to monitor and research criminal activities in the most corrupted neighborhoods of New York City.

IC Journal

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The Confessor has a logical and very analytical mind that considers multiple perspectives. He can only make sense of that which he can take apart and logically reassemble.

The Confessor's condition has left him emotionally distant towards others, for their sakes. Regardless, he tries to remain as compassionate as possible to those in need, whether physically or spiritually.

The Confessor has spent most of his extensive life alone. He does for the safety of others but longs for interaction without fear.

The Confessor is atoning for the sins of his past. At times, he may seem to act irrationally, but often, he is either under conviction, attempting to make restitution, or attempting to avoid some misdeed.

As a priest, The Confessor has tries to disconnect business from pleasure. However, he is a workaholic and often doesn't know when business hours have ended so that he may properly rest.

The Confessor's faith defines him. It difficult to identify where the Scriptures end and Jeremiah begins. This worldview affects how he values people and how he spends his time. While he may struggle with the desires of his flesh, he craves to honor God with all his heart.

Character Sheet


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Enhanced Durability:
Enhanced Durability
The flesh of The Confessor's vampiric body possesses a density and toughness much greater than any humans. He is able to shrug off most unarmed strikes and many melee weapons. Piercing weapons such as knives, swords, and even bullets are capable of piercing his flesh and causing damage, but such damage would need to be sufficiently rapid and/or catastrophic to stall his regeneration and be effective.

Enhanced Senses:
Enhanced Senses
Parrish has the enhanced sight, smell, and hearing of a nocturnal animal. In naturally dark conditions, Parrish retains his ability to perceive his surrounding environments as if it were normally lit. He suffers no consequence to his perception when using his nightvision. His vampiric sense of smell is beyond human and allows him to sense the faintest of odors and detect blood and fear from several blocks away. His hearing can pick up the beating of human heart and hear on a level that is undetectable to the naked ear.

Enhanced Speed:
Enhanced Speed
The Confessor is able to move with supernatural speed and reflex that is greater than any trained ninja. His actions, at top speed, are invisible to the naked eye. He cannot, however, perform complex activities at while moving at maximum velocity.

Enhanced Strength:
Enhanced Strength
Parrish is stronger than any normal human and is capable of easily lifting cars, trucks, and other vehicles. His strikes in combat can deliver the power that type of strength can provide. Most often, however, he pulls his punches, desiring to injure, not kill his targets.

While Parrish may be harmed by a number of different methods, he is cursed to live as an undead creature. Therefore, he cannot die by conventional methods, but must be slain with one of the methods unique to vampires.

Parrish's undead body is immune to: aging, suffocation, and practically all diseases, illnesses, and poisons.

Parrish is invisible to indirect sight along the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. He cannot be seen through mirrors, cameras, video feeds, and similiar optic systems. Similarly, he would be invisible to cybernetic, bionic, robotic, and android optic systems. Exceptions would include anything that is able to view outside the visible spectrum such thermal imaging, x-rays, radio waves, and ultraviolet light.

Parrish can hypnotize any person of average willpower to reveal truth or commit simple commands. He must lock eyes with his intended target and they must be able to hear his words. These commands must contain no more than a single action per attempt to mesmerize. Lastly, this mesmerism has no effect when issuing commands that go against the victim's conscience.

Parrish possesses a supernatural ability to begin regenerating damage almost as instantly as it begins in most cases. He is even capable of regrowing limbs, reattaching severed parts, and other undead feats. He is, however, unable to regrow a severed head or regenerate his heart. This accelerated healing is hindered, of course, when damaged by one of his weaknesses.

By transforming his undead body into mist, Parrish is able to pass through the smallest of openings as well as avoid most levels of harm. When in this form, he is very difficult to detect without some sort of superhuman ability. With several seconds of uninterrupted preparation, he can remain in this form for up to two minutes. If he has but a moment or two to prepare, this time is cut down to about thirty seconds. Any amount of time shorter than that, he can only maintain his incorporeal form for roughly five seconds.

Parrish possesses the iconic ability of all vampires. Through a prolonged blood-sucking bite, Parrish can transform any sentient creatures of average willpower and that possesses a normal circulatory system into a creature like himself. To perform this feat, he must have positive control of their body and penetrate his fangs directly into a major vein or artery. However, doing this is in direct opposition to his moral grounds and therefore, will not perform this act willfully.


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Parrish is very educated as an architect, having earned his degree prior to his surrender to ministry. He also has had multiple years of experience coordinating between architects and construction laborers to build one of the grandest cathedrals in history.

Parrish has spent decades learning criminology, honing his analytical and investigative skills to a point that he can stand in his own right as an expert in deductive reasoning. Coupled with his enhanced senses, he is able to detect nuances in personal behavior, body language, vocal tones, inflections, and other communicative clues. He often uses this combination of skill and ability to examine a scene more thoroughly than most and catch minutes details to establish a solid hypothesis of the situation.

Martial Arts:
Martial Arts
Parrish is a trained master in the school of hard knocks, blood, sweat and tears. He has decades of brawling experience that would have retired a mortal man, and would be comparable to a national martial arts champion. While he might not have the discipline of nice katas and formal sparring, he had the most important type of training... experience in the streets.

Parrish is a professional scholar, proficient in the area of focused critical research, logical argumentation, dialectic reasoning, as well as being skilled in presenting his findings in emphatic and compelling manners and is the author of many biblical commentaries.

Parrish knows the streets and the criminal underground that hides beneath the facade of a bustling successful metropolis. He can quickly make connections between gang activities, drug runnings, cartel movements and more. He also knows the established layout of his city by heart and can quickly and easily maneuver through it without losing his way.

Parrish is years beyond being a seminary graduate and has spent more than a century in Biblical Studies, to include the languages of Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic and Latin. He is well educated in Biblical culture, archaeology, hermeneutics, homiletics and many other theological applications.


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Parrish's base of operations, the Grandenetti Cathedral, is a closed section of the Grandenetti Cathedral that is blocked to public access. It is an expansive headquarters with computers, surveillance systems, moderate security, an impressive library, multiple egresses, and most facilities common to a cathedral.

Jeremiah Parrish lives the life of a secluded priest and therefore, has shunned most material possessions. He has his library of books and religious manuscripts, his coffin, and his clothing, costume and vestments.

While Jeremiah has shunned most material possessions, he has acquired and maintains enough revenue to keep his base of operations functional, increase his library, give benevolently, and make occasional small purchases.


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Parrish's undead body is unable to process garlic, onions, leeks, or any other foods belonging to the allium. While they are not poisonous to him, they will cause sickness, nausea, and other classic symptoms when ingested. When applied to weapons, allium oils will slow, but not completely negate, his regenerative abilities.

Blood Lust:
Blood Lust
As a vampire, Parrish constantly struggles with the desire to feed on living victims. While Parrish has trained himself through fasting and prayer to sustain longer without feeding than most vampires, he still needs to consume blood for nourishment. He must exercise great discipline and maintain some sort of reminder to keep him from succumbing daily to his vampiric desires.

Fire, while not quite as powerful as natural sunlight, is a bane to Parrish's flesh. Being more flammable than human skin, his tissue does not regenerate from fire as easily, nor as quickly, as it does other wounds. Damage inflicted by fire heals almost as slowly as human flesh, and will never completely heal without scarring.

Holy Symbols:
Holy Symbols
Close physical contact with crosses, crucifixes, and similar Judeo-Christian holy symbols, cause pain to Parrish. When used as weapons, all holy items, regardless of religion or wielder's faith, cause great burning pain and bypass his vampiric defenses. Damage incurred this way cannot be healed by his vampiric regeneration.

Parrish possesses both a gentlemen's nature and the vampiric aversion to entering a dwelling without being invited by a current resident.

Parrish's greatest area of moral difficulty lies in dealing rightly with beautiful women, especially those who abuse their attractiveness for their own gain. Therefore, he avoids, or finds himself awkward in, social situations with alluring women.

Physical contact with silver causes pain to Parrish. Being attacked by silver weapons causes even greater pain and bypasses his vampiric toughness. Damage incurred this way cannot be healed by his vampiric regeneration.

Impaling Parrish's heart with a wooden stake is a lethal attack which will result in his death in less than sixty seconds unless removed by some other agent. While wooden stakes do not affect Parrish while he is in mist form, they do ignore his vampiric toughness when piercing his chest.

Natural sunlight damages any of Parrish's exposed flesh with severe wounds, which when prolonged will cause him to combust, and eventually lead to his death.



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Now Recruiting April 4th, 2020 The Red Hood seeks to swell his ranks, only to be outdone by Beacon, Confessor, and another mysterious lady!


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