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  Liberty Belle  
Jesse Chambers (Scenesys ID: 956)
Name: Jesse Belle Chambers
Superalias: Liberty Belle
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: CEO of Quickstart Enterprises
Citizenship: American Citizen
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Master's Degree in Business Admin
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 28 Actual Age: 28
Date of Birth 26 Oct 1991 Played By Indiana Evans
Height: 5'9" Weight: 126 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @Quickstart
Theme Song: I run to you - Lady Antebellum

Character Info


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Jesse Chambers is the CEO of Quickstart Enterprises, a highly successful media company that deals with self-help videos, workout equipment, and the associated social media and videos associated with them. Jesse is secretly the speedster Liberty Belle.


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* 1991: Jesse Belle Chambers is born to parents Libby and Johnny Chambers.
* 2001: Against Libby's wishes, Johnny begins training Jesse to be a 'Quick'.
* 2001: Enraged that Johnny was training Jesse, Libby and Johnny get a divorce.
* 2001: Jesse stays with her father, rather than her mother.
* 2002: Jesse learns the ancient formula which gives the Quicks super speed, reflexes and flight.
* 2003: Jesse learns to channel her super strength as well.
* 2003: Johnny Quick reluctantly admits that Jesse and him tap into the speed force.
* 2009: Jesse begins college at the University of Gotham.
* 2011: Jesse switches to the University of Metropolis during No Man's Land.
* 2014: Jesse graduates college with a master's degree in business administration with a minor in finance.
* 2015-18: Jesse adventures as Jesse Quick while working for her father at Quickstart Enterprises.
* 2019: Jesse takes over as CEO for Quickstart Enterprises from her father, who retires.
* 2020: Jesse and her mother forgive each other and soon after Jesse begins adventuring as Liberty Belle with her mother's blessing.

IC Journal

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Jesse is a very calm under pressure type of person. She doesn't get upset, worried, stressed, or emotional. Jesse can retain her cool under nearly every type of situation. In fact, she tends to thrive in tight situations, when things get hectic, that's when Jesse really starts to shine. She can keep her cool, keep her emotions in check, and do what is needed of her. When she gets annoyed, angry or upset, she will retain her composure and will remain professional and distant - it isn't to say that she will let someone 'run' all over her, she will express herself in a manner that is calm and serene rather than over emotional.

Ice Queen:
Jesse has a problem making friends, and while this can be a flaw, it's also a really good part of Jesse's over all nature to those that she does not know. She keeps people at arms length, a really good long arms length. She doesn't want to get hurt, and she really doesn't want to seem weak, so she pushes people away from her while putting on an ice cold exterior. She can come off as an ice queen, someone that is always professional, always 'working' and never allowing herself a moment of happiness. If she shows a single bit of weakness, someone will take advantage of it. Jesse can relax, and she does let some 'in', but it takes a lot of time and a lot of patience with her.

Both a personality trait as well as a skill, Jesse has a quick wit and sharp intelligence. She's able to work through problems as quick as the lightning that she rides. She utilizes her intelligence and quick thinking to keep herself always one step ahead of anything that might arise. There are times this can come across as egotistical, or even haughty, as Jesse does have a problem with tolerating those she considers foolish.

If there is one thing that defines Jesse even more than being a work-a-holic is her dedication to making certain everything in her life is perfect. Almost to the point of being OCD - everything that Jesse does has to be absolute perfection, and if it isn't, she will work until it is perfect. It doesn't matter if it's a job she's working on as CEO, to a dinner she's making for others (or even herself), and so on. If you want something done right down to crossing every 'T' and dotting every 'I', Jesse is the person to get it done right.

Personal Drive:
Jesse wants to be as good as her parents, the original Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick. She wants to be a heroine, she wants to be someone that people look up to. Jesse also wants to take Quickstart Enterprises into the next level, as CEO of her father's business, Jesse has a lot on her shoulders, and the last thing she wants to do is fail. Failure is simply not an option for this perfectionist, and Jesse continuously drives herself to be better, faster, smarter, and so on in everything that she does.

While both a flaw as well as a trait, Jesse has a tendency to focus entirely upon her job, to the point where she can not see anything but it. She doesn't have time for a personal life, she just has time for her job, her career, and her heroing life. Jesse will work long hours, she wont take personal sick days, she wont even take the weekend. She continues to work, drink coffee, and occasionally go home to eat and sleep. Jesse dedicates her life to her family's business and her own heroing career, she just doesn't slow down.

Character Sheet


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Super Speed:
As Jesse is the daughter of Johnny Quick, she has access to the speed force by visualizing a formula in her head. The formula 3X2(9YZ)4A allows Jesse to run at speeds that equal roughly half the speed of light. (Which is approximately 93,000 miles a second.) Jesse is only able to access the speed force through visualizing or recitating the formula. She is able to react, act, move, and think at this speed, and does not suffer the ill effects that may result due to moving at those speeds. (As a side, by speaking Z25Y(2AB)6, she is able to turn off her speed.) There are a few stunts that Jesse is able to accomplish through the use of the speed force, which include:
Speed Phasing: Jesse is able to alter the molecules of her body (while going super fast) to pass herself through a solid object, or 'phase' her molecules through. It can not be a very thick object, but thin walls and doors are no trouble. (Force fields, of course, or magical barriers would not be able to be passed through.)
Anti-Friction Aura: It is important to note that no matter how fast Jesse is going, she will not be harmed by her speed, nor would anyone that she is carrying be harmed by it.
Fast Healing: Jesse is able to heal herself very quickly, enabling her to almost instantly recoup from grievous wounds. (As long as she can remain conscious, focused, and keep her speed going.)
Flight: Much like her father, Jesse has the ability to fly as well as run while speeding. She is not able to fly at the same rate of speed that she is able to run, but she is still able to move very quickly while in flight, roughly a a quarter of the speed of light.
Super Human Reflexes, Stamina And Reactions: Due to the level of control that Jesse has with being a speedster, and as part of the powers themselves, she is able to posses super human reactions, reflexes and stamina. Examples of these include the ability to catch bullets in mid-air, dodge a barrage of bullets coming at her, and continue working, adventuring, or so such on, and on without stopping for a very long time.

Super Strength:
As the daughter of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, Jesse has managed to gain both of her parent's powers, not just access to the speed force, but Liberty Belle's super strength as well. It took Jesse a bit longer to gain full control over super strength, but she's nothing if not a perfectionist. As such, Jesse is able to punch holes through concrete and solid steel, pick up and carry an automobile, and the list goes on.


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Jesse has a masters degree in business and finance under her belt. As such, she's /very/ good at what she knows - and can manage a business from the ground floor up. She knows how to deal with employees, with a fast paced work environment, with anything that might be thrown at her, good or bad. Including to her ability to be CEO of Quickstart Enterprises, Jesse also has a degree of skill within finances, knowing about accounting, stocks, even just what to tell the IRS (or not to).

Media Company:
As Quickstart Enterprises is a media company that use to mostly deal with nutritional products and self-help videos, Jesse has a vast knowledge on how to get the most engaging content to the right people. As times have changed, so too has Quickstart Enterprises. Although still dealing with nutritional products, Quickstart has gained numerous different media enterprises, all due to Jesse's continued knowledge, work and understanding of her father's business.

At the University of Gotham, and then later on the University of Metropolis, Jesse took several psychology courses in order to not only understand the criminal mind, but the heroic one as well. While she isn't a psychologist by any means, Jesse does have a basic understanding of what makes an individual tick, and can use that oftentimes in correlation with her business. For example, in hiring, Jesse has both an innate knowledge as well as understanding on if someone would make a good fit for her company.

Self Defense:
Jesse has been trained by her father, Johnny Quick, in not only the use of the formula, but in the art of protecting herself should things go terribly wrong. Jesse has a good deal of knowledge in hand to hand combat, including to kick boxing, karate, and basic boxing skills. She has to be very careful with her super strength in controlling her powers so she doesn't hurt someone permanently. She is quite capable in taking care of herself with and without her powers. She isn't as good as some, but she has the knowledge to handle multiple opponents or at the very least one or two skilled opponent.


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Father: Johnny Chambers (better known as Johnny Quick) is Jesse's rock, her inspiration, her hero, and her father. He was part of a secret organization in the past called the 'mystery men', thus Johnny raised his young daughter to be the next generation of 'Quicks'. Retiring as CEO from his business, he turned the reigns of Quickstart Enterprises over to Jesse.

Elizabeth Belle "Libby" Lawrence: (Liberty Belle) is Jesse's mother. An opinionated and strong willed woman, while Libby is one to point out flaws, she is also a strong women who has finally started a better mother/daughter relationship with Jesse.

Quickstart Enterprises:
Quickstart Enterprises is a media company that Johnny Chambers started when he first became Johnny Quick. Through the years the company flourished under Johnny's leadership, advertising for many different nutritional products as well as self help videos, exercise videos and other forms of health related media. As times changed and the need for Quickstart Enterprises started to fade, Johnny retired and Jesse took over. She immediately started working with social media outlets that had focuses on health and nutrition. Now, Quickstart Enterprises is known for their online exercise programs working in connection with selling their own workout equipment. (Think Peloton and other such workout equipment.) As such, Quickstart Enterprises' stock has continued to rise and Jesse's net worth is higher than ever.


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Fast Healing:
At times Jesse's ability to quickly heal herself from almost any wound can have drastic faults, for if she heals herself too quickly, things that might need to be set (like a bone) could heal incorrectly and need to be re-broken or reset.

Formula Visualization:
In order to access her super speed, Jesse must at the very least visualize the formula 3X2(9YZ)4A. She does not, necessarily, need to speak it aloud - she just needs to visualize the formula to access the mantra and speed. (Basically taping into the speed force). To this end, this power is entirely related to Jesse's mental health and state of mind, as well as her ability to remember the formula. She has, in the past, lost her connection with the speed force due to her not remembering the formula.

Rogues Gallery:
Her father's enemies? Yeah, they're her enemies too. Due to being the daughter of two older heroes (Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick), Jesse has inherited her family's rogue gallery. This can, sometimes, be like a huge bullseye in the middle of her back, just waiting to be shot at.

Self Doubts:
Through all of the bravado that Jesse puts on for the world, she is actually quite filled with self doubts in her life. Is she good enough to take on the name Liberty Belle? Is she fast enough to be part of the speed force family? Is she good enough to be the CEO of Quickstart Enterprises? What would happen if she lost her connection to the speed force and forgot the formula? Could she handle just being plan ol' Jesse Chambers? Is she good enough to be taking over her father's business as well as his and her mother's legacy? These thoughts do plague her mind, and her fears, causing her to push herself even harder every day.



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How Quick The Hours Go By April 1st, 2020 Jesse and Rick reminisce about old times.


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