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Jigsaw (Scenesys ID: 2466)
Name: William Russo
Superalias: Jigsaw
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Criminal
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York City
Education: Hard Knocks
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Apparent Age: 37 Actual Age: 37
Date of Birth 25 July 1983 Played By Walton Goggins
Height: 6'2" Weight: 200 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Heterochromatic
Theme Song: "Psychotic Break" by Jerry Cantrell

Character Info


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Jigsaw is a notorious criminal, thief and thug. He has a longtime association with organized crime and has recently emerged as the leader of a heist gang known as the Razor's Edge Crew. Deeply disfigured as a result of a conflit with the vigilante known as the Punisher, he should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.


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* 1979: Billy Russo is born in Hell's Kitchen, NYC
* 1989: Young Billy is arrested for the first time for petty theft. When caught, Billy bit the finger of the arresting officer so hard he almost lost the digit.
* 1995: Sent to juvenile detention until the age of 18 after robbing a newspaper kiosk and beating the elderly proprietor.
* 1997: Billy is given the option to join the Army in exchange for sealing his juvenile record. Billy accepts.
* 2000: Billy is kicked out of the military for a variety of offenses, having flunked out of Special Forces due to failing the psych profile.
* 2001: Billy finds his way into the Maggia, getting jobs as a low level enforcer. His good looks and charm get him the nickname 'Billy the Beaut.
* 2010: Billy has reached the level of a mid-range crime boss, with a significant holding in his name, including drugs, prostitution and weapons smuggling. His notoriety draws the attention of the vigilante known as the Punisher.
* 2012: After a few near misses, Punisher and Billy fight to the death in a downtown church. Billy is thrown through several stained glass windows. Punisher grinds his face into the shards and leaves him to bleed out. Surprisingly, Billy survives.
* 2014: Billy re-emerges with his face permanently mutilated, taking the name Jigsaw. He begins an obsessive attempt to regain power and get revenge on the Punisher. Failing in both tasks, he begins to sink deeper into depression and madness.
* 2021: Jigsaw now operates as the leader of a small criminal gang, a heist ring dedicated to bank robberies, home invasions and assassinations. Living on hate and sadism, Jigsaw has proven ruthlessly effective in this role and is even starting to smile again - as much as he can.

IC Journal

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Jigsaw enjoys other people's pain. He loves to torture his victims and will often prolong an attack or a conflict simply to inflict more suffering. He has no conscience and no limits, no exceptions. There is no depth to which he will not sink. No one is safe around him.

Jigsaw has trouble feeling good, so he tends to overindulge. He drinks too much, does drugs, parties hard when he's not in the midst of a job or planning his next heist. That revelry often includes several bouts of unprovoked violence, his favorite pastime. Sometimes his binges can last for days, leaving him exhausted, depressed and ready to find a new target for his hate.

Jigsaw doesn't believe in anything. Good and evil are myths. He's a creature of the abyss, by nature, living for annihilation. Even the violence and murder he loves don't really satisfy. He's driving blind down a dark road, not much caring where he lands. He no longer plans for the future beyond the next job, figuring he'll die soon enough and only caring if he takes people with him.

Jigsaw hyperfocuses. Whether it's the job at hand, a knotty problem or simply his desire to murder the man who took his face, Billy throws his full self into whatever task lays before him. He will forgo sleep or work himself to exhaustion getting the details right, but he can also exhaust himself so utterly that he becomes sloppy or sick.

Character Sheet


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Jigsaw possesses no innate superhuman abilities.


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Jigsaw is adept with most conventional firearms, including illegally distributed military grade weaponry. He tends to favor shotguns, pistols and submachine guns like the Uzi. He can maintain and strip these weapons and perform simple modifications like adding a silencer or converting a gun from semi to fully automatic. He's a decent marksman, but not at the level of a true sniper.

Jigsaw has been a part of the New York underworld for twenty years. He knows all the ins and outs of the criminal world. He can find hookers, drugs, weapons and advice in a moment. He knows all the various hangouts and hidden holes where the criminal set works. He can recruit henchmen and find jobs.

Jigsaw is an excellent and natural tactician. He's discovered he has a gift for victimizing others, for finding weaknesses in defenses and learning the best way to take advantage of them. He knows how to organize his squad and motivate them to give their best. He's good at adapting on the fly and can react in the moment when things go awry.

Jigsaw is an expert in torture. He's suffered immeasurably in his own life. He knows how to inflict that pain on others, how to keep them awake through it, how to maximize its effectiveness to get what he wants. Often, the only thing he wants is to hurt them, but he can use it to extract information as well.

Jigsaw has a tremendous capacity for physical violence. He had significant hand to hand training during his military service, but his style is more just straightforward blitz-attack brutality. He's fairly efficient, focused on heavy strikes and often using anything from brass knuckles to nightsticks to make his blows hit all the more. He's adept at quickly incapacitating and overwhelming targets, neutralizing them from interfering during heists or robberies.


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Jigsaw has a treasure trove of weapons and equipment to use in his criminal enterprise. He has guns ranging from simple pistols to heavy automatic weapons, enough to equip his entire crew three times over. He even has access to grenades, mines and even the occasional rocket launcher. He has disguises for his men and several safe houses in which he and his crew can hide out if the heat is heavy.

Made Man:
While he's currently acting independently, Jigsaw once had a position of power and influence within the Maggia. He had earned a fair amount of respect and had a good reputation, albeit a good reputation for a psychopath. He still has many contacts and friends within organized crime and will generally be welcomed among their number, outside of a few bosses who don't like his chaotic methods.

Jigsaw maintains cash reserves of around 750K in various hideyholes. He also has a Carribean offshore bank account for ransoms and digital transfers, currently with around a million stored in it for his retirement. If he gets there. Which he doubts.

Razor's Edge Crew:
Jigsaw maintains an elite crew of scumbags, robbers, killers and freaks. He keeps them on their toes and uses them to perform heists. The Crew specialize in bank robberies, home invasions and mass murder. They have a reputation for extreme violence and don't often leave witnesses unless somebody gets lucky enough to hide. He can call on them with relatively short notice (a few hours). He pays them well to keep them loyal and actually rewards those who reveal to him anyone who tries to get them to betray him.


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Jigsaw's hatred for the Punisher is utterly absolute. If Frank pops up anywhere near him, he'll abandon all other pursuits in an attempt to destroy and annihilate the vigilante.

Jigsaw is heavily disfigured, his face mutilated by a long ago encounter with the Punisher. He prefers masks to disguises, if he wears them at all, but usually tends to push his face out there to provoke and horrify. That said, he doesn't exactly blend and even wearing a mask won't hide the edges of disfigurement on the parts of his flesh that show. Some people can't even stand to look him in the face, growing nauseated by the physical damage done to his skin.

Put simply, Jigsaw is a violent psychotic and sociopath. He has no conscience. He acts sometimes on impulse, compelled by his own craving for savagery and pain. While he plans meticulously, he is a creature of chaos and will sometimes act out simply from his own madness. He is unpredictable, yes, but also unreliable, even to himself.

Jigsaw's love of mutilation and torture lead him to sometimes linger longer than he should. He pushes things too far and plays with his food, so to speak. He likes to make a statement and not just get the job done.

Jigsaw is a wanted fugitive with dozens of outstanding warrants for crimes including murder, kidnapping, robbery, assault, weapons smuggling, pandering and a variety of other violent crimes, some too onerous to list. He is easily recognizable and will attract police attention in public.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Carmine and Jigsaw; Down to Business February 12th, 2021 Carmine hires Jigsaw to hunt down the man who's been terrorizing his family for months.


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