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  Human Torch I  
Jim Hammond (Scenesys ID: 2252)
Name: "Jim Hammond"
Superalias: Human Torch I
Gender: Male
Species: Synthetic/Android
Occupation: Android, Super Hero, Drifter
Citizenship: Questionable
Residence: Mobile, around New York
Education: Home Schooled, NYPD Academy
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Date of Birth <12-10-1939 Played By Ryan Gossling
Height: 6'3" Weight: 300 lb
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Demolition Man by Sting

Character Info


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The original Human Torch was a synthetic man created by Phineas Horton in 1939. After several mishaps he became a crime fighter, having several clashes with the Submariner. They both later joined the Invaders to fight the Axis powers. The Torch continued fighting the good fight until 1955, when his powers became unstable and he deactivated. Now he's back.


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*1936- Professor Phineas T. Horton steals a Zero Point Construct from his mentor Nicola Tesla.

1939- After a few years of work, Prof. Horton introduces the World to his creation, the Human Torch -an android who can burst into flames! Initially the Torch is more a menace than a hero and unable to control his flames. After being duped by a mobster named Sardo into committing crimes, the Torch brought him to justice and brought his flames under control.

1940- The Torch embarks on a solo career combating Dr. Manyak and even Martians! He creates a secret identity -Jim Hammond- and joins the NYPD. He has several clashes with the Sub-Mariner and adopts Toro, the flaming boy.

1941- In an unlikely alliance he and the Sub-Mariner defeat a Japanese invasion of Alaska via a tunnel. They soon clash again. The Torch and Toro attempt to defend Pearl Harbor but fail and begin a series of reprisals across the Pacific. Soon after the Justice Defenders are formed!

1942-1945 As part of the Invaders the Torch clashes with Brain-Drain, U-Man, and a Frankenstein creature as well as Agent Axis and the Red Skull.

1949- Gangsters spray Chemical X on the Torch and Toro, putting them in suspended animation and bury the Torch in the Nevada Desert.

1953- Atomic Testing reactivates the Torch who resumes his partnership with Toro and continues to fight crime.

1955- Radiation from the atomic bomb that revived him causes the Torch to gradually lose control of his flame. Flying back to the desert he buries himself in a mineshaft and deactivates himself with a final fire ball.

2021-Earthquakes cause a fissure exposing the Torch to oxygen and reviving him.

IC Journal

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He's only been active for years total. Though he has the reactions and emotions an adult, he still finds things of wonder in the world. In his earlier days he was much more curious and oblivious to the damage his flames did. He often will pause in fascination with something new.

Any feelings of uncertainty leave him in a fight. He has said he could shatter a small moon and has duplicated the effects of a tac-nuke. He is sure he can always hit hot, fly fast and burn bright enough to win out.

He looks like a man but he is not. He has little need to eat, drink or sleep, due to the solar cells powering him. He is the son of no one and will never be a father. He still embraces his humanity as much as possible. He wants love and companionship. He. Takes on Toro (who calls him 'Pappy') as his ward. Love never came, Toro is long gone. But he still tries to be human.

He is one of a kind, a synthetic who almost perfectly mimics a normal human (when not flaming). He feels this keenly and seeks his true place in the world. Perhaps he falls into the uncanny valley, so similar to humans, yet with some subtle difference that puts people off. Perhaps he is only happy when he is afire, something clearly unique and spectacular.

A certain level of cruelty will trigger this. He let the Hag blow herself up realizing the explosion wouldn't harm him. He has told numerous lunatics they would burn before he'd let them succeed. He reserves this level of hatred for the most murderous of psychopaths.

Character Sheet


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Flame Control:
This is why they call him Human Torch and not Human Android. When exposed to sunlight and oxygen the Horton Cells can combust creating a fiery plasma that surrounds him. This plasma can burn hot enough to ignite fires or melt metal at higher intensities. He can throw fireballs capable of melting pistols and rifles or a stream that can cut through armor plate. He can release all his energy at once, in a Nova Flame that can reach one million degrees and approximates a nuclear explosion. This requires 12 hours to recover. He has mastered several stunts.
*Jim can make simple solids out of his flames, cages, walls, that persist up to three minutes or more if he concentrates on them or even explode. These shapes burn hot enough to soften most metal and ignite other fires. They are not solid, not that normal humans could run through them. He can cover a large auditorium with these shapes. He can mentally control normal flames, shaping, increasing or snuffing them or making them explode with a weird yell.
*Jim can fly 150 mph and even faster for short bursts in his flaming form using his heat for buoyancy and thrust. His flying is most conspicuous, leaving a glowing trail behind him yards long. His maximum altitude is unknown but up there.
*The Human Torch is invulnerable to heat and fire. He can draw heat out of objects, cooling them or draw flames into his body. Without his flame, Jim can make himself too hot to touch or dry himself almost instantly. He can affect other people's fire based powers or absorb them into himself (this may make him ignite.)


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Power Set:
Jim is an expert in the use of his powers and their effects.

Unarmed Combat:
Jim received some training from Captain America and is a competent brawler and boxer.


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A few gold nuggets he melted from the abandoned mine he was inactive in for 66 years make up his bankroll.


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He deactivated in 1955. You do the math. The modern world is a very confusing place. It's also fascinating. He's a man out of time who wears suits and a fedora, thinks smoking is cool, the Dodgers are in Brooklyn, and Rock and Roll is here to stay.

As little as five gallons of water can extinguish the Torch's flame, rendering him powerless for up to a minute. He can manage to keep a part of him dry and aflame. Ordinary fire extinguishers can snuff him out.

The Torch enters suspended animation without oxygen to breathe. He becomes powerless without sufficient oxygen. This will not kill him. He can remain deactivated indefinitely.

It's hard but he can be reprogrammed by someone of sufficient knowledge (Reed Richards, von Doom, the Thinker). Like any AI this sort of nonsense will not last long, his original personality will assert itself but for a time he can be a powerful patsy.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Hell's Bar January 19th, 2021 Two curmudgeons meet, it goes about as well as one might expect.
Old Friends, Can You Imagine Us Years From Today January 4th, 2021 The original Human Torch shows up in a surprise, at a charity event that Steve Rogers is helping kick off.


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