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  Joel Sterling  
Joel Sterling (Scenesys ID: 1524)
Name: Joel Sterling
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Demon
Occupation: Professional Baseball Player
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Queens, New York City
Education: Some College, UCLA
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 2 Jan 1997 Played By Patrick Schwarzenegger
Height: 6'1" Weight: 195 lb
Hair Color: Lt. Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Garth Brooks - Standing Outside the Fire

Character Info


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Joel is a young professional athlete, with a great life ahead of him, that recently ran afoul of an ice demon during one of his outdoor adventures. He's dealing with trying to continue his life and career, while juggling the arrival of bizarre and often very dangerous chilling powers. He can create icy weapons and armor, and dampen the abilities of those he touches.


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1997 - Born to Rachel and Roger Sterling, in Los Angeles, CA.
2007 - At age 10, really started to focus on sports; american football and baseball in particular.
2009 - Moved with his family to Seattle, Washington.
2010 - First major camping trip
2014 - First wilderness adventure/hike in Canada; Joel became hooked and did regular adventures of mountain climbing, rafting, skiing, etc.
2015 - Graduated High school, and got a Baseball athletics scholarship to UCLA. Majored in Philosophy. He's really just there to play baseball.
2017 - Spotted in a game with some other stud players, Joel comes on radar for possible MLB scouting due to great performance.
2018 - As a junior in college, Joel is scouted and drafted into the MLB, to the NY Mets. Moved to NY, his college studying put on hold.
2019 - During a cross-country ski trip, Joel became separated from his friends, and lost in a blizzard. An ice demon attaches to Joel, and Joel survives the blizzard: but also carries the demon out.
2019-2020 - Joel experiments with the strange ice abilities he now has, unsure exactly what happened to him, but he suspects a strange presence related to the 'hallucinations' from the blizzard experience.

IC Journal

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Joel is the nicest cinnamon-roll Hufflepuff. He's warm, empathetic, and pleasant with others. He's difficult to insult, is generous without being a doormat, and genuinely likes people. He enjoys helping them and working with a team. His common sense is usually keen, his instincts good: just don't delve too deep into facts and logic. He's a dreamer, not terribly grounded. He isn't the brightest crayon, necessarily; his baseball sports scholarships got him into college, but the studies were the problem. He feels more than he thinks, but when it comes to people, he usually has a really solid radar.

Joel has a lot of strong feelings about what is moral and 'right', about choices and giving back to community and friends. He is wise but not necessarily smart, but does follow his heart.

He fears that he doesn't really know what he's doing, or have a real plan, or maybe even if what he's doing with his life is the best thing to be doing. He can be indecisive and unsure, and often seeks others for their feedback and assistance. There can be a streak of uncertainty that can eat away at him, but usually he can work through most anything with a support structure of friends. In the same way, he's excellent at being there for others, and usually will drop everything to help a friend.

Character Sheet


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Demonic Spirit:
Joel has an ice demon spirit attached to him, and it is the source of his various ice and power dampening abilities. It doesn't generally hurt Joel, and is mostly beneficial to him. The demon fuels all of Joel's abilities, but can be exhausted. If the demon becomes exhausted, Joel cannot do any more powers, though he doesn't suffer from the demon going dormant otherwise. The demon is not a vampire, it doesn't suck power out of other people, but does recover rapidly if it is put into a cold situation (such as Joel spending the night in a freezer).

Ice Manipulation:
With focus (and sometimes accidentally) Joel can cause a super-strong ice to form on his body or in his hands, which can be used in a few ways. It can be used as armor pieces, melee weapons, or thrown objects. It is extremely dense and tough, but can be a bit heavy, so usually Joel only creates what ice is absolutely needed: a shield is a lot easier to manage than some kind of full-body armor that he can't move around in very rapidly.

Projectiles (super hard snowballs or blades) are common; he can form a quick and dirty icicle dart about as quick as he can throw it. He can't 'shoot' ice, he has to physically hurl the items he makes. He can create larger icy blades, swords or claws in a few seconds (but no guns or things with mechanisms). Usually he will create icy demonic style horns or claws before other things, as the ice demon within him prefers certain shapes over others. The ice pieces are generally bulletproof, unless they were made in great haste. More focus and more time is better, basically.

He can get exhausted from this, and can only make items steadily for about half an hour before he needs at least a ten minute break from it. Joel can make bigger things like shield-walls or barriers in doorways, but he has to actively stand right there and do it, at about a rate of a square foot of ice every 3 seconds.

Joel can also turn ice into a freezing-cold slush-water with some focus, including ice he didn't create, but has to touch it. He isn't actually getting rid of it, only forcing a solid into a liquid.

Icy Touch:
In addition to making ice objects, Joel can also cool things down with his ice power: either objects or people (which is extremely painful to them, having a limb frozen is no joke), and it requires direct skin touch and focus. Tricks include things like freezing a metal door and kicking it into shards to break it open, or causing cold 'burns' when somebody grabs his wrist.

Joel has generally very poor control over Ice touch in particular, and can harm other (or objects) when he doesn't mean to.

Power Dampening:
When in physical skin to skin touch with another person, Joel's demon attempts to reduce their life energy and/or power, causing the target to feel sluggish and their powers or abilities dampened. With about 5-10 seconds of hold, often victims feel exhausted and sleepy, and may be unable to use their abilities until they shake off the feeling. It varies a lot individual to individual, and those with a lot of power tend to be less impacted or take longer to dampen. The effects can last minutes or days, it just depends on how the target recovers: it is similar to just being extremely exhausted. This ability does not kill, unless the target relies on their abilities to live.

Note: Those who are immune to cold effects or demonic effects are not usually affected by this at all.

Temperature Resistance:
Joel is immune to all types of cold, and cannot suffer damage from any sort of cold influence or problem. He is also very resilient to heat in general, up to about 500 degrees fahrenheit: meaning, he doesn't want to be in a burning building, but can stand pulling something out of an oven without burning his hands.


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Joel is good at a large variety of sports: he's a professional athlete, so this blends over into other things, such as football, volleyball or basketball. He is physically very fit, in peak condition, which means he has good endurance and stamina. He's also into mountain climbing and outdoor activities like skiing and surfing, with high versatility. This doesn't make him a fighter, though. He'd need a baseball bat to be very effective, though he doesn't have a background of hitting things other than balls.

This is Joel's major skill: so much so, that he was scouted into the New York City Mets. He has the full skill set this expects: extremely accurate throwing ability, very high skill with a bat and catching, and being a swift runner. Of the skills, he is best at bat, followed by throwing. He is not a pitcher, but has a very accurate aim.

Joel has some basic skill at playing guitar and piano, and won't embarrass himself playing those or singing karaoke if pushed to do so. He's not going to win any contests, though: he shouldn't quit his day job. His focus is in country music style, and he has a warm and pleasant vocal tone.

Joel isn't usually great with information out of books, but philosophy and concepts have been one area that has actually stuck with him. He's interested in morals and ethics; should he no longer be able to be in Baseball or sports, he might attempt to do something with his philosophy, such as finishing his philosophy college degree.


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Joel is a professional athlete. Scouted and Drafted into the MLB in 2018, Joel makes a significant salary for his performance during the American baseball season. He is not an all-star player, but can expect his contract to net him about $600k per year. (For MLB this is the lower end; he's new; the minimum wage for a season is not much lower than that). From this he has a car and apartment, but he isn't a big spender, and doesn't own expensive possessions. He's new to having money at all, and has some fears about it disappearing.

Playing professional sports also means there's a group of people that know baseball and recognize him: this is generally good, but some sports fans do NOT like the Mets, and it can really backfire. Wearing a baseball cap doesn't mask who he is, obviously (more the opposite).

There are some perks related to the job, such as being able to acquire tickets or sometimes access to events that accept sports people, but he is not one of the big names, so this is relatively low-key unless the situation is focused on Baseball.

Should Joel lose his job or have other complications, he can rely on his family members in California to help him survive, both in some monetary assistance or just emotionally. His parents are great people, and he's close to both of them. They aren't super rich, but could help him have an apartment between other jobs.


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Joel's risk taker streak has gotten him in trouble before, and it probably will again. He'll choose to climb up the dangerous mountain just for the thrill of going, but it also puts him in bad situations. He's learning caution the hard way, but can be tempted by exciting (and dangerous) adventures.

Demonic Influence:
Joel has a demon spirit attached to him. It is not a possession: the demon doesn't have the intellect for something like that, but it does influence Joel at times. The demon has a feral, hungry nature, and encourages hunting and violence. Joel can lose control, in the sense that the demon's influence can overpower him and cause him to get mindlessly violent and aggressive, which are not things Joel wants to be.

The demon fuels all of Joel's abilities, but can be exhausted. If the demon becomes exhausted, Joel cannot do any more powers, because his source is tapped out. If the demon is kept in a very cold place, the stamina is much improved, and recovery rate is also improved (such as a battle in a blizzard being very friendly to it). In normal conditions, he can only make ice items steadily for about half an hour before he needs at least a ten minute break from it. He can dampen people's powers for hours without rest if that's all he's doing, but no power is infinite, even on the north pole: Joel himself needs to rest sometime!

Since Joel has a demon in him, he feels shared pain to certain types of holy attacks or exposure. He doesn't mind holy ground or churches, but contact with holy weapons or creatures that have intense holy attacks are effective on him more so than they would be on an ordinary non-possessed human. Exorcisms or other items related to possession are also painful and might produce some pea-soup spitting results.

Icy Physiology:
The demon attached to Joel asserts its power physically, and does a number of things that Joel has to actively try to suppress. If Joel isn't paying attention, his temperature often will drop to below freezing (enough to freeze-burn people he touches with his skin if he's not careful), or he can end up with long horns made of ice, or similar icy problems. The demon isn't necessarily doing it to be obnoxious, it is just its nature to make things cold and to manifest ice on Joel's person. These things happen without Joel wanting them to, and he has to focus it away (or if he can't focus enough, physically break the ice off). Sometimes this is reflexive to being in danger, but not always. It can mean if he's getting a physical, he has to be extremely careful to suppress the demon, or he'll show some very wonky results.

If Joel is discovered to have abilities or powers, he could be really screwed at keeping his job: professional sports plus powers is a problem. His powers don't augment him physically in any way (which is why he doesn't think it morally a problem to keep playing), but others might not see it that way, or think he's icing baseballs or something like that to cheat (though that would be the opposite of helpful).

So, Joel's power use, if he does something in public, needs to be masked, and he has to be careful to not be identified.

Joel isn't slow physically, but mentally he sometimes just does not get things right away. There's often a puzzled little pause when something flies over Joel's head before he figures it out. He has great physical reflexes, but he often just doesn't come across as being particularly sharp in witty conversations. He isn't stupid, but he isn't super quick with references to pop culture, and cannot be expected to do math in his head. He lacks book learning a lot of the time as well, and can ask questions sometimes that can make others stare at him. "Why do the deer cross by the deer crossing signs; deer can't read?" He has common sense, but can be naive and trusting if presented with facts that seem reasonable.



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Icy Inspections May 27th, 2020 Joel and Nessa test out their ice powers in common.


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