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Johnathan Marksman (Scenesys ID: 837)
Name: Johnathan Marksman
Superalias: ScatterLight
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: President of Marksman Industries
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Penthouse Apt. NYC
Education: Some University (MBA)
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 03 March 1999 Played By A Young Michael Eklund
Height: 6'4" Weight: 215 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @MarksmanIndPres / @IveSeenTheLight
Theme Song: "Guiding Light" by Muse

Character Info


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Brother to Robert Marksman/Darksight, Johnathan was exposed in the same meteor storm incident as his brother. His powers, near polar opposites to his brothers, connected him to what is known as the Light Force. After their father's passing Johnathan now must step up as the family's eldest brother to manage the family legacy while trying to find balance with his new identity as Scatterlight a part time hero. In the meantime there is a strained relationship between he and his brother that needs resolution before they are driven by the insticts given to them by their powers into conflict.


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*1950 : Great grand dad Marksman starts Marksman Inc Electronics firm.

*1980 : Marksman Industries Inc enters the weapons accessories market expanding its portfolio greatly.

*1999 : Jackolyn and David Marksman have Johnathan Marksman

*2000 : Jackolyn and David Marksman have Robert Marksman Jackolyn dies in Childbirth

*2001-2012: Johnathan and Robert are close brothers doing most everything together

*2013-2015: The boys grow apart over mistaken resentment over the death of their Mother after they are told how she died. There is of course a girl involved also in their rift.

*2015: Their father takes them on a camping trip in an attempt to brings the boys back together Things go horrible wrong. A meteor shower that they were going to watch turns into a meteorite impact onto the campsite. All of them badly injured by radiation sickness by exposure to the meteorites. The radiation begins to trigger changes in both the boys and their father. The boys start to develop powers, but the speed of developing these is slowed by a negation power the father developed. The father also develops cancer from the exposure.

*2016 David, Johnathan, and Robert all spend the majority of the year recovering in the Hospital. Thomas Swift VP of Marksman Inc, runs the company, and when David realizes he will not make it, he makes Swift Johnathan and Roberts legal guardian.

*2017-2018 David dies. Without the influence of their father's negation ability the boy's powers start to emerge a bit more in sporadic bursts, with practice they start to learn and harness their powers. The brothers soon learn that they too can cancel each other's abilities out when confronting each other directly. For a time the rift between them grows due to the grief over the loss of their father. Johnathan starts University to work on his MBA.

*2019 Johnathan starts to take a more prominent role in the company as its President, Robert starts college. Sometimes distance heals old wounds. The brothers begin to forge a new bond through correspondence.

*2020 Present Day: The boys have started to get along again, and Robert is starting the superhero life. Johnathan, though relying on Thomas Swift (who remains CEO) considerably, takes the reigns more and more over Marksman Industries... Until he too is called to be a hero. Darksight and Scatterlight begin to take the stage.

IC Journal

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Johnathan is driven to prove himself worthy of his father and family's legacy. Even though he would prefer far more to be an artist or even a full time super-hero he has sacrificed his time and efforts to become a better manager of his father's company.

Driven to succeed. Haunted by his father's legacy. Johnathan is a somewhat stubborn individual, and yet he does his best to come across as polite and friendly. He is overall generally honest, and a bit of a stickler for details. He is always well kempt and cleanly dressed. He keeps his countenance immaculate almost to a fault.

Stalwart, another word for stubborn and headstrong. Johnathan tends to be a bit stubborn and hard to shift from his position once his mind is made up. He can eventually be worn down but you had better have all your ducks in a row before you start an argument with him.

Character Sheet


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With his enhanced sensitivity to the movement of light around him and mutant enhancements. He has peek -normal- human agility and reaction speed.

Along with his enhanced strength he has a comprable level of endurance and can maintain his efforts proportionately. Endurance does not however make him super tough, he is still made of somewhat normal flesh and blood and can be hurt. He does still tire, but only in proportion the effort he applies his powers and strenghth.

Floating Disk:
As Scatterlight he can create solid light floating disks attached to his feet that he can use to effect flight and hovering.

Johnathan, Scatterlight, can create convincing simple illusions using light and sound manipulation. Doing so requires a significant amount of concentration so there are limits to how elaborate his illusion 'casting' can be. For example, he can create a solid convincing-looking book, but it cannot be opened or read page by page. He can easily disguise himself, which has become second nature and can be done without concentration. He can change a small room's appearance into something he is familiar with. Johnathan still requires a significant source of light to affect his illusions, while he can emit light himself doing both at the same time strains him greatly.

Johnathan is immortal. He cannot die. However, he is still aging at a normal rate. When he dies his body goes back to a reset-point or a zero-state in which he was last at healthiest, sans the effects of normal aging.

There are limitations to this ability:

-If over 75% of his body is destroyed he cannot come back without extreme intervention.
-He cannot rebirth himself in absolute darkness. He requires light to revive.
-The time frame for his revival/rebirth depends upon how much light is available and the amount of damage his body must restore.
-If his head is destroyed there is a small chance that he will not revive. Or will revive but with temporary memory loss.
-He does not have regeneration. He must die in order to affect restoration.

He is immune to attacks using light and heat up to his ability to control these forces.

Light Emission:
Johnathan, Scatterlight, can generate beams of light from his hands and eyes. These beams can be from anything from a flashlight to a very powerful particle laser beam in intensity. Given time and effort he can burn his way through a vault door, or light up a large area from above. Paired with his ability to make light solid he can give his beams of light a physical impact.

Light Force:
Johnathan, Scatterlight, can take light and shape it and give it solidity. Think Edward Lytener (Luminus). This allows him to create simple make-shift weapons and create other constructs in much the same way a green lantern can. However, these constructs are simple and do not have anywhere near their capacity for complexity. While he does have access to the Light Force which in turn contains the Emotional Light Spectrum, he is nowhere near as in tune mentally as the ring bearers are and cannot interact with a single spectrum as deeply and itimately as they do.

The exception to his limits is when he creates light sculptures in his arist's studio, but this is in a controlled enviroment where he has significant time for quiet intense concentration and assistence through techology and is on a small scale.

Light Shield:
Johnathan can solidify light in the air around him creating a powerful barrier to attacks. This can withstand the impact of small caliber bullets and some large impacts. There are some potential gaps his shield as it manifests in hexagonal sections and not in an entire sphere around him and that he must see an attack coming in order to manifest and then brace his shielding for impact. If he is blind-sided somehow then the attack may get through unhindered. His shielding reqires some level of concentration.

Sound Manipulation:
Johnathan, Scatterlight, can manipulate soundwaves by altering the soundwaves with solid particls of light in the air. He can generate new sounds in a similar manner. Though he can use this ability to help create illusions and do tricks like projecting or altering his voice, he cannot create sufficiently strong enough soundwaves to attack with his ability yet.

Johnathan, Scatterlight, can lift weight currently up to about 5 tons and shift mass of up to 7 tons without lifting it. If assisted by his light manipulation powers he can increase his effectictive strength but this requires a large amount of concentration and effort.


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Johnathan at his heart is an artist. He is capable of working in many mediums though due to his abilities his favorite is working with light and creating light sculptures using lasers and other technologies. With them he can pain in 3D.

Johnathan is studying to obtain his MBA in university through either remote campusing or correspondence. On occasion he must directly attend his University to take tests or to use their facilities for study or projects. As so far as running Marksman Industries as its CFO and President he has proven quite capable even if he is not particularly gifted for this profession. He is driven to improve himself by his desire to please his deceased father's memory even though he would much rather be an artist and a hero.

Johnathan is a capable musician and can play several instruments. Woodwinds, brass, and the piano in particular. He favors the Piano the most.

Johnathan is minoring in the pysical sciences in university. In particular he is studying laser technologies and the nature of light itself. While he is not as adept with electronics as his brother he can dabble enough to create his light sculptures in his art studio.


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Arist's Studio:
Johnathan has access to a rather large artist's studio where he can create his light sculptures using advanced R&D light technoligies from Marksman Ind. Often he will create a hard-light sculpture using his powers and then attempt to duplicate it using technology.

Artist's Studio:
Johnathan has access to a rather large artist's studio where he can create his light sculptures using advanced R&D light technologies from Marksman Ind. Often he will create a hard-light sculpture using his powers and then attempt to duplicate it using technology.

Jonathan has a rather nice penthouse apartment in NYC overlooking Central Park. While not the largest or most opulent of the type it is something to be proud of.

Pet "bit":
Bit is a small creature that emerged from one of his light sculptures one day during a random surge of his abilities. Dubbed "Bit" it is a semi-sentient creature from the Light Force dimension and can only communicate by flashing in different colors. It is generally obedient to Johnathan and can hide itself on his person by imitating a small pixel of color somewhere on him. The creature's motives are unclear but it seems to feed off of his ability to generate light.

Now majority stock holder and President and acting CFO of Marksman Industries, inherited from his father. He has the wealth and resources of his company to draw upon. He receives a generous salary as well as a Trust Fund stipend to maintain his rather plush standard of living. Along with this though come the responsibilities of his office requiring him to spend at least a portion of his day conferring with his company's CEO Thomas Swift. As the face of the company he must put in appearances at meetings and major events. Being the boss though allows one to delegate on occasion however, and so he has found a way to balance his lifestyle and life as a part-time hero.


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In the presence of absolute darkness and Darkforce dimension forces Scatterlight's abilities are diminised. Some of his abilities will fail automatically or be canceled out when confronted directly with such things. Absolute darkness is in fact a difficult state to achieve. There is always at the very least infra-red radiation seeping through into the environment. However, even here his powers will be greatly diminished. his immortality's rebirth ability in particular, if he is say locked up in a cold vault of some sort such as a drawer in the morgue... one of his greatest fears.

Johnathan sometimes heedlessly throws himself into dangerous situations in order to feel... something. This feeds into his depression and suicidal tendencies. Though normally he does not actually wish to die, there is a part of him that is reckless and will throw him with abandon headlong into danger.

Scatterlight occasionally suffers from a Major Depression disorder. Medication and counseling helps as does his strong son-like relationship with his mentor, Thomas Swift. Swift ever loyal to the two sons has time and time again stepped in where he has been needed for either of the brothers. Still there remains that darkness, and that ever present pull towards self-destruction. Suicide tho is not an answer for a person who cannot die. He knows, he's tried... once. It hurt too much waking up again.

Johnathan is haunted by his father's, David Marksman's, death. In many ways he blames himself for his passing, nearly as much as he once blamed his brother as well. He feels an intense need to live up to his desceased father's expectations and frequently feels that he has failed in that regard. This particularly haunts him during his depressive episodes.

Johnathan has some minor OCD issues. He prefers to keep himself immaculate though he will not have a panic attack or freak out if he gets dirty. He doesnt mind getting dirty at all, but he'll simply spend hours scrubbing himself clean later. His home, and his office are always kept in proper order, everything has a spot and not a pen out of place.

Power Negation:
Johnathan and his brother with extreme concentration can cancel out one another's powers if they are within a five foot radius of the other. Their abilities are counter-complimentary in nature and can interfere with the other's if not coordinated properly.



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Which Sandwich March 18th, 2020 People converge over sandwiches and talk superheroes and those maybe not so heroic.
The brothers Marksman grab a drink. March 8th, 2020 The two brothers find a bit to talk about and not argue about.


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