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  Jonah Blackwood  
Jonah Blackwood (Scenesys ID: 1728)
Name: Jonah Blackwood
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Wanderer
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Mobile
Education: Conditioning Piecemeal
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 4 Nov 1998 Played By Dylan O'brien
Height: 5'10" Weight: 152 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Jonah Blackwood is the son of General Edward Blackwood and later the weapon experiment of the exact same man. For much of his life, he was conditioned and trained to be a weapon by his father in a very radical and brutal manner until his escape from the monster that made him. He travels across the United States, looking for a place to belong -- if a mutant who is highly trained in killing is someone who belongs anywhere - and hopefully, finding a sense of happiness in the midst of his anger and misery.


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1998 - Jonah Blackwood is born to General Edward Blackwood and Isa Blackwood. Isa dies in childbirth, leaving Edward to despise his son but keeping him in honor of his late wife.
2000 - Not wishing to raise his son due to his personal issues and work, Edward hires a Nanny to practically raise Jonah, giving Jonah a sincere desire to prove his worth to his father.
2004 - Jonah gets into his first fight, losing rather miserably. As soon as he returns home, his father begins physically abusing him to pair with the already existent verbal abuse.
2009 - Jonah gets kicked out of school for bad behavior, acting out in response to his father's misdeeds. However, the school bully follows him and beats him to a pulp, unintentinoally activating his X-gene and almost killing the bully via impaling. Jonah tells his father what happened, but instead of disowning him, General Blackwood takes his son to a black site for testing, intending to turn his son into a weapon.
2009-2019: Jonah is conditioned into being a killer, while learning of his mutant abilities. He is sent mostly to Middle Eastern and Asian countries, eliminating High-Value Targets.
2020: Having had enough with his father's treatment, Jonah finds his opportunity to escape and he takes it, carving his way out of his captivity. Now he wanders, searching for purpose and a place where he can belong.

IC Journal

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If Jonah fights an opponent, he's fighting to make sure they -stay- down. His first instinct is to either take his opponent's life, or put so much pain and suffering into them that they would not even dare to attack him again. He wants to end the fight permanently. While non-lethal combat is something he will likely one day warm up to, he's like a cornered animal in a fight.

Jonah has a soft spot for the innocent. He will never purposefully take an innocent life and will always rise up to defend someone who cannot defend themselves. Unfortunately, it often means that he gets himself into a great deal of trouble on many occasions by picking fights he could otherwise avoid.

Jonah doesn't have, or ever really did have, many friends. He often feels like he's alone in a very cruel world. He has no place to go, no people to call his own, and no family to take comfort in. He is, in a very real sense, alone.

If you earn Jonah's trust, you have a friend for life. He values loyalty above all else and to those he's loyal to, he would give anything to see them safe or their goals advanced.

Unfortunately, due to Jonah's bad homelife, he has a very short fuse that eventualy explodes into a nasty temper. While he can more often keep a level head, he can be rude in conversation and mean to others if his ire is raised. It may one day cost him a friend.

Character Sheet


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Jonah possesses an extremely powerful ability for self-regeneration. If any part of him is damaged, his cells begin rapidly reproducing at a highly accelerated rate, healing incredible amounts of damage in a few moments. He can recover from cuts, stabs, and bullet wounds near-instantly and can regenerate lost limbs within a couple hours or days, depending on the extent of the damage. The worst injury that he had ever suffered allowed him to regenerate fully from a single drop of blood over the course of a few days. He can survive decapitation, and his regeneration has saved him from death on many, many occasions.

It should be stated that while Jonah can recover from virtually anything, he still feels the intense pain of the wound being made and the injury stitching itself back to full health. He can also be knocked unconscious.

He is virtually immune to all earth diseases, poisons, and toxins, and his body replaces fatigue toxins as soon as they expire, granting him a near-endless amount of stamina.

Jonah possesses an almost inhuman degree of mental fortitude and willpower from all he's experienced in his rather horrid life. He's not intimidated easily and in the face of adversity, he doesn't back down. He can withstand ungodly amounts of pain for ungodly periods of time. This measure of will allows him a steadfast defense against mental dominations.


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Jonah knows how to move. Since he cannot fly, nor does he possess Superhuman speed or strength, he's learned that he needs to be able to move and move quickly in order to avoid capture or damage. He can perform gymnastic feats that would make an Olympic-level athlete blush and perform intense acrobatic maneuvers with relative ease.

Jonah is a sharpshooter with just about any firearm in his hands. He has a preference for handguns and rifles however.

Martial Arts:
Despite perhaps not being a grandmaster martial artist, Jonah was still trained to hang with the big dogs. He has received training in and mastered several forms of martial arts: Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Silat, Hapkido, Judo, and Karate. He knows many ways to kill a man.

Jonah speaks multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese (both dialects), German, Russian, and Japanese.

Peak Physical Condition:
Jonah's training as an operative was brutal, gruelling, and unforgiving. However, the reward was granting him physical abilities that far outweigh the normal. His physique is slightly superior to the finest Olympic athlete. He can lift up to 1000 lbs, run fast enough to appear as a blur to the unprepared eye, be agile enough to have the flexibility and dexterity of a masterful gymnast, and allow him to be unfazed from being smashed through a brick wall. He is quick enough to dodge bullets, assuming he knows the shot is coming.

While he probably couldn't infiltrate the best there is, Jonah can still infiltrate high-security facilities without being seen or anybody knowing he was there. He is equally skilled in disguise -- thanks to his shapeshifting powers -- subterfuge, spycraft, and sabotage. He was trained to be a weapon of war in a time of peace.


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This rare material is a stoppage of regeneration/healing abilities. If Jonah was ever cut or slashed with an object made of this material, it will stop his regeneration from fixing the damage. It may just be the only thing that can put him down for good.

Jonah has conditioning that was done to him by his father during his tenure with his 'project'. Certain phrases specific to him might make him compliant or send him on an immediate murderous rage, attacking friends and foe alike. Jonah is currently looking for a way to rid himself of this weakness.

His father is still looking for him, terrible man that he is. He still holds rank in the US military and if he ever found out where Jonah was, he'd probably send his henchmen to retrieve him for reconditioning.

Jonah is a mutant whose X-gene has been activated. Technologies that work on mutants work on him. The Sentinel will notice him and a mutant-sensor will loudly announce his presence. Not to mention, forces who have a hatred for mutants, or hunt them, will likely consider Jonah an eventual (or current) target.

Jonah has not had a good life. His mother died in childbirth, his father abused him and made him into a weapon, he never really had friends worth keeping or that liked him...he's very slow to trust people and lacks certain social skills that one would deem necessary for positive relations.

Jonah has a nasty temper when provoked, but when unprovoked, he often comes across as rude, straightforward, and at times just plain mean.



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Black and Black August 9th, 2020 Gangster blood is spilled in a territorial clash between Jonah and Frank.


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