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  Agent 33  
Kara Lynn Palamas (Scenesys ID: 1732)
Name: Kara Lynn Palamas
Superalias: Agent 33
Gender: F
Species: Human
Occupation: Director of WAND
Citizenship: United States
Residence: New York City
Education: MA (History)
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Mystic Arts, SHIELD
Apparent Age: 38 Actual Age: 38
Date of Birth 21 Oct 1981 Played By Maya Stojan
Height: 5'8" Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: 'Fierce Flawless' - Ani Difranco - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzji06lLDZs

Character Info


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Kara Lynn Palamas is the perceptive, unflappable Director of WAND in SHIELD. Under her careful administration, she manages the least-budgeted division in SHIELD and keeps the paranormal at bay from everyday society. Recognized as a leading authority on Greek mythology, she holds several Classics degrees from Yale University.


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1981: Kara Lynn is born in New York to well-to-do parents.
2000: Recruited through SHIELD Academy. Based on the strength of experience, she eventually leans towards R&D.
2004: Kara Lynn graduates with an MA in History and from SHIELD Academy.
2005-2012: Designated under Agent Coulson?s command, she is active as an agent with a specialization in historically significant locations.
2009: Kara Lynn is seconded to WAND after Superman appears and she begins Project PEGASUS, an effort to locate any evidence of early contact between extraterrestrial or mythical species and people with human civilization.
2011: Nearly killed in a run-in with necromantic cultists. Advanced to Rank 6 after saving her team and the asset.
2012: Designated Agent 33 and vetted to run paranormal missions. She maintains several deep covers and acquires multiple dangerous artifacts, rare spellbooks and objects from the black market in art.
2016: Her background in ancient Greek myth is deemed a critical asset after discovery of the Asgardian race. Project PEGASUS expands to encompass the Olympian pantheon based on her studies of Ares and Heracles.
2017: Becomes the director of WAND.
2018: Coordinates the arcane response to the Battle of New York, aided by Jane Foster and several minor Mystic Arts allies.
2019: Foils HYDRA acquisition of relics from the Battle of New York.

IC Journal

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One of the intangible qualifies of a leader. Considering that the Agents of WAND are, by their very nature and need, some of the oddest members of all the divisions their leader has to, to some degree, be effective in being able to 'herd cats'. Her Agents may not always agree with her decisions, or always think she's World's Greatest Boss, but she does care for them all and it shows in how she treats them, and works with them.

She loves knowlege. While she won't sell her soul for it, or make a throw-away decision for it, the unknown keeps her pushing forward, to discover and reveal what was, and what is. It is what, ultimately, makes her such a good Agent when balanced with her other qualities, taken in equal and balanced measure.

Kara Lynn is driven by a need to protect the world, her family, and those second family that are under her. She has the skills, ability, and knowhow to do it and nothing short of death itself will stop her from doing it.

The cloak and dagger world of spies allows no absolutes, and Kara Lynn sees the world through a pragmatic lens. Idealism is fine and good in a novel or a movie, but much less on the ground in the real world when enemies throw fireballs or divine the future and past. She has no time for idealistic niceties if it ends up killing people. Give her just the details, ma'am, so she can formulate plans to act. This isn't to say she's heartless or cruel, she is not. She believes firmly in the mission of SHIELD that she signed up for, and strives to stay within established rules and policies set forth by the Director. Doing the right thing and staying on the right side of history are what separate SHIELD from their enemies. But she's not going to turn down a good idea or plan because it puts someone's panties in a twist.

Kara Lynn has, and usually hides, a definite streak of attitude. She's Greek and it shows in her epithets, the occasional outburst of laughter, and a thoroughly earthy connection to the world. She likes what she likes wholly. She savours the food and music she loves, the moments that matter, and the friendships built within the agency. Every moment counts. Every experience deserves to be experienced to the fullest. It sounds corny to some, but this is the essence of humanity and life for her, what it's worth fighting for. That also means she'll give one hell of a quip when she feels the need.

Kara Lynn has a deep thirst for knowledge, it's the sole reason she became one of the world's most foremost authorities on history and mythology. However, that is tempered with a keen will and understanding of where to draw the line. She hold herself, and her staff, to the highest of standards and never lets go of that because it is the only thing keeping her sane and her people safe. She is unshakable.

Character Sheet


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Clear Sight:
As a secondary byproduct of her magical sensitivity, Kara Lynn is resistant to losing her memories. Psychic intrusions, mental manipulation spells or reality augmentation all work at diminished capacity. She may retain weakened recall or suffer from dreamlike sequences when her memories are tampered with, but they have a frustratingly stubborn resilience. This has a downside in that she may recall things forgotten by near everyone else (+wea Survivor?s Guilt).

Sixth Sense:
Kara Lynn possesses sensitivity to magical and mystical abilities. Her sixth sense acts as an extension of her sight, continuously functioning to allow her to 'see' auras around magical objects, spells, and ongoing effects. This works even against potent illusions and concealment spells, although sufficiently powerful mystics (equivalent to top tier: Zatanna, Clea, Doctor Strange, Doom) can resist the effects. With time, however, she can be devastatingly effective.


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Kara Lynn benefits from a top-tier education, holding a Masters in Classics and Ancient History from Yale. She is an undisputed master of ancient Greek mythology, literature, and history, recognized within the global community for her publications. She has extensive experience in research and translating, interpreting, and handling ancient artifacts. As an extension of her job, she's expert in dealing with ancient texts, palimpsests, and documents. She can speak or read Latin, all dialects of ancient Greek, ancient Egyptian, Arabic, French, Sanskrit, Old Church Slavonic, and get by in at least fifteen dead languages from the Mediterranean.

You cannot become a Director of one of SHIELDs branches without being skilled in the ability to direct and lead. Kara understands how people work, how to motivate people, or how to de-escalate situations. She can take the bull by the horns, or she can delegate as needed. She's good at her job.

Agent 33's proficiency in all firearms makes her among the top-ranked operatives. She knows how to use all modern firearms with expert ease. Put a gun in her hands and she can give you a target with three kill shots neatly lined up.

Martial Arts:
Trained in hand to hand combat extensively, she is quite formidable and her skills in this area are among the top-ranked operatives in SHIELD. She can hold her own in a hand-to-hand fight against most, but there are others out there better than her.

As a part of her world expertise in History, she has also a world expert in the occult due to her understanding and deep knowledge of mythology, and languages. She has a very keen instinct on what parts of mythology are fiction and what parts are 'real' and how to separate them. Additionally, as Director of WAND, she has access to one of the most extensive databases on the occult to reference if she needs to.

While her primary skillset lays in her fundamental understanding of history and mythology and everything that compromises these things she was trained, and was very successfull in espionage. She is not one of SHIELDs elite members, but she's good enough to understand covert ops and not only how to be a part of them and be successfull at it, but also how to implement them from an administrative functionality.

Surviving in the field mired in ancient horrors and modern eldritch nightmares requires grit and determination on a prodigious scale, and Agent 33 can claim to be one of the most durable minds and spirits in SHIELD. This isn?t supernatural by any means, but simply the scar tissue of enduring those grueling missions, screaming spectres, and occasional accursed infernal grimoire threatening to destroy her life. When push comes to shove, Kara not only won?t bend when she sets her feet in, she keeps moving forward come hell or high water.


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During her tenure with SHIELD Agent 33 has worked with a myriad of others that are seeped in the world of the occult. While some have been made her enemies, others she's worked with previously. She has contacts on the outside who might not ever want to join WAND but might still assist for one reason or another. They might not always help her, or they might require bribery to assist, or have their own motivations. But, she knows people, how to get ahold of them, and what to do to get them on her side, even if only briefly.

Greek Family:
They're not joking around, but the Palamas family holds prestige in the Greek world due to direct descent from an Eastern Orthodox saint and their success in the shipping industry in modern times. Kara Lynn has a very extended network of relatives in New York willing to pass on information, involve her socially (great for cover in field work), and close ranks when things hit the fan. She's expected to give as much as she gets, but need a sudden job for a probie or a cover for a trapped agent? There is *always* a cousin who can help their new cousin!

As Director of WAND, Kara recieves a sufficient income that ensures she'll be able to live comfortably. She won't be buying any yachts anytime soon, but she's well enough off that she can modestly live in comfort and without worry of retirement.

Occult Trove:
WAND holds the repository of middling to fairly major magical items recovered by SHIELD. Kara personally built the database and archival system, so she knows what she has and she is about the only person authorized under Fury to dole out or destroy the goods. SHIELD's trove amounts to an extensive arcane collection of largely minor items with very particular uses outside specific times or people. However, some of those weapons, armour, or relics can be used by mortals and she may have something to call on. (OOC: Plot or staff approval only.

Agent 33 holds director status over the WAND branch of SHIELD, giving her access to the agency's mundane resources, oversight of the vault of arcane artifacts with Fury's approval, and substantial influence in the spy community. All with benefits and a 401k.


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In the event of a sufficiently large enough magic output, Kara's Sixth Sense can be 'overloaded', and she can be shut down for a brief period of time. It would be similiar to an explosion at close range deafeaning someone or blinding someone with a large/powerful enough explosive.

Kara has a lot on her plate, as Director of WAND. It means that ultimately, she is answerable to Fury, and other entities that SHIELD is beholden to if things go awry. She is also responsible for the safety and security for those under her, and with the dangers that WAND faces every day this is something that is always in the forefront of her mind.

Survivor's Guilt:
The nature of supernatural spy work makes the Cold War look like a walk in the park. Few understand the burden, fewer still realize the harrowing costs of peering tirelessly into the Abyss without the ability to blink. Kara shields her field agents and peers in SHIELD, but she cannot protect herself from the awful weight of knowing what she does. All the worst of humanity and the supernatural weigh on her. Sometimes she loses people. Sometimes things go pear-shaped and no one else remembers but her (if at all). Thorough psychological regimen of therapy and experimental treatments keep her sane, but she carries a silent weight of guilt that drives her, mercilessly, towards defending humanity from nightmares it doesn?t even know exists.

Sword of Damocles:
At the end of the day, Agent 33 is mortal and operating in a supernatural world without the full advantages her enemies share. SHIELD can only offer so much protection against interdimensional wizards or arcane gods. She goes to great efforts to keep her address, identity, and connections hidden, but at the end of the day, magic may trump science and her best protections -- borrowed or built -- fail. Her enemies personally know of her, even if they do not know her by name. Her rogues gallery includes a full gauntlet of evil spellcasters, such as Baron von Mordo; entities like Chthon and Set, and their fully empowered cults; HYDRA; Nazi sorcerers; necromancers; Loki; and countless otherworldly entities eager to take advantage of humanity. It?s a heavy lot to bear.



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Kara Lynn Palamas has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Black Sun: Watchtower August 20th, 2020 Mikhail and Kara Lynn win a victory for the Russians and slay some Nazis in fallen Konigsburg while SHIELD fights to give Sam time to recover the Holy Lance.
Black Sun: Glorious Summer of the Reich August 14th, 2020 Death and war gather at the footsteps of a necromancer wielding the Holy Lance. Now what?
A Meeting of the Minds August 8th, 2020 Trainee Mary Jane Watson has her first one-on-one meeting with Director Palamar of the WAND Division.
An Office Chat July 22nd, 2020 Director Palamar meets with Bobbi Morse to get a recount of the events at the Met Gala and what transpired to see how it ties into the recent event at St. Michael's, among other things.
Black Sun: In A New York Minute July 20th, 2020 Margarethe Werner survives, the memorial for Operation Valkyrie burns, and SS Invicta loses a battle. But what of the war?
Black Sun: Last Exit to Brooklyn July 15th, 2020 Mariposa isn't dead thanks to the timely engagement of a bear, a sword, ICERs, a broken guitar, and a Sorcerer Supreme paid with one sock.
Black Sun: Winter of Our Discontent July 15th, 2020 SHIELD enters the fray in Long Island and discovers the Third Reich alive, thriving, and growing. The world burns beneath the light of a holy relic. To be continued.
Black Sun: Small Mercies July 10th, 2020 SHIELD finds the trail of a killer, but not quite soon enough to save their quarry. But in death, clues are offered to save another life.


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Kara Lynn Palamas has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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