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Kasios (Scenesys ID: 2250)
Name: Kasios
Superalias: Olympian
Gender: Male
Species: Demigod
Occupation: Warrior, Ambassador
Citizenship: Bana-Mighdall
Residence: New York
Education: Bana-Mighdall Tutoring
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 2 August 2002 Played By Brenton Thwaites
Height: 6'2" Weight: 200 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Electric Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Born and raised by Ianeira of Bana-Mighdall, Kasios is a demigod and a son of Zeus! Though he does not know of his divine heritage, it has not stopped the young Kasios from attempting to make his mark on the world. Trained from a young age to be a warrior and coming into his gifts, he still has not realized his full potential and how great it may yet be.

He is a new arrival to the modern world: specifically New York City. He is lacking in the ways of

the new age, but with the Gods as his witness, he fully intends to one day assume his place as a great hero.

He begins such a journey by being a diplomat and ambassador from Bana-Mighdall into the greater



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2002: Kasios is born to Ianeira and Zeus, King of the Olympian Gods, in the city of Bana -Mighdall. Due to both shame and guilt on Ianeira's part, she swears to keep Kasios's origins a secret. Kasios thus grows up without a father.

2003: As suspicions arise in Bana-Mighdall about the origins of Kasios, the other Amazons noticeably begin treating Kasios and Ianeira differently, somewhat outcasting them both from the rest of the community.

2006: Kasios's metahuman abilities begin to reveal themselves. Kasios is significantly faster, stronger, and tougher than other Amazonian children. At times, sparks of electricity appear near his fingertips, a sign which deeply worries Ianeira.

2008: Kasios begins training in the martial arts of Bana- Mighdall. He is a natural prodigy in the arts of combat.

2012: Realizing that his abilities could upset the balance of power in Bana-Mighdall and out of fear that he may hurt someone unintentionally, Kasios unconsciously begins restricting his powers. As such, his godly attributes halt in their progression.

2015: Kasios joins his first mercenary outing, gaining his first kill in the process. However, unlike his fellows, Kasios despises his actions and swears never to kill again unless absolutely necessary.

2017: Believing that there is more to him than just combat, Kasios tries his hand at diplomacy.

2019: Kasios is chosen as an Ambassador of Bana- Mighdall to the United States, where he is to work closely with the Themysciran Embassy.

2020: Kasios has finally left Bana-Mighdall, excited and uneasy both at this new chapter in his life.

IC Journal

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Kasios is not one to bask in his own achievements.

He doesn't boast. A heavy contrast to his warrior culture and his divine heritage, but Kasios grew up living a very simple life. He appreciated it for what it was, even though it wasn't much. Even in victory, Kasios is true to others around him and never to himself.

Perhaps Kasios's greatest character trait is his kindness.

He believes that the true measure of heroism is how you treat the other person, regardless of win, lose, draw, friend or foe. He beleives there is a chance for everyone to be saved regardless of how far they have fallen. He is a kind and compassionate soul who will always stand when evil is on the rise.

Kasios has the heart of a leader and someone who can provide guidance for those who need it. Though he lacks faith in himself, he possesses endless amounts of faith in others. For people will always be his strength.

Kasios does not care about himself. He cares enough to keep himself stable, but if its going to be him or saving an innocent life? Its going to be saving an innocent life every single time. He has a heart of a champion, willing to bury his own feelings and fears in order to do what is right.

Character Sheet


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Perhaps a minor gift from his Olympian heritage, but Kasios possesses the Allspeak, or the All -Tongue. Thus, he can speak and be understood in all languages. However, he can only write in the languages he understands (Ancient Greek and English).

Though the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall have forsaken their immortality, an Demi-Olympian and a child of Zeus has had such a thing passed on to him to surpass what was once given up. Odds are, so long as Kasios does not fall to violence or fail to meet his biological requirements (air, food, water, etc.), Kasios is immune to the ravages of time.

Furthermore, he possesses an advanced rate of healing when compared to other mortals. Small cuts heal in seconds, but more serious injuries can take days or even weeks for Kasios to recover from. His healing is not so advanced that he can return from the dead or recover lost limbs, not without outside aid.

Kasios is the son of Zeus. Unlike most other demigods, Kasios has the potential to become a full -fledged deity. His divine birthright is illustrious, for he inherited Zeus's ability to wield divine lightning and call upon the wrath of the heavens and other potential abilities. However, he has been unconsciously restraining his Olympian heritage and thus, his Olympian powers. Until he learns and accepts who and what he is, the mental block will remain and the majority of his Olympian powers will be unavailable to him.

Superhuman Durability:
The resilience of the Amazons resides in Kasios. He is tough and well-built to superhuman standards, capable of taking small-arms fire without injury, though heavier munitions will still damage him and pierce his flesh.

However, if Kasios allows himself access to his more Olympian abilities, he has the potential to become far tougher to an unknown limit.

Superhuman Speed:
Kasios is capable of moving up to 100mph in a normal sprint, but up to 115mph in short bursts, thanks to the strength in his legs to project him forward.

Superhuman Stamina:
Kasios's body doesn't produce the chemicals that cause exhaustion as efficiently as it does in regular people. As a result, Kasios is capable of fighting for long periods of time, typically up to 48 hours, without rest.

Superhuman Strength:
Being the son of an Amazon of Bana-Mighdall is a strength all on it's own! Kasios is capable of lifting up to 30 tons unaided. He can throw cars like softballs and go toe to toe with most other metahumans in terms of pure strength, even if he's not the strongest.

Note: Due to Kasios's Olympian heritage, he is capable of lifting weight far exceeding the thirty-ton limit to unknown levels. His strength will grow as time goes on and he learns to accept his Olympian nature.


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Kasios is a skilled and trained athlete, capable of pushing his body to it's limits. He is flexible and acrobatic, capable of performing intense gynmastic maneuvers in order to evade or properly move, since he is currently incapable of flying.

Kasios bears a natural talent at diplomacy, able to use his words as his weapon of choice and bring people together rather than tear them apart. Throughout much of his life he's been settling disputes and avoiding use of the blade. So true is his skill that he's been chosen as a representative of Bana-Mighdall.

Kasios is a skilled horseback rider, capable of fighting or even using ranged weapons while on horseback.

Kasios bears an interest in Poetry and often writes Poetry in his off-time as a hobby. He finds the way to string words together to convey a deeper meaning to be beautiful and appealing to the soul. He enjoys learning Poetry in all of it's forms.

Kasios has been learning how to fight since he was old enough to carry the weight of a blade. Trained in the ancient arts of Bana-Mighdall, Kasios is an extremely proficient fighter with just about all weapons of elder days: swords, spears, axes, bows, knives...he can hold his own even with his bare hands, having been trained in Pankration, a precursor to many modern martial arts.

In short, Kasios is a trained fighter who can hang with most hand to hand fighters, though he is by no means anywhere near being the best.


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Aetos Dios:
The Eagle of Zeus.

The majestic bird serves as a watcher to the Skyfather, allowing the Father of the Gods to keep a close eye on the affairs of the mortals. In this instance, the Eagle allows Zeus to keep watch over Kasios, and often times offers small hints to the young demigod when he feels lost and alone.

Though a male, Kasios is still a child of Bana-Mighdall. No doubt he has allies he could call for help. Though no doubt what is given is expected to be received...

Kasios bears weapons from his homeland. Typically a sword, an axe, and a bow and arrow will be on hand in the event of attack. Furthermore, he wears the armor of his people for protection if needed.


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Even though he is a second-class citizen, Bana-Mighdall is still his home. Kasios will always rise to the occasion if his people are in danger and He will die defending it, if need be.

As previously mentioned, Kasios bears an unconscious mental block on his Olympian-given powers. Until he learns and accepts who he is, his divine heritage will be locked away.

Enemies of the Gods of Olympus (or more specifically, to Zeus) will no doubt sense the hidden Divinity in Kasios. Perhaps they will attempt to kill him in response to their immediate hatred of the gods? No doubt even the enemies of the Amazons are enemies of Kasios.

Zeus's wife, who despises every single one of his infidelities. It is a small wonder that Kasios hasn't been immediately struck by Hera's wrath, but mayhaps he's been hidden? If the Queen Goddess realizes Kasios's identity, he may experience her horrifying anger.

Kasios never grew up with really that many, if any, friends or people he could really trust other than his mother. The Amazons of Bana-Mighdall always treated him differently than even other males and often-times felt like an outcast. Kasios will always try too hard to make friends as a result, and leaves him somewhat awkward in social situations.



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Kasios has 5 finished logs.

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Cleaning the Streets! February 20th, 2021 No description
Killing monsters, Making friends January 25th, 2021 No description
Lips Wide Shut January 20th, 2021 Kasios discovers a man's death is awfully surreal.
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The Worst Kidnap Victim Ever January 16th, 2021 A bunch of bank robbers think they find a bigger prize, only to lose everything.


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Kasios has 5 finished logs.

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