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Kassandra Pagonis (Scenesys ID: 2330)
Name: Kassandra Pagonis
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: West, Texas
Education: High School
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 09 April 2003 Played By Melissanthi Mahut
Height: 5'5" Weight: 120 lb
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: 'Heroes' - David Bowie

Character Info


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Born in the small town of West in Central Texas, Kassandra grew up not knowing she was a mutant. Being handed a World War II helmet that had been converted into a beer helmet at a high school party ended up revealing her nature to the class, which ostracized her from every social group and eventually led to her running away from home to keep her family safe. With only a guitar on her back and three years of high school under her belt, Kassandra is searching for some way to control her powers so she can get back to normal or, something that can masquerade as normal.


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* 2003: Born in West, Texas, a little town north of Waco, to Ezio and Amanda Pagonis.
* 2012: Embraced the 'country' life and started learning to play guitar, wearing cowboy hats, and emphasizing her Texan accent.
* 2017: First incident with her ability. During her first high school party someone handed Kassandra a surplus helmet from World War II. The ensuing projection of the D-day invasion traumatized six and was officially reported as a hallucinogen being poured into the punch. Due to this, Kassandra was ostracized from all social cliques.
2020: Kassandra's ability started going out of control. Random flashes of past events kept overwriting viewed reality. Suspended for disrupting classes. Banished to barn on back of property for family's sanity.
2021: Fled home with her savings and guitar when threats to her family escalated due to her 'condition,' culminating with the barn being burned down.

IC Journal

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If she has enough, then anything else she has will be shared, gladly. If there's a need that she can fill, she'll do it, sometimes to her detriment.

One thing her family taught her is that when someone gives their word, they keep it. Kassandra is honest to a fault, not varnishing or embellishing things that she may be asked. She does know the difference between secrets that are kept and secrets that should be shared, but her willingness to keep her word no matter what is something that can be counted on. This may be interpreted as being blunt, but sometimes the truth hurts.

After fleeing her family to keep them safe from her 'condition,' Kassandra was on her own with little savings and only the skills of her guitar to keep her fed, clothed, and sheltered. Many times she was offered the chance to make some easy money doing something questionable, and each time she politely refused. Against her morals, she would say if asked. In the one case where she had to shoplift something to eat - a fried pie from a convenience store - she played guitar out front for several hours to earn enough to pay it back, with interest.

Kassandra is proud and sure of herself. After all, it's not bragging when you can back it up, and she's not one to brag about something she can't do. When she's with people she knows or in a comfortable situation, she can be bold. She trusts in her abilities, qualities, and judgement.

Despite being a country girl, Kassandra is quite shy in new and different situations. Getting her out of her bubble and into someplace new is an invitation for blushes, stammers, and other potential social faux pas that might have her hiding behind or near anything familiar or, in the absence of such, large, immobile objects.

Character Sheet


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Focused Projection:
A more nuanced use of Kassandra's ability is focusing in a location and searching for a particular event that occured. If Kassandra was at a crime scene or picked up the murder weapon, once she was attuned to the object or place and found the right spot and asked the right questions to give her hints, she could replay the past events at the time of the murder. Everyone present would see the perpetrator pick up the gun and shoot the victim as though they were standing there as helpless bystanders, but would be able to move around inside the vision three dimensionally. This is a more time consuming use of her ability, and there are many things that affect the accuracy and time invested to get the necessary projection. One factor is how much time has passed since an event took place - sooner is easier. Getting a focused projection of how a knight in the 14th century used a sword to slaughter peasants might take days of concentration, while finding out how someone escaped from a room a half hour ago would probably be a lot easier. This ability also depends on how familiar a situation is to Cassandra and how many people moved through the area in the intervening time. A crowded street would have a lot more psychic clutter to weed through than an apartment that had a single resident. The more emotionally charged an item or location is, the further she can go back. A sword that was used to murder 500 people would allow her to go further back than a coffee cup.

Projective Retrocognition:
Kassandra is able to discern the past and past events by either being physically present where an event occurred or handling an object that was present. This allows her to subconsciously read the psychic echoes present and, with effort, create vivid illusions that can be experienced by those in her near vicinity. If Kassandra was in a museum or antique shop and wanted to use her ability and picked up an opium pipe, after a few moments everyone might find themselves seemingly transported back to the 1800s in an opium den for the duration of the vision, experiencing the same sights, sounds, scents, smells that someone who was there would have in full color and dimension, almost like an overlay of the past being played over the present day. This is more of a hit-and-miss application of her power, and can last for up to a minute with concentration and can affect anyone within a 10x10 space or a standard room.

Retrocognitive Viewpoint:
One of the more interesting aspects of Cassandra's ability is what she calls 'the Blade Runner trick.' Based on an old movie from before she was born, the Blade Runner trick allows her to do a lot of the investigative studying of scenes by shifting viewpoints inside the echo and following particular people inside the echo. This effectively allows her to 'look' from the perspective of different people in the scene and focus on particular points. If something interesting is found, she can shift perspectives to that individual echo and continue along that trail, until another is found, and so on, much like a bloodhound following clues. The total amount of 'hops' she can make is anywhere from three to four before it gets too complicated and straining to go further than that. This trick also takes quite a bit of effort and an escort, since this actually necessitates her being blindfolded.


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Kassandra loves to cook. If it goes in the oven, grill, smoker, or stovetop, she can probably do something with it. Don't expect five Michelin star stuff, but expect tasty, home cooked food that wouldn't look out of place at a decent restaurant. Fried Chicken is her specialty!

Kassandra loves puzzles, riddles, and cyphers. Sure, she might not be able to break encryption using a pen and a pad of paper, but crossword puzzles, word finds, and puzzles oftentimes fall to her efforts in a remarkably short time. Combined with her tenacity, there are few codes that can stand against her as long as they're humanly solvable.

Growing up with two brothers who were /really/ into MMA meant that Kassandra oftentimes ended up as the unofficial sparring partner, and by default, learned how to really throw a decent punch and kick as well as some good holds that'll put someone out if they're not careful. She can also take a knock or two, although she'd prefer not to. Stupid brothers.

Sometimes it's cool to be able to speak languages, and Kassandra has a few. English and Greek are her first languages that she can read, speak, and write with no issue, and she can converse in Spanish without any problems either. She picks up languages fairly easily. There's no polyglot here, but when you can get the echoes of the past, sometimes the languages come a little easier than they might otherwise.

Kassandra has played guitar since she was around nine and is pretty good at it. Mostly acoustic since it fit the music she grew up with, but she could play an electric in a pinch. Responsible for keeping her fed while she was on the road after running away. Ask for a song - she probably knows it!

You don't grow up in the country without knowing a thing or two about subsisting on what you have around you. Finding water, building shelter, and making a fire is easy. Dump her somewhere with any of that and, while she may lose a few pounds surviving, she will survive.


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Blinded By Her Ability:
When Kassandra uses her ability she is, for all intents and purposes, completely blind. Her ability completely overwrites all of her senses when it's used and overwrites the senses of anyone she's 'brought into' the vision. And if that's not enough, her eyes turn a sickly black and start leaking inky tears that can stain cloth. She's taken to wearing a tight-fitting blindfold when she sleeps to keep her power from starting while she's asleep or, for some reason, if she uses it, to keep people from freaking out.

Despite her abilities, Kassandra has the same strength, stamina, and dexterity of a normal Eighteen year old girl - albiet one that's worked out and run a lot.

Untrained Ability:
Untrained is the nice way to put it, but uncontrolled makes it sound like it's a menace. Kassandra has very little control over her ability and if she's not careful, random visions will occur by her just being in the vicinity of something. Gloves have been a necessity to keep things from happening via touch, and she's managed to stop getting echoes off her guitar, so that's something. She can get better, but it's going to take time.



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Kassandra Pagonis has 23 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Evening at the Pool April 11th, 2021 A gathering at the pool ends with ribs and conversations between newly-found friends.
Late Night Conversation March 30th, 2021 Henry and Kassandra chat about this place, late night. Cookies are had.
Feast of Souls: Pale Fire March 29th, 2021 Plans to ward are complete, and the final elementalists put in place.
Nights of Presents Past March 27th, 2021 Karma infiltrates the dream-space of the lightly napping Kassandra, meeting her mental guardians and placing her at ease, as well as guiding her to untroubled sleep. Nobody dies - this time!
They Say It's Your Birthday March 18th, 2021 Noriko's birthday gets her a cake and some presents. Even though she had to be tricked into showing up.
Leftovers! March 14th, 2021 Gabby and Kassandra have the remainder of the brisket and discuss their abilities. Plans are made for Kass to show off at a later date.
Brisket Night! March 13th, 2021 Friday Brisket happens at Xavier's. Everyone comes to eat and to meet the new kid. Plans are made to do this again.
Sunshine and Brisket! March 12th, 2021 Relaxing conversation, and promises of food and swimming to Mackey.
Flowers in the Attic March 11th, 2021 Kassandra shows what she can do. Ororo is impressed and wants to know more.
Lakeside Chat March 10th, 2021 A meeting by the lake balloons. Kassandra tells people the reason she fishes like six times, plans are made to meet in Ororo's attic later for lessons, and Warren is declared the unofficial Lyft of Xavier's.
The Heavenly Smell of Cookies March 8th, 2021 Cookies are baked. Fingers are burnt. Warnings about Ororo's lightning are exchanged.
Backyard BBQ at Xavier's School March 5th, 2021 Henry and Kassandra talk about Mutant abilities while brisket is cooked.
To Be Continued... For Real! March 2nd, 2021 I mean, some of the movie got watched! With a surprise visit from an Avenger!
Lazy Sunday March 1st, 2021 A relaxing evening turns tense as personalities clash.
By A Thread Unravelled March 1st, 2021 Let there be cake, and there was.
Counseling Care February 26th, 2021 Some lunch, some counseling and some discussions of making their guest more comfortable and reintegrating her with society!
Lab Work February 25th, 2021 Kassandra gives a demonstration of her power and Hank mentioens what may happen to her after.
One Monday in Medical.... February 22nd, 2021 Kassandra and Paige talk about where she came from, then Warren comes in and offers to take them shopping.
In the Infirmary February 21st, 2021 Sam and Beast come to visit Kassandra in the infirmary, and her powers are discussed.
Traffic February 9th, 2021 Tracking down the party of the century and a drug called Opal lead two groups to a location that is not what it seems. Cloak and Dagger are scary. Scott and Hank are threatening. Emma tries new drugs, and a new friend is found.
Might Be a Puppy February 4th, 2021 Jubes and Nori have a little talk with Kass after she has a chance to clean up. Nori does more laundry.
Bad For Business February 4th, 2021 Noriko takes Jubilation out for some Mutant Town tourism. They end up quickly running into some funky Mutant Town flavor emanating from the snoozing Kassandra and give her a lift back to Xavier's School to 'hide' her in their room like a puppy.
Kassandra's Offer February 4th, 2021 Scott has some words for Noriko on her judgement. Noriko talks back. Scott and Kassandra discuss her powers and more before Scott extends an invitation for a temporary stay at the school.


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Kassandra Pagonis has 23 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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