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Knockout (Scenesys ID: 937)
Name: "Kay Fury"
Superalias: Knockout
Gender: Female
Species: New God
Occupation: Dancer, Super-Villain, Dark God
Citizenship: Apokolips
Residence: NYC/Metropolis
Education: Apokolips Indoctrination
Theme: DC (VFC)
Apparent Age: 231 Actual Age: 231
Date of Birth 27 Apr 1789 Played By Kiki Vhyce in lifts and a wig
Height: 6'8" Weight: 500+ lbs
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Formerly a member of the FEMALE FURIES, the elite soldiers and guards of DARKSEID, Knockout - inspired by the defection of her one-time leader - arrived on Earth several years ago. She has, after several years spent in Hawaii, relocated to Metropolis in recent months.


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* Late 1700s: 'Born' on APOKOLIPS, the ecumenopolis home of the 'evil' NEW GODS that follow DARKSEID - the revelation, the TIGER FORCE at the heart of everything!
* Early 1800s: Selected by GRANNY GOODNESS for training as a FEMALE FURY, the elite soldiers and guards of DARKSEID!
* The Late 19th & 20th Centuries: Serves as a member of the FEMALE FURIES, alongside such luminaries as GILOTINA, MALICE VUNDABAR, and STOMPA!
* 2016: Inspired by the defection of the leader of the FEMALE FURIES, Knockout departs APOKOLIPS!

IC Journal

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Daughter of Apokolips:
Although sufficiently discontented with life on Apokolips to abandon the realm of her birth, Knockout remains a product of Darkseid's system and it informs her every thought, her every action. The weak are to be despised, and by virtue of their weakness are to be exploited or destroyed; only the *very* strongest deserve to thrive. Like most of Darkseid's New Gods, she sees no value in human life: they are smaller than a grain of sand, and evil is a mountain. She continues to regard Darkseid as the truest and greatest power in the universe - all that she possesses is a gift from him, and when she dies it will be in his name.

When rarely Knockout develops a meaningful relationship with an individual or a group - when it is not, as it generally is, an issue of use, or necessity, or mere expediency - her loyalty to them will be shockingly intense; she will be willing to go to outrageous lengths on their behalf, taking even the most suicidal of risks without so much as a moment's hesitation.

In defiance of first impressions - most would assume her to be either a brute or a sex toy, misconceptions she is all to happy to use to her advantage - Knockout *uses* people, manipulating them in ways so subtle and persuasive that she once nearly managed to turn a young superhero into a murderer.

While imminently gifted at presenting a false front to others, Knockout is relentless and unforgiving in her hate - those who spite her, sometimes those who merely *slight* her, become enemies with a level of dedication that most would reserve for a true 'arch-foe.'

Character Sheet


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While not something that is easily measured, it has on more than one occasion been noted that Knockout is - despite her size, her strength, and oft-venomous nature - a creature of breathtaking (one might even say 'divine') beauty.

Chronologically more than 200 years old, Knockout appears to be in her 20s - and will continue to do so for all time, bar the influence of another God or a conscious decision on her part to age. Some of the elite New Gods have lived for *hundreds of thousands* of years, and some purport that Darkseid has existed for *billions*.

In addition to inhuman levels of strength, the nature of Knockout's physical form and the divine energy that suffuses it render her invulnerable to all but the most unfathomable injuries - she is unaffected by pressure and temperature, to electricity, and to physical injury from all but the *very* strongest of foes. She is immune to essentially all forms of illness and toxin and, like most New Gods, her level of stamina is functionally limitless; she does not, under ordinary circumstances, require sleep or rest.

Psionic Immunity:
For unknown reasons, Knockout's resistance to telepathic intrusion exceeds even what is to be expected of a New God with extensive training - she is unreadable to even the most powerful telepaths, and unaffected by attacks of a purely psionic nature.

It is, as established elsewhere, enormously difficult to injure Knockout. Even when she has been injured, she recovers at a shocking pace - broken bones knit in mere minutes, and even wounds grievous enough to leave her at the brink of death (such as having essentially all of her skin burned away) vanish without any scar in a matter of only days.

Although not gifted with 'super speed' as such, Knockout possesses super-human agility and coordination, and reaction time, so profound that she is able fight those who *do*.

Super Strength:
Like most New Gods, Knockout is far beyond the level of any mortal - *unlike* most New Gods, she has survived a brutal regime of 'Special Power Training' under the murderous watch of Granny Goodness. Her bones and her muscle tissue are many times denser than a human's, and have been imbued with divine energy to grant her a level of strength beyond not just humans, but even most *super*-humans - even those known primarily for their great strength. She has broken unbreakable bones, torn to shreds the unbreakable metals of a hyper-advanced Daxamite space vessel, and more: her strength is comparable only to that possessed by a Kryptonian, or Daxamite, under yellow sunlight. In addition, she is able to leap with such power that it might appear she is flying.


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Apokolips Education:
A lowlie will never even learn to read, but an elite on Apokolips can expect an education that - while warped through the lense of Darkseid - rivals any that a human could hope to receive. Knockout possesses exhaustive knowledge in individual and squad-level tactics; in explosives and weaponry; in the hyper-advanced quasi-mystical science and technology of the New Gods; in cosmic history; and (of course) in the theology of Darkseid.

Beyond the theory of combat, Knockout is skilled in the *practice* of combat - she combines her inhuman strength and grace with decades of training in hand-to-hand and armed combat (with innumerable weapons) that is hard earned in a 'classroom' where the weak do not simply fail, they *die*. She was for decades a member of the Female Furies, an unforgiving sorority that admits only the most elite warriors of Apokolips.

An unlikely skill for a daughter of Apokolips, but one that Knockout has acquired - and mastered - with ease. She is a preternaturally gifted pole dancer.

Straddling the line between a power and a skill, Knockout (like most gods, New and otherwise) converses in Allspeak - she is heard by all as if speaking their native language, and understands all forms of communication.

If Knockout wishes you to believe that she is a mindless brute, or a vapid sex object, or a high-spirited but well-intentioned vigilante - the odds are that you will. She is a supremely talented liar and manipulator, and exceptionally charming when she must be. She is also, despite her beauty, as resoundingly terrifying as one would expect an evil Goddess to be when she desires it.


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Knockout has, during her time on Earth, made extensive connections of the seediest sort - she is relatively well-known to the larger community of villains.

While appearing as little more than a glorified leotard, Knockout's costume is in fact composed of hyper-advanced materials unknown on Earth. Although it does not function as armor, it is nearly as resistant to damage as Knockout herself - and, when rarely it *is* damaged, it will fully repair itself within a 24 hour period so long as any meaningful portion of it survives.

Knockout is in possession of a 'Fatherbox,' an item of Apokolips technology created as answer to the legendary Motherbox of New Genesis. While an incredibly powerful artifact, it is dramatically less so than its better known counterpart.

* The Fatherbox is sentient, and communicates telepathically to its owner.
* It alerts its owner to nearby danger when imminent.
* While rarely needed by a New God, it supplies perfect life support capable of sustaining its owner even in the void of space.
* A Fatherbox is able to open 'Boom-Tubes' and 'Hush-Tubes,' the former almost deafeningly loud and incredibly visible, the latter almost undetecable. Like a Motherbox, it is capable of creating paths between worlds, galaxies, and even dimensions.
* A Fatherbox possesses 'Omni-Knowledge,' the accumulated knowledge of the New Gods, and is able to collect further information from any device to which it is attached.
* If required, a Fatherbox is able to self-destruct with the energy of a small nuclear device.

Ill-Gotten Gains:
As payment for various jobs she has undertaken, Knockout possesses more money than she could ever hope to spend without branching into 'Knockout Cars' and 'Knockout Copters,' and even her cover identity is in a job that easily provides well over one hundred thousand in cash a year.


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A common flaw in Gods both old and New, Knockout is a supremely arrogant and overconfident being. She will hurl herself against opponents even when gravely outnumbered and outmatched, and tends to overestimate the limits of even her admittedly supreme abilities.

Knockout possesses a deeply etched fear of being bound, and on more than one occasion the act of locking her in restraints she could not immediately break (even if they are restraints she *could* break with more effort) has been enough to leave her in what is, essentially, an incommunicative fugue state. While she eventually adapts to her situation, it rarely happens in a span of time that would allow her to further contribute in any combat scenario.

The unavoidable truth is that Knockout's "secret identity" is paper thin at the best of times. Even in a world where statuesque redheads are shockingly common, a domino mask isn't much of a disguise when you're 6'8", built like a body-building pinup model, and get into fights wearing what amounts to a fetish outfit.

Knockout has managed to acquire several enemies during her time on Earth, of course, but more pressing are the Female Furies. There is no exit from the sorority through any means but death, and were they to learn of her survival they would make her capture or her execution one of their highest priorities - *especially* if it came to life she was in possession of a Fatherbox. Additionally, she - as an 'evil' New God, one of Darkseid's servants - by her very nature can count the denizens of New Genesis as mortal foes.

Evil Goddess:
Strip away the colorful language, and Knockout is an evil deity of remarkable strength, infused with the energy of Darkseid - and, as such, she radiates a palpable air of malevolent divinity that is detectable by even the least gifted mystic.



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Welcome to Earf March 19th, 2020 Knockout shows up and hassles Thor.


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Kay Fury has 5 finished logs.

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