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Kendra Saunders (Scenesys ID: 2021)
Name: Kendra Saunders
Superalias: Hawkgirl
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Heroine
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Some College
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: SHIELD
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 05 Sep 1995 Played By
Height: 5'9" Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Color: brown Eye Color: hazel
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Hawkgirl, the sorta one and only. There are stories of a Hawkgirl or someone like a Hawkgirl throughout history. It would seem that she is the latest to take up the mantle but the reality is she was all of them. She has been around for millenia and while now, she is a member of SHIELD and also Hawkgirl, she's been a great many things before.


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* 1250 BC: Prince Khufu of Egypt and his lover Chay'Ara find a Thanagarian ship that had landed on Earth and get their first exposure to the Nth Metal on board. Little do they realize that that Hath-Set, a secretive member of a cult to a dark god, seeks to complete a ritual given to him by said god. His ritual involves killing them both using the Nth Metal to end their lives. The results sends all three into a reincarnation cycle.
* 1910: After millenia of being reborn into new lives, Chay'ara is born into the identity of Shiera Sanders.
* 1938: Along with many other Golden Age heroes, Shiera Sanders, as Hawkgirl, fights along side the Allies in WWII.
* 1995: Some time during the period between she died as Shiera Sanders and when Chay'ara is once more reborn as Kendra Saunders, her soul is split in two by some unknown force.
* 2013: Using the massive amount of knowledge and skill gathered through millenia of lifetimes, Kendra Saudners is able to join up with SHIELD after proving who she is and help them on various missions as well as use their resources to try to find out what happened to much of her lost gear.
* 2020: On a solo field OP, Kendra Saunders goes missing in action, captured by the newest incarnation of Hath-Set, once more to be used for a dark ritual.

IC Journal

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Long Life:
Chay'ara has been technically alive for 3270 years. She has lived many lives and seen a great many things. In that time she has determined a lot about life and what (at least in her udnerstanding) what life is about. To her, it's about the truth and what is right. What is fair. She knows that sometimes lives have to be taken. She knows that justice isn't always pretty. She knows that justice isn't always something that is easy to get. She just knows that it is worth fighting for. Unfortunately, such a long life has made her a bit more callous, too. A bit more scarred on her heart. Not to mention, while things still surprise her, things don't surprise her as much as they used to.

Character Sheet


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Thanks to her wings, she is capable of flight at incredible speeds and with incredible agility. Thanks to the Nth Metal in her wings, she basically defies gravity and can outfly most modern jets both in agility and speed.

Nth Metal Fusion:
Thanks to a millenia of exposure to her core being and the recent influence done by Hath-Set's newest incarnation, she has been heavily altered by the Nth Metal in her possession and in her wings. As such, she has greatly enhanced strength, durablity, agility, and enhanced vision. Beyond that, she is able to self-sustain in extreme conditions such as in the artic, near a volcano, and in the harshness of space. Her healing factor is such that not only does she heal quickly from damage but she can also regrow damage done to her.

Old Mind:
While this isn't exactly a power, it is something she has. She is incredibly old, stubborn, and has a mental fortitude built on millenia. She is no psychic but getting into her mind or influencing it is vastly harder than others just due to the sheer wealth of life experience.

While she'd prefer not to use this method to sustain her life, she is effectively immortal due to the acts of Hath-Set millenia ago. She not only is reborn into a new life after she dies but she also retains all of her past live's knowledge and skills.

Her wings are made of Nth Metal and as such, they are capable of blocking incoming attacks like a shield. They are also incredibly sharp and capable of slashing enemies both in passing or actively.


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In her pursuit of knowledge, Kendra has been on many archaeological digs and has been searching/studying history for thousands of years.

It isn't just her wings that makes Kendra into a monster in the sky, she's also quite the talent in just piloting most forms of aircraft. She could be considered to be on the level of a fighter pilot with a few tours given just experience alone.

Kendra has been driving since the inception of the car and as such, is an incredibly good driver. She's also well versed in assault vehicles.

Thanks to her pursuit of truth and justice throughout her lifetimes, she has played detective many times over. As such, she's one of the best detectives and investigators around.

Martial Arts:
Even without a weapon in hand, Hawkgirl is not someone you would want to throw hands with. She has fought in hand to hand combat for millenia and while there are those that might be better than her due to pure focus on such things, there are few who can boast more experience than her.

Beyond just driving vehicles since they came to be, she's been working on them since they came to be as well. While someone who has studied mechanics might be better than her from their studies, form a pure experience standpoint, she's handy with a wrench.

Frankly, she's been in the military, been in positions of power. She's had to work strategy, be a literal general at one point, and fight in battles on the ground. She knows war, knows the military and frankly, she can tell you, that war never changes.

Millenia of Knowledge:
Beyond just her normal skills, Kendra isn't simply a student of history, she's a child of history. She lived history. While from a book stand point, she might not be able to tell you all the exact dates and times that things happened like someone who has studied Earth's history, there is a decent chance that she was alive during those dates and times and might simply know what happened then by being there.

Kendra can speak almost every major language on Earth. There are a few minor languages that aren't in her grasp but when you have lived hundreds of lives in hundreds of places around the planet, you pick up a language or hundred while roaming about in your various lives.

Not just a weaponry expert from a standpoint of fighting but also one from the aspect of invention and maintenance, Kendra has been around weapons for as long as she can remember and that is a very long time. She's an expert in almost every melee weapon known to man and she has some fair skill with firearms as well (Though they are not her preference).


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Over the years, Kendra has put together various locations around the world where she keeps an arsenal of weapons, some are just normal, others are made of Nth Metal and she's done her best to keep them secure and hidden. She also keeps a suit of her Hawkgirl armor available as well. As such, she has several spots she can go to in order to get weapons she might need though she typically relies on her preferred Nth Metal mace for most situations.

You don't live for three millenia and not set aside a bit of resources in spots you can get to. Along side her various arsenal sights are stores of rare jewels and metals for her to get to if she needs money. She's by no means the richest on the planet, she has no desire to be so, but she will likely never go wanting.


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Permanent Wings:
She can't take them off due to what was done to her. The Nth Metal was fused to her and to the wings she used to wear, now they are metallic and stuck to her. She can't remove them and they can get in the way even if she is good at folding them to her body.

Short Fuse:
Despite all of her life, one thing Hawkgirl has never been able to shed is her anger. Especially when an unjust or unfair situation presents itself. She can often find herself lashing out before thinking or attacking when patience should be warranted.

Split Soul:
Due to someone splitting her soul in two during her last reincarnation, she is now two parts of a whole. This could be used by someone to try to track her or attack her in such a fashion and just because of it, she will continue to feel like something is missing from her life due to it.

She is old. As such, she believes she is right more often than she isn't. She plants herself on her ideals, on her morals and she doesn't move very easily. She's not as flexible as she should be on some things and while that can be a great help sometimes, it can also be a hinderance.

Very Old:
While this might seem like a benefit in most situations, she is extremely old and as such can be rather out of touch at times with people who have shorter lives. She might understand the importance of life but she also doesn't live it as much as she might or should due to having done a great many things already. It is hard to think something will be fun or new when you have been around for over three thousand years.



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Battle God Royale November 16th, 2020 Thorfeld.
Getting back into the saddle (wings) October 26th, 2020 May and Kendra talk about a lot of *CLASSIFIED*
Wing Stop at R&D with Nth Metal flavoring October 20th, 2020 Fitz scans some wings, finds out they are a bit more than wings.
Spooktacular Justice Party October 19th, 2020 The Justice League Halloween party!
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Monsters of the Cosmos: 1 - Raudkarr October 14th, 2020 The dark elves come to play!
Ancient Agent Rescue October 13th, 2020 SHIELD is able to rescue one of their own, after dealing with a couple of snippy guards.


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Kendra Saunders has 8 finished logs.

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