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  The Black Goat  
Killian Vargo (Scenesys ID: 2112)
Name: Killian Vargo
Superalias: The Black Goat
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Occultist and Adventurer
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York City
Education: Unholy
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 47 Actual Age: 47
Date of Birth 29 January 1973 Played By Luke Evans
Height: 6'3" Weight: 200 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Grey
Theme Song: "I Am The Black Wizards" by Emperor

Character Info


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Killian Vargo is a recluse of shady reputation and mystery, known for his eccentric ways and sometimes seen in strange company. The Black Goat is a sinister and uncanny figure of the night: breaker of cults, banisher of demons, occult vigilante. Clad in his black suit, wielding a razor-sharp cane and hidden behind his goat's head mask, The Black Goat brings a special sort of terror to the hearts of evil men.


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* 1973: Killian is born in a New York highrise notable for its intersection of ley lines and cursed architecture, his demon-worshipping parents hoping to create a dark messiah. Instead they got something else entirely.
* 1974-1990: The Vargos travel the world, moving from cult to cult, doing the work of black magic, demon worshipping and various other kinds of evil mysticism all under the guise of being an ordinary family. From a young age, Killian was abused and put into dangerous positions, witnessing things no child should see. It scarred him and made him determined to be different than his wicked parents - but it also left a stain of darkness on his soul that could never quite come clean.
* 1990: Killian's parents dress their son in the garb of a black goat, intending to sacrifice him to a dark god. Killian escapes and, in the ensuing melee, his parents and the rest of their current cult are killed in a conflagration as their temple in Indonesia burns to the ground. Killian disappears for a time to parts unknown.
* 1998: In a stone circle of Gaelic origin, Killian defeats the Inverse Druidry of Martin du Lac and claims the Withered Hand collection of mystic assets and knowledge, guarded by du Lac's order for two thousand years. Among what he finds is the formula for the Accursed Brew, an alchemical concoction that can make a man more than a man, provided he's willing to pay the price.
* 2000: Killian emerges in New York City, reclaiming the family fortune. Whatever scars or marks of his time, he keeps them hidden from the world. Quietly, in arcane circes, stories rise of a figure dressed in the form of a black goat, thwarting the will of the dark.
* 2002: Devotees of Baba Yaga battle with the Black Goat in the shadows of St. Petersburg. In their defeat, he claims from them an item known as the Wraithskin Cloak, allowing him to walk into the realms of the dead and go unseen by the living.
* 2008: Facing vampire legions in the catacombs of Rome, Killian claims the Slaughterer's Cane from the body of a dead monk, enabling him to survive those deadly tunnels, albeit with his suit ruined and soaked in gore.
* 2012: A clash with the Vivisecting Men in Chicago nearly kills Killian, his skin almost flayed to the bone, leaving scars which cross-cross his body to this day.
* 2020: With omens and signs foretelling a rise of darkness, The Black Goat makes New York City his home for the foreseeable future, with Killian Vargo reclaiming his family manor.

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The sufferings of Killian's childhood put scars on his soul as much as the Vivisecting Men put marks upon his body. He is determined to thwart and put aside the forces of evil, even as he uses their own methods and magicks against them. He burns with the need to fulfill his purpose and has difficulty resting or being distracted when in the throes of a case.

Killian Vargo believes in the power of gesture, of demonstration, of expression. He has lived a strange and unlikely life and he expresses himself to a degree unlike others. He is boisterous, vainglorious, loud. He has a tendency to monologue and a preference for florid language, sometimes with an almost antiquated bent. While this is most exaggerated when he's in action as the Black Goat, even an ordinary conversation with Killian can turn colorful.

The Black Goat believes in the power of Aesthetic. He's extremely thoughtful about presentation and appearance and will read a great deal in the way others carry themselves. He is often formal, with a straight-backed posture, and tends to dress the part of a gentleman of a bygone age.

Killian spent much of his youth battling literal demons for ownership of his body. He has seen things that no sane person should ever see, horrors abyssal and profound that left his soul cracked into shards within him. He has always pulled himself back together, but he can no longer be content. His trauma lives within him, intrusive, insistent. They can throw him into black fits of melancholy or fetid bouts of grim-faced wrath.

Character Sheet


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Through intensive study of tantra, yoga and astral practices, Killian Vargo has expanded his mind beyond the capabilities of ordinary men. He can read the thoughts of those around him and project his own outwards as a form of silent communication, to a range of 100 yards. With eye contact and several moments of conversation, Killian can induce a mesmeric state in a victim. In this state, he can issue simple verbal commands and expect them to be followed, although those skilled in spellcraft or mentally tough enough to resist will likely be able to break such control. With quiet and meditation, he can astrally project from his body, allowing him to travel through the spirit realm and interact with others in that area. As a projected spirit, he is essentially a ghost and can move undetected through the realms of men by any but those with the sight to see spirits. He is capable of astral combat and has a formidable will.

The Accursed Brew:
By partaking of a complex alchemical concoction he calls the Accursed Brew, The Black Goat gains superhuman physical capabilities for 24 hours at a time. Under the influence of the potion, Killian's dexterity, agility and stamina are all increased to ten times that of an ordinary human. His strength becomes mildly superhuman, enabling him to lift/press approximately three thousand pounds. His enhanced reflexes will allow him to pluck arrows from the air or dodge gunfire even at relatively close range. His bodily tissues become both reinforced and altered to give him great resilience to bruising and blunt impact, capable of withstanding being run over by a car, thrown off a moving train or falling from atop a multi-storied building. It offers no protection against penetration, however, for he can still be stabbed or shot as easily as an ordinary human. The potion also gives him incredibe flexiblity, allowing him to easily perform tricks of escapology and impossible yogic positions, letting him slip through tight spaces or throw off bonds.


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While not a magician in the traditional sense, Vargo has trained extensively in alchemy, toxicology and the brewing of potions and powders. He can craft poisons, perform chemical tests and piece together evidence of mystical origin. He can brew simple draughts of sleep, healing, restoration of energy and, of course, a thousand kinds of poison. He frequently crafts paralytic extracts to use upon the throwing darts he carries on his person. Most importantly, he is capable of making the Accursed Brew, the damned and arcane formula which grants him the power of the Black Goat.

Killian's hobby and passion has been the study and collection of insects. He has a large collection within his home and can identify most such creatures (including unrelated arachnids such as spiders or scorpions) at a glance. He enjoys learnined about their behavior and has living collections of a variety of such creatures, including a vast ant farm, a spider enclosure and pinned insects set in cases throughout the house.

The Black Goat is a skilled investigator and detective. He's capable of following clues, dissecting crime scenes and assembling conclusions from gathered evidence. He's an effective interregator, albeit one with a penchant for rather unorthodox methods. He's gifted at puzzles and cyphers, capable of solving mysteries and finding answers that often stymie others.

Left-Hand Path:
Killian has learned a form of fighting called by some the Left-Hand Path, by others the Blighted Hand. The techniques are drawn from a variety of disciplines stitched together by a secret sect of occult assassins, so foul and unholy that to even speak the name of their sect would make a human tongue bleed. The style is one of ambush and sinister intent, backstabbing and taking others off guard. Using his fighting style, The Black Goat does his best against the unwary, striking out of darkness and inflicting pain. He isn't so much a martial artist as a predator.

Killian Vargo is a learned occultist, having been taught the ways of mysticism and the dark arts since he was but a child. While he has chosen the side of the angels (albeit those with darker wings), his knowledge of the lineage of evil and darkness in the world is extraordinary. He knows many eldritch secrets and hidden knowledges. He speaks a dozen antiquated languages of magick, some of them profane enough to burn when he speaks. He's skilled in demonology, Goetic and otherwise, and knows the names of more than a few angels. While he does not practice magick himself, he understands the nature of spellcraft and is especially gifted at disrupting or thwarting black magick spells.

The Black Goat has the gift of moving silently, staying wrapped in shadows and going undetected. He's studied with a variety of masters, learning to become one with the dark and remain unmoving for hours at a time. He is also a capable burgler, skilled at picking locks and able to infiltrate and invade the domiciles of his prey.


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Asriel's Gem:
An enchanted ruby, which the Black Goat usually wears as a tie pin, provides an aura of protection against flames, even those of a demonic or supernatural origin, allowing the Goat to literally walk through fire to hunt.

Goat's Head:
The Goat's Head mask radiates an aura of dread. While it won't overpower or send anyone immediately fleeing, it does give him an eerie aspect, unsettling and prone to making others nervous or more capable of being intimidated, especially the weak-willed or cowardly. The mask also distorts Killian's voice to make him unrecognizable and gives him the ability to see clearly even in pitch black.

Slaughterer's Cane:
The Slaughterer's Cane is an ebonwood staff of approximately three and a half feet in length. The knob is a silver goat's head, set with emeralds for eyes, with occult runes in silver around the base. While it appears to be merely an ordinary walking stick, the Cane's deception is that it functions as a blade. A mystic aura surrounds the stave and, if wielded as a sword, it possesses a seemingly razor-sharp edge, magickally so, capable of cutting through thin body armor or the metal of a car hood with relative ease. Flesh and bone, of course, it rends far more easily. The Cane draws sustenance from the blood it spills and overuse of it will send the user into a bloodthirsty frenzy of madness that can only be overcome with incredible feats of willpower or the intervention of another. Killian is very careful to spill blood with it rarely.

Tools of the Trade:
Like any adventurer, The Black Goat carries small items of use during his work in the fields. He has throwing darts laced with paralytic curare, lockpicking tools, smoke pellets and blessed silver knuckles for fighting against certain supernatural species. He also carries simple occultist tools like chalk, pentacles, parchment and ink along with vials of various alchemical materials he can use in a pinch.

Wraithskin Cloak:
The Black Coat's cloak comes from Russia, stitched by fearful devotees of the Baba Yaga. Spidersilk, goatwool and ethereal threads of spirit itself have been woven together, said to have been taken from the remnants of ghosts torn asunder by the Baba. Passing for an ordinary cloak, when activated, the Black Goat may cross over the veil to the realm of the dead. He becomes functionally a ghost, invisible to the naked eye and capable of walking through solid objects such as walls provided they aren't warded against spirits. In this state, he can communicate with nearby ghosts or spiritual entities, although taking his physical body there in fact puts him in more danger from such creatures, who can harm him more than they could were he in the land of the living where he belonged. Spending more than an hour in the realm of the dead will cause the cloak to start to fray and tear and by two hours it would dissolve and leave Killian stranded beyond the grave.


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The Black Goat, since his childhood, has witnessed horrors, atrocities and eldritch things capable of driving a man mad. Notably, his parents used his body to host demons on multiple occasions in his youth, serving as their personal medium. He may have gone mad himself a few times, he couldn't claim otherwise. He is prone to hearing the occasional voice or losing himself in the fugue of the past. He sleeps poorly and often suffers from nightmares.

Brew's Curse:
The Accursed Brew provides the Black Goat with great strength and power, but it comes at a dire cost. For the twenty four hours of enhancement and vitality, he will pay the next with with a full day of weakness, pain and melancholy. His strength becomes sapped, half of that of his ordinary self without the Brew. He becomes lethargic and sensitive to the touch, his bones brittle, his body dehydrated. In this condition, he will have difficulty defending himself and will usually retreat back to his manor. If caught like this in the field, he could be in dire danger indeed.

Master occultist that he is, the Black Goat has rarely dealt with matters of conventional science. He's encountered a few mad scientist types here and there - raising the dead, brains in jars, that sort of thing - but the majority of his enemies have been magickal in nature. Faced with more conventional dangers from the rational side of the coin, Killian may find himself in over his head.

The Black Goat is a figure of terror and uncanny horror. As such, Killian is often mistaken for an evil-doer and could often come into initial conflict with others who might otherwise be on the same side. He is not easy to trust, given his rather Satanic aesthetic.



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