Kole Weathers

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Kole Weathers, known by her moniker Crystal, was one of the first wave of recruits gathered by the Titans after the Alien Alliance Invasion had passed. Her personality was brilliantly effusive and affectionate, with a deep love for life and a familial sentiment for the Titans that went beyond mere camaraderie.

Her father, Dr. Weathers, was a brilliant if insane scientist fixated on surviving a theoretical nuclear holocaust. He exposed Kole to the same frequency of ionizing radiation used to form Zero-Point Energy modules. This triggered a significant metagene event that evolved an ability to form and manipulate silicon crystal structures at will. She demonstrated a latent and un-developed ability to attune herself to various resonance frequencies not long thereafter.

Kole was kidnapped by the goddess Thia, one of the Titans of myth and a forebear of the pantheon of Olympus. Thanks to Donna Troy's efforts, the young Teen Titans rescued Kole and returned with her to Earth. She eagerly accepted their invitation to join the recently-formed team.

When Doomsday attacked Earth, Kole was part of the Titan's plan to stop the planet-destroying monster. Panicked by the injuries her allies received at Doomsday's hands, Kole pushed her powers to reckless limits and allowed herself to get too close to the monstrosity. Her death was painful and prolonged and the memory of it was part of what prompted the Titans to abandon their charter in the aftermath of the terrible battle.

She is honored by many for giving her life to stop Doomsday, and the Titans keep a personal memorial of her sacrifice in their Tower.