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The Kree are one of the most dominant races in the universe. The Kree Empire spans the whole of the Magellenic Cloud and several other proto-galaxies nearby. Even outside of formalized Kree territory, their military might and technological sophistication are well known and cautiously respected. The home planet of the Kree is the planet Hala. The might of the Kree Empire is sufficient that even Oa respects their autonomy.


The aristocratic class of the Kree are identified by their blue skin. These are considered genetically 'pure' Kree and enjoy elevated social status in the empire. So-called 'Pink' Kree were the product of Oan meddling and make up the largest percentage of the Kree population both in the Empire and in other civilizations. The Kree Empire integrates humanoids from many civilizations, and while they are not bound to specific castes the quality of life of these subjects varies widely depending on their utility to the Kree. An AI called the Supreme Intelligence regulates the entirety of the Kree government and military, ruling with unquestioned authority.

The Kree's military features many specialized task forces. Operatives are used to ferret out enemy spies and saboteurs and to conduct clandestine operations outside of Kree space. The highest rank in the Kree military is 'Accuser'; these individuals command entire battle fleets and operate with significant latitude, answering only to the Supreme Intelligence.


Kree were subjects of genetic experimentation in dim antiquity; first by Celestials seeding life across the universe, then later by Oans attempting to decipher Kree genetic codes.

The Kree have always been violently militaristic. One of their first contacts was with the peaceful Skrull Empire, nearly 100,000 BCE. The Skrulls were intent on examining the potential of the prehistoric Kree and the other sentient race on the planet, the Cotati. When the Skrulls began trading with the Cotati, the Kree attacked them en masse.

The Kree slaughtered hundreds of Skrulls and stole several of their starships. Once these systems were reverse-engineered, the Kree rapidly became a Type 2 civilization. The Skrulls responded with their own brand of violence and the resulting war, hot and cold, has reigned ever since.

Kree were caught in biological stasis for hundreds of millennia. The Supreme Intelligence gained control of one of the legendary Infinity Stones and attempted to forcibly evolve all Kree to the same level as their Eternals. The result was the death of all but one Eternal Kree and forced genetic stagnation for their entire species. The Reality Stone was lost afterwards, and its whereabouts have since been unknown. Approximately 50,000 BCE, Kree scientists stationed on Earth developed a solution to restore the damaged genetic encoding: the Terrigen Mists. The Kree have developed an exceptionally high success rate for identifying potential subjects for mist exposure, though their population of metagenetics is still comparatively low.