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Planet Krypton

Destroyed home of the race known as Kryptonians, and formerly the seat of the Kryptonian Hegemony.

Created as part of the endless experimentation by the immortal space-faring race known as Celestials. Krypton was seeded with life that was adapted to survive in a low-light planetary environment. Heavy metals were in great abundance in the upper atmosphere, making survival inimitable to non-native life forms. It was a near-Earth sized planet with significantly higher gravity and unusual naturally-occurring crystalline deposits that bore a striking chemical resemblance to artifically created minerals on other planets.

Krypton's primary sun, Rao, was destroyed by Oa as the final nail in their mass genocide of the Kryptonian species. The entire solar system was obliterated. Kandor is the Last City of Krypton, surviving in miniaturized form only due to the interest of the rogue artificial intelligence known as Braniac.