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Kyle Porter (Scenesys ID: 1679)
Name: Kyle Porter
Superalias: Fixer
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Superior
Occupation: Tailor, Inventor, Agent to the Superpowered.
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: Manhattan
Education: High School/Self Taught
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 27 Actual Age: 27
Date of Birth 19 Aug 1993 Played By Hale Appleman
Height: 6'2" Weight: 190 lb
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song: Panic! - Victorious

Character Info


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A mostly reformed criminal, Porter now works as a tailor and inventor by day, and by night he procures talent and equipment for select clientele who wish to have their needs met discreetly. He's the person to call if you need a doctor to stitch you up off the books, an unregistered assault rifle, or a super-powered bodyguard.


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* 1993: Born August 19th.  Mother passed away on the same date due to childbirth complications.
* 2007: Manifested powers.
* 2009: Dropped out of school, started using his powers to steal everything in sight.
* 2011: Joined his father's criminal organization and was trained as a retrieval expert.
* 2015: Quit the gang, became a moderately successful inventor and an extremely successful tailor. 
* 2018: Started using his accumulated contacts to work as an 'agent to the stars', mostly for powered and highly skilled individuals.
* 2020: Retired from thievery as a source of income to focus on tailoring and working as a fixer.  Also began offering his services as a tinker and inventor to select clientele, as well as selling off-the-rack equipment of dubious legality.

IC Journal

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Dangerous Novelty:
It's no secret that Porter comes from a criminal family and many speculate about his own criminal undertakings, both past and present.  While no one currently has proof that would tie him to any illicit activity, the rumors make him quite a novelty in upper-class social circles.  Naturally, he does nothing to quash these rumors and greatly enjoys any extra attention they bring.

Don't Push It:
By and large, Porter is a nice guy.  He likes making friends.  Not only is it good for business, it's even better for his social life.  However, for all his airs and flairs, he's not someone to be trifled with.  He'll take a casual insult here or a jab there, often turning it into a humorous experience for all involved.  But for anyone who decides they'd like to push him, they'll quickly learn that his tolerance has a limit and he's not particularly pleasant when he's run out of patience.

Ever since Porter's abilities first developed, he's had a bit of an obsession.  For more.  More knowledge.  More intrigue.  More power.  Just... more.  At first it was all about material wealth, but that quickly grew boring for him.  Later, it became about secrets.  Identities.  Contacts and contracts.  The ability to manipulate situations and people, not for any nefarious ends, but because he could.  Knowing that a timely introduction or an overheard whisper can change the course of events is a heady experience, and one he can't ignore.  That leads to an awful lot of hours spent making introductions and listening to whispers.  And for what it's worth, he applies the same dedication to his tailoring business.

Porter has... Flair?  Style?  Panache?  None of these words are really appropriate, but all of them apply at one point or another.  He's confident and exuberant.  He's not shy with his opinions.  He likes to have fun and he likes it when other people know it. He also, on the surface, doesn't care much what other people think.  It adds up to an interesting and unique whole.

Porter is perhaps best known, at least publicly, for being an extravagant thrower of parties and a holder of no strong opinions on any particular subject.  He's not a difficult man for most people to make friends with, should they choose it.  And he likes friends.  They're good to drink with, can often be reliable sources of drugs or information, and sometimes turn into profitable clients.  Generally speaking, he doesn't pick a lot of fights.  He'd rather settle differences with cocktails than fisticuffs.

It wouldn't be much of a stretch to say that Porter doesn't take life seriously in the way that most people do.  He distances himself from politics, often has no interest in whatever TV show is currently the most popular thing in the world, and he doesn't give a damn about your Instagram.  He's also not shy about saying so, though it's rarely meant meanly.  He just cares about different things, like day drinking and introducing criminals to one another.

Morally Flexible:
With a father and older brother who are career criminals, it's no surprise that Porter is comfortable with some moral flexibility.  While he isn't a fan of killing (it's a messy and permanent solution to problems that can often be more easily solved by tidier methods), he's willing to at least entertain the notion of nearly any other form of activity that wouldn't be considered inherently sadistic.

Character Sheet


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Object Relocation:
Porter's ability allows him to teleport inanimate objects both to and away from himself, with some limitations: 

The item in question must be able to easily be carried in two hands with no dimension greater than three feet and a weight no greater than approximately twenty-five pounds/11 kilos.  It may not be moving faster than a person can casually walk (keys in a moving car).  It may not be a smaller part of a larger item (a table leg or a hand from a statue).  And, most importantly, it may not be alive. 

Range is generally limited to line of sight.  However, Porter is able to access a select few locations regardless of distance, as he has memorized the interiors of these areas and their contents down to the smallest detail.  Outside of these personal areas, he must be able to see the object he wishes to teleport.  In order to send it to a new location, he must first summon it to himself or already be holding it.

Use of his ability is taxing for him, both physically and mentally.  The sending of objects is particularly strenuous, and shouldn't be attempted more than once or twice an hour (game time, not real time).  Receiving them is easier, but still requires a great deal of focus and effort.  Overusing his powers is painful and can even be debilitating.


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While Porter prefers to avoid getting his hands dirty whenever possible, sometimes he's called upon to take direct action.  Even in these times, he uses stealth, preparation, and his arsenal to even the odds before resorting to open combat.  Still, he's a skilled brawler, marksman, and demolitions expert who is comparable to many soldiers in special forces units.  However, he's a jack of all trades who has no specialized training in particular disciplines.  He can operate a sniper rifle, but he won't be making any shots from a mile away.  He can handily take care of himself in close combat, especially with his riot prod, but he won't be winning any fair fights against a dozen skilled opponents anytime soon.  It's also worth noting that he's a competent helicopter pilot, but he's no dogfighter and has very limited experience with vehicular weapon systems.

Porter's bread and butter.  He's at his best when he's not being seen, or when he's blending in so thoroughly that no one is looking for him.  The latter usually comes down to good preparation and telling excellent lies, but the former requires a different sort of finesse.

If Porter doesn't want to be seen or heard, he probably won't be.  At least not without enhanced abilities, technological assistance, a comparable skill level, or a reason that getting spotted will make for a better scene.  He's also an excellent climber who has the tools and prowess to scale nearly any surface, though he prefers to free climb whenever possible (and it's almost always possible).  When it comes to breaking and entering, he's extremely good at bypassing both mechanical and electrical locks, as well as other security and surveillance systems.

One item Porter has personally constructed for himself is his armored bodysuit.  It took him several years of experimentation, during which he had plenty of time to practice his sewing skills.  He also has the artistic flair and know-how to create civilian clothing for both men and women, and has used tailoring as a cover often enough that it has become an extremely lucrative day job.

Though not much of his equipment is built from scratch, Porter has a great deal of practice when it comes to modifying, enhancing, and concealing the various tools of his trade.  If you need to downsize a flamethrower and hide it inside of a fire extinguisher, he's the guy to talk to.  He's also a competent jury-rigger when the occasion demands it, able to improvise simple electrical and mechanical solutions to various problems and use common items to create equipment (bypassing fried power relays; using a cell phone to create a listening device).


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Much of what Porter does, both legitimate and illegitimate, revolves around knowing the right people.  He had to break into the upper class social circles before his tailoring business really took off.  And despite having mostly retired as a criminal, he's had to maintain and build his contacts from that world in order to facilitate his more dubious ventures. 

Notable on the list are his father and older brother, who are the leader and second in command of a prominent criminal organization (where Porter cut his teeth).  A Marine armory officer with a gambling problem and too much debt.  A dirty cop.  A doctor with a drug habit.  A prostitute who only takes on the wealthiest and most influential clientele.  The list goes on.  Chances are, if you need to hire someone, Porter either knows a person who fits your requirements or can use one of his friends to find someone for you. 

Liquid Assets:
Money just isn't important to Porter.  If he needs some, he'll manage to get some.  Still, he's become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, which means he has to keep the coffers full.  On paper, he could be considered a millionaire (on the extremely low end) but he does keep a stash of precious metals and gemstones for emergencies.  If he were stripped of his powers and forced to pool his resources, he could put together between ten and twenty million dollars worth of cash and goods, depending on how the week has been. 

He also has a few high-end items that wouldn't be easy to sell in a hurry.  A couple of expensive cars, a nice motorcycle, a small helicopter, and a very respectable houseboat rank high on the list.

Other Gear:
As he has no offensive powers and is reluctant to use lethal force, Porter finds it wise to maintain a wide array of non-lethal combat options.  Most of them are fairly simple, commercial- grade items (pepper spray, flash grenades, injectable tranquilizers).  Many have been concealed inside commonplace items (lighters, cigarette packs, pens) for the sake of discretion. 

Thievery, intelligence gathering, and sabotage often require breaking into secure areas.  To that end, Porter also owns a dazzling spread of lockpicks, code breakers, electronic surveillance and counter surveillance devices, and other entry tools from a wide technological spectrum.

Riot Prod:
Porter's riot prod is simple, but effective.  Based around the concept of a collapsible metal baton, it has been modified to include a series of weighted, highly conductive rings along the shaft, all of which can discharge a powerful electric surge on contact.  The charge can vary from that of a simple taser (50000 volts) to the most powerful military stun guns (300 million volts).  As an emergency measure, the entire power cell can be discharged in one blast that is roughly equivalent to a single lightning strike (approximately 1 billion volts).   

As a secondary function, the tip of the prod is hollow, insulated with carbon fiber, and contains a firing mechanism for a single 12 gauge shotgun shell.  Porter most commonly keeps a beanbag round, rubber buckshot, or water bullet chambered to minimize casualties and collateral damage, but has access to a wide array of specialized ammunition.

Runcer.  Oh, Runcer.  Porter's majordomo is short, grizzled, pushing 60, and completely unflappable.  When Porter wants to throw a party, Runcer is the one who ends up ordering the liquor and organizing the guest list.  He receives clients in Porter's tailoring shop, keeps Porter's secrets, cleans up his messes, cooks his meals, and generally makes himself invaluable without making a big deal of it.  He's a family friend who doesn't speak much about himself; even Porter doesn't know if Runcer is his first or last name.

The Shop:
Porter owns a four story brownstone that serves as his one-stop shop.  The ground floor is dedicated to his tailor's facilities and a foyer.  The two center floors are his living area and party-throwing space.  The top floor is his private sanctum, a place that few are invited that's mostly used for his tinkering and fiddling, as well as storing any gear he uses or sells that isn't too illegal or incriminating.  There's also a modest training area for weights and punching bags, plus a demolition chamber for testing weapons.  Anything likely to get him wrapped up in felony charges is kept in an off-site storage facility.

Working Clothes:
Porter is very proud of his working clothes, as he spent nearly three years tinkering with them to get things right (and still frequently makes modifications).  The base layer is a fitted jumpsuit and balaclava, both backed by a thin layer of impact resistant material.  Atop that, a series of articulated armor plates made from ceramics and carbon fiber have been attached to further protect his head, his vitals, the backs of his arms, and the upper portion of his legs.

The bodysuit itself is very durable and can be worn without the additional armor, but it is best suited for absorbing the force of collisions, falls, punches, and similar kinetic impacts.  It offers limited protection against penetrating injuries like knives and bullets.  That's what the plating is for, and it's very good at what it does.  It has repeatedly deflected small arms fire, shrapnel, and a wide array of melee weapons.  At one point, Porter tested the upper limits of its durability by hitting it with a direct shot from an RPG with mixed results.  The suit remained mostly intact, but Porter estimates a less than 25 percent chance that he would've survived the blast.  It's also noteworthy that while the plating protects most of the commonly targeted areas of his body, it only covers about 30 percent of the bodysuit's total surface area.  Frequent additions include tactical goggles and a respirator.


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Above and beyond basing his life around the pleasure principle, Porter requires caffeine.  Always.  Constantly.  On a good day, he drinks a pot of coffee before he considers doing anything useful or productive.  When he's out and about, he's constantly consuming energy drinks, energy shots, even taking the questionable energy pills that we all see at gas stations.  Must.  Have.  Caffeine.

Chronic Pain:
Using his object relocation powers is an extremely taxing experience for Porter, both mentally and physically.  Overusing them generates a great deal of pain, some during, but mostly after as he recovers.  The more frequent and intense his usage is, the more intense and longer lasting the pain is.  It takes the form of headaches and body aches, and is the original reason he became so fond of dabbling with drugs and alcohol.

Porter likes to feel good.  We all do, don't get me wrong, but he really, really likes it.  He drinks.  A lot.  He smokes.  A lot.  He's not afraid to take those pills you have in your purse.  The only thing he actively avoids are substances that are completely incapacitating.  There are plenty of high-functioning alcoholics.  You don't hear about a lot of high-functioning heroin addicts.

Porter's mind races.  It's never quiet and it doesn't always have nice things to say.  For him, sleep is an elusive unicorn that he pursues and often gets close to, but rarely catches for more than a few hours at a time.  See: CAFFEINE.  Also, don't bug him first thing in the morning and expect him to be nice.

Not when it comes to his work.  Or his play, truth be told.  Porter is only lazy when it comes to helping YOU.  Oh, he'll probably still help you.  He lives to accumulate favors and he isn't shy about calling them in.  But he'll drag his feet and spend a lot of time reminding you of how helpful he's being.  And if you're pushy, he might not help at all.

Overconfidence is common amongst heroes and villains alike.  Porter is no different, although he often manages to do it with style.  He's aware of his own abilities and resources.  Perhaps too aware.  This can lead him into situations where he's bitten off more than he can chew.  His pride doesn't help; even when he's in over his head, it's hard for him to back down.

Personal Code:
Despite his flexibility when it comes to some moral issues and social contracts, there are certain acts that Porter attempts to avoid.  Some he finds distasteful.  Some are unnecessary.

He's not a killer.  It just doesn't sit well with him.  Being averse to that would normally fall in the plus column, but amongst the criminal population, even as a facilitator, it can make one seem weak. 

He also doesn't care for exploiting the innocent.  In Porter's mind, they live in an entirely different world and should be off limits as much as possible.  There's some wiggle room here, but he'd never directly harm or condone harming an innocent person.

Post-Combat Shakes:
While he's not shy about stepping into a combat scenario, Porter is intimately aware of the risks involved.  As a retrieval expert, he led people into dangerous situations and some of them didn't walk away.  He's been forced to take lives.  The gravity of these experiences has never left him.  After combat, even if there's no death involved, he tends to get a little shaky and his first instinct is to reach for a drink.  If someone should happen to die by his hand or under his command, the effects would be far more severe. 



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Kyle Porter has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Second Star To The Right June 19th, 2021 A secluded second date starts with cocktails and leads to swapping stories, with a light-but-satisfying conclusion.
Charity begins at Occam's Fund-Razor June 12th, 2021 Kyle finally makes a friend. Aspen gives out a telephone number.
Ms. Cottontail January 27th, 2021 During one of Kyle's infamous parties at Porter House, Dez reintroduces herself five years after they last saw each other.

(Content Warning: drug use and creative swearing.)

Costume Upgrade July 12th, 2020 Bolo met with Porter to upgrade his suit and gear. He got a job in trade to protect a VIP and makes some suggestions for gear he might like long term. Porter agreed to make inquiries.


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Kyle Porter has 4 finished logs.

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