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  The Owl  
Leland Owlsley (Scenesys ID: 1666)
Name: Leland Owlsley
Superalias: The Owl
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Financier-Crime Boss
Citizenship: American
Residence: Midtown, Manhatten, NYC
Education: Business School Graduate
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Apparent Age: 41 Actual Age: 41
Date of Birth 21 Jul 1979 Played By Gary Oldman
Height: 5' 11" Weight: 220 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDnDVlTtP6Y

Character Info


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Leland Owlsley, or the "Owl of Wall Street", is a Wall Street regular. He is a financier of great acclaim who is famouse for his now heavily praised investment newsletter "The Aerie." However, this seemingly innocent investment genius is hiding a dark secret. He is actually the newest crime lord in NYC's Underworld, "The Owl". He and his syndicate, "The Parliament", seek to dominate the NYC Underworld, and will go through anyone or anything to accomplish these goal.


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* 1979: Leland Owlsley is born in Albany, New York.
* 1980-1985: Leland grows up with an abusive Father, who makes both his and his Mother's life miserable.
* 1986: Leland's Father throws boiling grease at him, scalding him. Leland is hospitalized while his Father is arrested and jailed. Leland survives intact, but is left mentally scarred from the incident.
* 1988: Leland sees his first owl at the Zoo, and developes a fascination for them that will persist for the rest of his life.
* 1989-1997: Leland proves to be an excellent student and graduates High School with a scholarship to Yale.
* 2003: Leland graduates from Yale School of Management with a Master's in Business, and a minor in Accounting.
* 2005: Leland get's married to a young woman he meets in Wall Street.
* 2006: Leland wife gives birth to a daughter named Jubula
* 2008: Leland Owlsley first makes his name in Wall Street as the writer of a newsletter called "The Aerie", an opinion piece where Leland gives his financial thoughts on what businesses to invest in, and which to avoid.

Timeline 2:
* 2010: Leland his his first big break in Wall Street after an investment in a medical firm results in a big profit for him and those who listened to his newsletter.
* 2012: Leland's marriage collapses and his wife divorces him and takes their daughter, leaving Leland bitter and alone.
* 2014= Leland Owlsley is now one of NYC's most respect Financiers. He is called The Owl of Wall Street by his peers due to his "financial wisdom". He is seen as a mostly respected, law abiding citizen. However, he was a hiding a more, ruthless, uncaring side, often using his pull to ruin those who anger him.
* 2015: Leland is approached by the Mob with a plan to launder money. Leland agrees to this and finds that his income has increased substantially.
* January of 2017= Leland is confronted by the Feds for his role in the recently exposed Money Laundry ring. Leland, to cover his tracks, frames his personal account George Grey. Grey would later commit suicide in jail.
* March of 2017= Leland learns of his accountant's suicide and is wracked with guilt. This guilt leads to a type of mental break-down which involved flashbacks to his own abusive early childhood. This break-down caused the formation of Leland's alter-ego, The Owl. Leland,disassociating himself from Grey's death, blamed the Mob's incompetent leadership for Grey's death vowed to take over NYC's criminal underworld, and "run it correctly"
* 2018-2019: Leland uses his ample resources to gather criminal organizations in New York City under his banner. He also uses this time to fund the experiments of a biochemist named Dr. Frank Astor, in hopes that Astor's experiments would yield him a way to gain powers.
* Jan of 2020: The Owl's Syndicate, The Parliament is officially formed.
* March of 2020: Dr. Astor's experiments pay off in the form of a flight serum. Leland's gleefully takes this serum, and has Astor killed to cover his tracks.

IC Journal

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Leland Owlsley is a very arrogant man, and with good reason. His very sucessful career and other lucky breaks over the years has given him a inflated opinion of himself. In conversation, He often brings up his sucessful investments, his "financial acumen", his great wealth, among other things. This even carries over to his criminal activities, where he views himself as a criminal genius, and his schemes as alimost infalliable pieces of art.

Despite all of his negative traits, Leland is incredibly charismatic, a necessity in the business world. In conversation with his "peers", Leland is often noted for having a silver tongue, knowing exactly what to say, and when to say it to get on people's good side. He carries himself as the "eager, honest business man" and goes through extreme lenghts to keep up this facade.

Leland has developed a case of Megalomania over the years. He consistently seeks power, whether it be in the Stock Exchange, or in the Criminal Underworld and happily use what powers he already has, often for his own benefit. This megalomania is caused by a drive Leland has to "earn" the power he never had as a child abused by his cruel Father. Leland will go to great lenghts to show off what power he already has, even if it involves killing or other horrid crimes.

Leland Owlsley, as both himself and The Owl, has proven himself a man not to be toyed with. He does not tolerate failure, insults, or any form of incompetence from his emplyoyees. As Leland, not only has he been known to fire employees without mercy for the samllest of mistakes, but he has used his newsletter's stellar reputation to ruin the careers of executives who have crossed him, often with rumors that turn out to be true.

As The Owl, Leland has been known to "downsize" those who fail him, or The Parliment, often through death or forced exile, the latter often being enforced by threatening the victim's family as a form of blackmail. This also extends to law enforcement and civilains, as Owl has been known to ruthlessly "eliminate" threats to his Empire, often meddlesome cops or witnessess, often in brutal, and sometimes frightening ways.

Character Sheet


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Thanks to an experimental serum created by one Frank Astor, Leland now has the ability to fly. Initually, he can only go 15 feet off the ground and can't move very fast. However, Leland has recently found that he could go higher if he jumps off buildings and other high surfaces.

While in the air, Leland, using his overcoat, uses currents while flying to go even higher, and faster. With these methods, he can easily go about 50 to 70 miles an hour.

Flight Adaption:
The Flight Serum has started to mutate Leland's body to help him adapt to flight. His heart rate is now much faster, being able to go up to several 100 beats a second. His lungs have also expanded, containing sacs that allow him to cool his body and keep afloat after takeoff.

Hollow Skeleton:
Another "beneficial" mutation for Leland was a hollow skeleton, like the birds he is emulating. This allows him to be more agile while in midair, and makes his bones much more durable and harder to fracture due to air pockets inside the bones."

Night Vision:
The latest mutation Leland has been able to notice is that he can see in the dark. This ability, which is similar to an Owl's night vision, can allow him to see in the dark better than most humans.


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Thanks to his childhood interest in Owls, Leland took up Falconry lessons when he was in his late teens. Now a master in this craft, he is able to tame and train owls to do a variety of tasks for him.

Leland's is one of Wall Street's most notable financial wizards. Often called "The Owl of Wall Street", Leland is very skilled in investments, banking, and other financial tricks. This even extends to his Underworld dealings, where he is quite knowledgable on how to launder money for his multitude of criminal activites.

Leland is a surprsingly good shot with a gun, which is very important in the Criminal Underworld. He is especially proficient with the Hand Gun, and can outshoot most police officers, but not the likes of The Punisher.

Leland is a surprsingly skilled Hand-To-Hand combatant. Thanks to a high school interest in martial arts, which scored Leland a Brown Belt, he is able to hold his own against most street criminals. But, he will have a harder time with those with superior combat knowledge.

Leland, thanks to both his Ruthlessness and Charisma, is a surprsingly good leader. Using his business acumen, Leland can up with complex strategies for his men that are both efficiant and profitable.


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Hidden underneath Leland's sleeves are very sharp steel blades shaped like an Owl's talons. These talons, which he can retract at will thanks to mechansim built into the weapon, can cut through almost anything, except for metals like Admantium or Vibranium.

Athena and Apollo:
Named after the Greek god and Goddess, Athena, a Snowy Owl and Apollo, a barn owl are Leland's falconry birds. Besides being able to hunt small animals, Leland has trained these birds to act as messangers, delivering messages to his men during the night. He has also trained them to attack his enemies, using a special whistle for this last purpose.

Leland, like most crime lords, is sinking his talons in the drug trade. The Weeping Widows MC, one of his affiliated groups, specializes in making "dosmetic meth",using locations across the city, mostly abandoned buildings, to build surprisingly elaborate Meth labs, which they use to make and sell the dreaded drug to NYC's addicts.

Besides Meth, Leland has also been laying groundwork with the Mexican Cartels, and has recently began selling Cocain with the aid of the Weeping Widows and Asuras.

Also, thanks to The Asura's connections with the Asian criminal underworld, they have managed to get their hands on "fake" phramacuticals, which they sell to people addicted to phramacutical drugs. However, some of these are completly fake, not containing the chemicals used for it's affects, but sometimes deadly chemicals, or other substances like powdered sugar, or salt.

Money Laundry:
Leland has recently purchased a series of failing laundry mats across the city under an alias. While seemingly innocent, these cleaners are actually being used by The Parliament to launder it's ill-gotten gains so it can be safely circulated back into the economy.

Leland has secretly purchased condemmed buildings all over New York City and has converted them as safehouses for his men. These safehouses, while basic, are good enough to hide up to 10 men for as long as two weeks. They come with electricity, which is generated via generators hidden in the basements, and a security system to alert the inhabitants to intruders.

The Aerie:
Leland's main claim to fame is The Aerie, a financial newsletter that he founded as a investment opinion piece. Over the years, many people have benefitted from Leland's "financial genius", which inspired his nick-name "The Owl of Wall Street. The Aerie is now one of Leland's big cash cows, with over 500,000 subscribers hoping to use the publication to help make their own fortunes.

The Parliament:
Leland's criminal syndicate is called The Parliament. It is modeled after a corporation, with Leland serving as the Chairman and CEO. Right now, this organization has four "subsidiaries" scattered across New York City, though Leland wishes to expand his syndicate eventually.

The subsidiaries are criminal groups that Leland managed to gather underneath his wings for a single purpose, complete domination of the NYC Criminal Underworld. Each of these subsidiaries bring something to the table that The Parliament as a whole can use to benefit them in their quest to dominate the NYC underworld. Among them are the Dyzuba Bratva, a Ukranian mafia group based out of Brighton Beach that specializes in Arms Smuggling and Dealing.

The Asuras, a street gang in Manhatten that specializes in bootleg clothing, electronics, and most disturbing, fake phramacuticals.

The Weeping Widows MC, the most profitable of Leland's subsidiaries, have their hands in the drug trade, especially in the manufacture and selling of Meth.

Finally there is The O'Riley's, one of the last surviving Irish Mafia groups in Hell's Kitchen. They specialize in Prostitution and Auto Theft, with warehouses dedicated to smuggling and chopping vehicles all over the city.

Each of these groups elects a "board member" to represent them in Parliament meetings, which are held bi-yearly, where they, alongside Leland decide on what actions The Parliament will take for the next six months.

Leland is a incredibly wealthy man whose fortunes is in the hundred millions, mostly due to his wise investments, his newsletter, and his Underworld dealings. While not as wealthy as Bruce Wayne, Leland can use his wealth to get access to many things that many people could not get access to including VIP rooms in arenas, the latest security system for his home, and more. This also extends to his criminal dealings, where he can use his fortune to purchase the highest quality drugs, weaponry, and other black market goods from the most reputable sellers on the International Black Market.

Leland and his crews have access to top-of-the-line weaponry. This is thanks to the Dyzuba Bratva, who are rumored to have connections in both the Russain and Ukranian military. As a result, Leland's men have access to machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, and a variety of explosives.


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Leland is convinced of his own superiority and thinks of himself as one of NYC's most powerful men. As a result, his arrogance will cause him to ignore any criticism or pieces of advice, no matter how beneficial they seem, which could lead to disaster.

As expected with any crime boss, Leland has many enemies. The Parliament's actions have attracted the attention of both The Fed's and heroes, who both wish to shut it down and arrest it now unknown leadership, which could complicate Leland's whole lifestyle if exposed.

Besides the forces of justice, Leland also has to keep a weary eye out for rivals in the Underworld, who seek to eliminate "The Owl" before he grows to strong, especially The Maggia, who currently have a bounty out for "The Owl's" head.

Leland dosen't know it at the moment, but his Flight Serum comes with a horrific side affect. The more Leland drinks, the more owl-like he becomes. Eventually, if he is not careful, it will become harder to look "human" as the Owl-like mutations start to become more and more obvious, and might cause Leland to completley lose his humanity.



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Title Date Scene Summary
The Traditions of the Trade October 25th, 2020 Spidey and Punisher fight Ukranian gangsters in a bath house
Two business men enter, two leave October 5th, 2020 Deals done over diner, leading to war in the shadows.
The Owl Takes Flight September 19th, 2020 Donnie and Mikey meet The Owl, and add another Rogue to their Rogues Gallery.
Star-Struck August 29th, 2020 Courtney confronts Bikers terrorizing a small business.
Of Irishmen and Autoparts August 4th, 2020 Heroes raid a warehouse owned by the Irish Mob


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Leland Owlsley has 5 finished logs.

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