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  Wolf Spider  
Leon O'Malley (Scenesys ID: 539)
Name: Leon O'Malley
Superalias: The Wolf Spider
Gender: Male
Species: Human: Symbiote Bonded
Occupation: Unemployed
Citizenship: United States
Residence: New York City
Education: United States Naval Academy: Graduate
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 03 Dec 1995 Played By
Height: 5'10" Weight: 186 lb
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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All Leon ever wanted to be was a soldier, to travel the world, bringing order and safety to people who needed it. Needless to say, the reality was swift and crushing. Leon played the good soldier and kept his head down for three years, until the deaths of most of his squad gave him an out in resignation. He now works as a New York based urban explorer, making no money for his friends web series, where he came upon a freshly baked alien menace that fused itself to his body, givng him the tools he needs to work out his guilt in the healthiest manner of all. Vigilantism!


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* 1995: Leon is born in suburban Pennsylvania to Alex and Rose, youngest of three.
* 2003: Leon's elder brother, Daniel, enlists in the Navy, sparking military interest in Leon.
* 2009: Leon begins training in preparation to enlist.
* 2012: Leon is accepted to the United States Naval Academy.
* 2016: Leon graduates and joins the Marines as a 2nd Lieutenant, deploying the same month.
* 2017: Leon is promoted to 1stLt after his squad assists in an unsanctioned political abduction. Daniel retires from the Navy following an injury that took his legs. Leon becomes disillusioned with the military.
* 2018: Leon files several transfer requests, but is ignored. Squad continues receiving assignments in violation of international laws.
* 2019: Leon is promoted to Captain after most of his squad is killed completing an off the books assassination. Leon resigns from the military, and moves into a low rent apartment in New York City.
* 2020: Leon's friends convince him to join them in making a web series on urban exploration. Leon encounters an infant Symbiote in the sewers and is bonded to it.

IC Journal

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Leon's time in the military left him scarred and disillusioned. He doesn't like to talk about his personal life or past, avoids VAs, and has trouble staying in rooms with war movies on the TV. More positively, depending on your perspective, the process of coming to terms with his deployment has hardened Leon's resolve, and left him determined to forever more do the right thing when he knows he should do it, or die trying, never again willing to sit back and do nothing just because someone he trusted told him to.

Put simply, Leon is a smartass, quick to mock, jab, and trade quips at the slightest opportunity. He's not oblivious, and knows how to read a room, but if someone needs to be brought down a peg, or if he simply doesn't care if it upsets them, Leon will pull no verbal punches.

Character Sheet


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Symbiotes are basically sentient goo, that can be molded into any number of shapes for any number of purposes. This includes disguising itself as mundane clothing, launching out tendrils to grab or whip things, transforming parts of itself into solid objects of relatively low complexity, such as weapons, or just about anything a creative host could come up with. Any biomass seperated from the Symbiote's main body will quickly crumble into dust after a few seconds.

Symbiotes are able to effortlessly change their form to look like almost anything, or even blend into their surroundings like a chameleon. The Wolf Symbiote however has little experience with properly disguising itself to such an extent, and Leon must remain totally still in order to properly blend in to such a degree. Any movement beyond simple breathing and very light swaying will cause the Symbiote to revert to it's normal black coloring.

The Wolf Symbiote provides Leon with substantial resistance to most forms of harm, blocking average bullets like they were nothing, and allowing him to shake off explosions with relative ease, and even withstand the blows of beings quite a bit stronger than himself.

Enviromental Protections:
Symbiotes make sure that killing their host is as hard to do as they possibly can, to the point that they can keep their host alive almost indefinitely even in places the host couldn't normally survive in. Examples would be places such as underwater, where the Symbiote filters the oxygen out of the water and into the host's lungs, effectively allowing them to breath underwater, and filtering out gasses, making them able to go unaffected through toxic clouds and intense smoke, though these may still blind the pair while within the cloud's boundaries, and even keeping the host alive in the vacum of space, moderating their oxygen usage and protecting them from explosive decompression. Though the last one would still require a means of outside rescue to avoid the slow and inevitable end in the void.

Healing Factor:
For the fairly rare things that can cause lasting harm to it's host, Symbiotes are capable of regenerating them at a variable level. For Leon and Wolf, this allows it to heal bruises and small within minutes, and regenerate missing appendages and organs over the course of several gross and unsettling weeks.

Spider Stuff:
The Wolf Symbiote, like most of the Symbiotes on Earth, is a spawn of the Venom Symbiote, a cast off chunk of biomass. Due to the Klyntar's ancestral memory, Wolf gains a few advantages from this connection, namely, a rough knowledge of and affinity for the powers of the Venom Symbiote's favorite host, Spider-Man. Through clever usage of the natural abilities of Symbiotes, Wolf is able to use rough approximations of many of the Wall Crawler's famous abilities, such as using it's biomass as faux webbing, sticking to surfaces, and using it's 360 degree sight, hearing, smell, and taste as a Spidey-Sense stand-in.

Super Strength:
The Wolf Symbiote boosts Leon's normally high Human strength well into the superhuman range, allowing him to lift up to 30 tons with relative ease. Greater than this is theoretically possible, but has not been tested.

Telepathic Resistance:
Two heads are better than one, especially when someone is trying to root around in one of them. Any attempt to telepathically interface with Leon will be significantly hindered by the Wolf Symbiote, who will make every effort to push the interloper out. Lower end telepaths will find themselves effectively shut out, while stronger ones who dont expect dealing with a second mind will need quite a bit more effort than they expected.

This defence is not absolute however, and anyone familiar with invading multiple minds at once, and expecting the Symbiote's resistance will likely need only marginally greater effort to worm their way in. This resistance does not provide protection against magical means of mental manipulation.


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Leon is fluent in English, and functional in Arabic and Russian. While bonded to the Wolf Symbiote, he can also understand the ancient language of the Symbiotes, the Demonic Script of Limbo. If ever seperated from Wolf however, or if Wolf was unable to communicate with him, he would immediately lose his comprehension of the Script.

Leon is a fully trained and blooded US Marine, holding a 1st degree Black Belt in MCMAP. Leon is not officially qualified as an instructor but if convinced to do so, could likely teach the basics to someone in good physical condition in a little over a week. While bonded to the Wolf Symbiote, Leon is also able to throw in it's various abilities, such as spontaneously creating weapons out of biomass, and ensaring opponents with tendrils without limiting his own mobility.

Leon is trained in the usage and maintenance of most small arms, and is able to identify and count the ammo capacity of most common pistols and rifles in the US. In addition, while bonded with the Wolf symbiote, Leon can make use of it's various abilities, such as shooting out gobs of biomass webbing or tendrils to harass foes at range.

As part of his military training, Leon is trained in small unit tactics and the importance of cover, distractions, and enviromental awareness, as well as how to lead a lead a group of at least relatively like minded individuals.


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Leon rents a third story two room apartment in New York City with his handicapped brother Daniel, that affords him relative privacy and just enough comfort to not be worth complaining about. The address would be easy enough to find for anyone interested in doing so, but both entrances, front door and a window leading to the outside stairwell, can be seen from anywhere in the apartment except the bathroom, making stealthy intrusion problematic.


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Aleksandr Kuznetsov:
During his time in the military, Leon was involved in more than a few missions he'd like to forget. One of these was the assassination of Doctor Yevegny Kuznetsov, a scientist working on the creation of efficient and waste self-recycling nuclear generators. After his death, his son Aleksandr, a veteran KGB operative, swore revenge on the team that carried out the hit and the US as a whole, breaking away from Russia to pursue his private war. Leon is completely unaware even of Aleksandr's existence, let alone that he is being stalked by a master assassin and those that owe him favors.

Daniel O'malley:
Leon's greatest hero and reason for coming to The Big Apple is his brother, Daniel, who's apartment he shares. Despite having lost his legs and being forced into retirement from active duty, Dan is surprisingly chipper and optimistic. However in the course of his work at the VA he has made himself something of a community leader amongst the local veterans, and thus can be found almost effortlessly by anyone that would have a beef with him or Leon.

Daniel is fully aware Leon's Symbiote, being the first person he told about it. He is greatly concerned for his brother, and will advocate for anything that can safely remove the Symbiote without harming Leon, regardless of if Leon wants it removed or not.

Fire and similiar intense sources of heat are extremely dangerous to Symbiotes, even moreso than they are to most things. The normally nigh invulnerable Symbiote will light up like a candle if ignited and will quickly panic as it tries to either split off the burning portions of itself, or maneuver Leon to find some means to douse them, treating all other concerns as distant seconds until safety is assured. In addition, the Wolf Symbiote is extremely wary of flaming surroundings, and will not go into them easily.

Involuntary Morphing:
While Leon can call on his Symbiote at will to use any of it's various abilities at his command, that doesn't stop Wolf from just doing whatever it feels like in a given situation. Leon is not capable of outright denying Wolf when it decides to take action, only to at most stall it for a brief time, requiring all of his concentration to keep it held in relative check. Even this he can only do when aware of what the Symbiote wishes to do, leaving him powerless to stop sudden unexpected action on the alien menace's part.

Needy Roommate:
The Wolf Symbiote is very opinionated, and makes no effort whatsoever to make sure that Leon knows it's opinion at all hours of the day and night. This is incredibly distracting to say the least. Adding onto the irritation, Wolf also likes being talked to, specifically aloud, and will badger Leon to explain things to it like a child tugging on their parent's sleeve, despite being able to easily just read his mind to get the information much quicker and easier.

Strong sources of sonic vibration are absolutely crippling to Symbiotes and their hosts. If caught by such, Leon will be left almost totally defenseless save for attempting to run away, and if he can't escape, the Wolf Symbiote may even take drastic action and seperate from him in an attempt to escape on it's own.

Xander Carlyle:
Quite a few of the missions Leon's team worked were of an internationally illegal nature as part of a conspiracy to profit off of the elimination of rivals to Xander Carlyle's company, Xander having high ranking friends willing to order off the books ops in exchange for a cut of the profits. Due to their direct personal knowledge of the illegal ops, Leon and the surviving members of his squad are being kept under surveillance while the conspirators discuss how best to deal with them more permanantly. Leon is oblivious to their being a conspiracy at all, let alone who was and is involved in it.



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Leon O'Malley has 18 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Bloody Aquisitions November 5th, 2020 Wolf Spider intervenes in one of the Punisher's operations to grab some new guns while taking down an uppity gang. He manages to save a few thugs... and gets shot at for his troubles.
The great game! November 3rd, 2020 Togther we will save this city!
Symbiotes Amid The Ruins May 31st, 2020 In the ruins of an old hospital, two symbiotes and their hosts have an encounter.
A Night at Hell Manor May 24th, 2020 A break-in at Hell Manor ends in the Master of the House getting arrested and AIM escaping with a new chemistry project.
Foiling a downtown robbery. May 22nd, 2020 Spider-Man, Feather, Wolf Spider and Thomas Blake encounter and talk down Black Adam from murdering a bunch of criminals.
Wolf in the Network April 29th, 2020 Spider-Man meets with Spider-Woman and Wolf to connect them to the Spider-Comm network.
Never Cage a Lyon March 15th, 2020 Wolf and Spidey try to rescue a Mob Princess and Spidey gets rescued himself.
So many Spiders. A janitor's nightmare. March 13th, 2020 Things start tense and awkward, and end with the formation of The Spider Mafia.
Your Average Metropolis Banking Day March 11th, 2020 Horrible bank hijinx that give Lois a big think about A World Without Superman.
A Lesson Learned March 6th, 2020 Songbird learns how not to hurt the wolf spider.
Protest of the Mindless March 3rd, 2020 Ivy and a zombie gang protest environmental abuse when Killer Croc suddenly shows up but they are chased off by Leon & Gar Logan and the police.
The Awesomeness of Alexander Aaron: Volume 231.1 March 2nd, 2020 Crashing, eldritch abominations, and pizza. What more could ya ask for?
Trashpuppy Beatdown February 29th, 2020 Blinkdog gets beset on by a group of punk thugs, two mysterious heroes come to his aid and save him from a serious thrashing!
Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn February 28th, 2020 Melissa, Alexander, and Leon stop a robbery in progress. Sanjeev gets more used to his powers and trusts heroes less.
Alley Surveillance February 28th, 2020 Three drug dealers end hanging from a thread. Insults are exchanged between Wolf and Jessica Drew.
Naughty tentacles in the park... February 27th, 2020 Tentacle-blocked, but with questions open.
The Rink at Rockefeller February 26th, 2020 Bobby goes skating at Rockefeller Center and meets Cullen, Leon, and Leon's group of urban explorer friends.
An Urban Exploration February 26th, 2020 Some urban explorers get a little more than they bargain for when they stumble upon Doc Ock's bots.


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Leon O'Malley has 18 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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