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  Red Star  
Leonid Kovar (Scenesys ID: 476)
Name: Leonid Kovar
Superalias: Red Star
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Superhero/Student
Citizenship: Russian
Residence: New York City
Education: High School
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 29 June 2001 Played By Attila Toth
Height: 6'5" Weight: 287 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue/Glowing Red
Theme Song: "The Red" by Chevelle

Character Info


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Red Star is a prominent young hero of Russian descent. After gaining a degree of notoriety in his native land, his family has moved to the United States and he has to start over in his new land. A senior in high school, he is hard to miss, a six and a half foot tall slab of Russian muscle striding through the halls.


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* 2001: Leonid is born in St. Petersburg, Russia. His father is an archaelogist, his mother a housewife.
* 2006: Leonid begins his education, proves immediately to be bright and popular.
* 2015: Young Leonid accompanies his father on an arctic expedition. Buried in the ice, they discover an alien spacecraft. Upon breaching its hull, Leonid is exposed to a powerful crimson radiation that absorbs into his body, rewriting his DNA and imbuing him with great superhuman abilities.
* 2016: Leonid is enrolled in a military academy for intensive training, with the government intending to use him as an agent and a public superhero. Things are intense, but Leonid does his best to please both the government and his family.
* 2018: Red Star debuts on the scene as a new young Russian superhero. He quickly gains popularity and a following, even a little international acclaim.
* 2019: Leonid's family, after feeling their son is being mistreated, exploited and brainwashed, decide to move the family and their son to the United States. After a great deal of resistance, the Kovars are allowed to leave to avoid an international press incident. Leonid moves to a new place and a new school and has to try and sort out how to be a superhero in a strange new land.

IC Journal

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Leonid is extremely self-confident and assured. Some of that may be a front, a projection placed upon him by his military school background, but nonetheless he seems extremely self-assured and capable. This sense of confidence can make him seem a little intimidating to some.

Hard To Know:
Leonid, for all his confidence and outward boldness, is very shy about sharing the deeper parts of himself. He distrusts intimacy, having discovered most of his school friends were more assigned to watch over him than people he could actually trust. He will be slow to open up to others, but, once his friendship is earned, it can be very intense.

Leonid despises lying and deception. He avoids lying anytime he can, outside of his duty or orders from someone he considers a superior and even then he's not likely to do it lightly. He respects those who tell the truth. He himself can sometimes be blunt and direct, but he tries never to be cruel if he can help it.

Leonid puts 110 percent into everything he does. He's extremely motivated and constantly working to improve himself and those around him. He doesn't quite know how to relax and tends to be 'on' all the time.

Leonid tries to be a good soldier, a good son, a good student. He doesn't slack off of his duties, does his homework promptly, makes sure to go the extra mile to get the extra credit. If he's given a task, he'll see it through. He also looks out for those around him.

Character Sheet


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Red Star can fly at will, often leaving a crimson streak of energy in his wake and surrounding by a halo of such as he does so. He can reach a maximum speed of about Mach 1.

Exposure to the radiation of the alien ship altered Leonid's body in remarkable ways. Most prominently, he has gained immensely in physical power. He has superhuman strength capable of bending steel or shattering concrete, with a weight limit enabling him to lift/press about 85 tons. He has a similar level of invulnerability, his hyperdense form able to take incredible amounts of physical punishment, with bullets bouncing off of his skin or able to withstand an impact from a speeding train unscathed. His speed, endurance, reflexes and agility are all ten times the human norm, enabling him to move with remarkable speed and remain physically active for hours without tiring.

Red Star Energy:
Leonid possesses the ability to radiate what he calls Red Star energy. These blasts are both thermal and concussive, capable of melting through solid steel plate or reducing a car to slag. They can also be explosive on impact, detonating with the force of several sticks of TNT. He can project this energy from any part of his body at will, but usually uses his eyes or his hands to direct his attacks with accuracy. Notably this energy does, indeed, simulate the effects of the light of a red sun, meaning that his energy is debilitating to Kryptonians and will rob them temporarily of their powers for up to ten to twenty minutes after an exposure to Leonid's power.


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From his father, Leonid gained a strong insight to archeology and history. His father specialized in pre-history and ancient times, especially the Ice Age and early anthropological developments, but he tried to give his son a broad understanding of the span of history. He can occasionally recognize artifacts or place things in historical context.

Leonid speaks both Russian and English with fluency and is currently studying French.

Martial Combat:
Leonid has received intense training in martial combat, most specifically hand to hand. His skills have been focused in boxing, sambo and krav maga. Combined with his superhuman might, this can make him quite a devastating combatant.

Military school inculcated a gift for tactics and strategy. He looks at any situation from a tactical standpoint, even sometimes completely mundane activity outside of superheroism or combat. He measures others for advantage, imagines ways to take them down and knows how to read the strategies of others. He's also a remarkably good chess player.


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Red Star achieved a certain degree of renown and regard in his Russian superheroic career. While he isn't nearly as well-known in the West, he remains popular in his homeland and has a rather significant fan following. That's why he has so many Instagram followers.


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Red Star's energy can be exhausted if used too extensively. Long periods of using his red star blasts or pushing the limits of his superhuman strength will leave him drained and his powers severely reduced. If someone were to find a way to drain the energy that his body produces, he would be rendered human until he generated more.

While his parents have brought him to America for his own protection, Leonid isn't so sure they made the right choice. For as hard and perhaps unfair as much of his training was, he misses his place as Russia's rising superhero and feels a duty to the government that he feels he might be shirking. He isn't running away to go back, but he isn't as comfortable with the choice he's made as he'd like.

Leonid lived a relatively sheltered life in a foriegn culture. It can lead to misunderstandings and cultural differences, some of which can elevate into something more serious if cooler heads don't prevail.

Leonid has no defense against psionic attack or telepathic intrusion. While strong-willed, he is not willful to a superhuman degree and can be controlled and brainwashed by those with the ability to do so.

Red Star is fairly well known among other Russians, but does have a smaller following in the West. In addition, if he uses his powers, his eyes start to glow with red energy and may sometimes do so even if he's just strongly emotional, making his metahuman nature obvious whether he likes it or not.



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Leonid Kovar has 5 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Pastrami Time April 16th, 2020 Leonid and Amethyst deepen their relationship on their date
Walking After Midnight March 26th, 2020 Leonid and Amy go walking after a movie and move further in their connection.
Rubies and Amethysts March 4th, 2020 Amy and Leonid meet and get to know each other a little.
Diner Day March 4th, 2020 A few super-teens meet in a diner
I Think We're Not In Kíansas Any More February 20th, 2020 Kían arrives on Earth. It's awkward.


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Leonid Kovar has 5 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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