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Levian (Scenesys ID: 1909)
Name: Levian
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Occupation: Contract Demon/Demon Minion
Citizenship: Hell
Residence: New York City
Education: Fire Grimoires
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 20s Actual Age: 335
Date of Birth 31 March 1685 Played By Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Height: 5'11" Weight: 176lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Orange-Red
Theme Song: Rob Zombie - Superbeast

Character Info


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Levian is the 999th son of some unknown demon lord, half-fire elemental demon on his mother's side. He was summoned to Earth when some people mistranslated Leviathan to Levian, and then he escaped out a window. Now he's curiously exploring mankind and Earth for the first time, learning about fire magic, occasionally making contracts, and trying to avoid getting banished back to Hell for occasionally acting like a barbaric trash raccoon. He's not exactly evil, but he is a demon and has rather nefarious instincts, so who knows what path he'll end up taking.


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* A little over 300 years ago: Levian is born. A demon lord thoughtlessly sires him with a lesser fire elemental demon. He is the lord's 999th son, the first and only thing that his mother told him upon birth, when he crawled from a lake of fire as a twisted and deformed creature.
* 1787: Levian has devoured many other lesser demons while surviving on his own and other demons' attempts at eating or killing him, gradually gaining humanoid form and evolving.
* 1846: Levian begins to be summoned by demon lords to do work for them, largely the grunt work of being a soldier or a petty spy, sometimes reading and writing contracts. He has a natural talent for manipulating flames, and steals an old fire grimoire from a demon lord's library to study.
* 1923: Levian spends most of his free time roaming the more chaotic territories of where he lives in Hell, a place ruled by someone he only knows as Lady, whom he's never truly met. He fights people who break into hell, damned souls trying to escape, and just plain other demons to devour for power.

* 1979: Levian has studied his fire grimoire a lot, gradually uncovering more and more secrets. He becomes obsessed with the idea of trying to find and wield different kinds of fire, to explore the metaphysical secrets of those kinds of fire. He begins a long search for the secret of "hellfire", but has yet to succeed.
* 2006: Levian begins to speak to damned souls to try and learn more about Earth, curious about what's beyond Hell. But a lot of them are miserable and not particularly helpful.
* 2020: Some teenagers mistranslate the name Leviathan and instead accidentally summon Levian. The circle to trap him is amateurish and relatively useless, so he immediately escapes to avoid being sent back. He enjoys the oddly pleasant air of the human world, the lack of misery. It's very new and odd to him, and he insists on staying and learning what he can about this alien world.

IC Journal

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He has an incredibly barbaric mindset from those chaotic parts of Hell he spent his free time in, and from overall being a lesser demon in general. From birth he's had to eat other creatures of his species to evolve and survive. He doesn't really have the civilized demeanor that one gains from actually living in the higher castes of Hell, even if he did regularly work for them. These instincts and barbaric behavior are, naturally, at odds with his natural talent for law and his desire to sit and read magic books, but being a demon can be a very alien thing for some people, and Levian is one of those things. He grew up in a cold and unfeeling environment full of misery to feed on, so barbarism was bound to be a natural part of who he is. He's not above eating a rat or just interacting with human food in a less than neat fashion.

Levian has a high level of curiosity and introspection for a demon of his status. He's technically one of the lowest forms of sapient demons, and should be perpetually frothing at the mouth and mindlessly obeying his masters, but he's incredibly curious about the world around him, going so far as to learn to read grimoires so he could learn how fire and fire magic actually works. His biggest curiosity is about other species, people who think and live differently from demons. This is probably the trait that sets him apart from the average demon of his status, even if he might sometimes have the instincts and demeanor of a raccoon.

Levian has an inherent understanding of law and order. He thinks in terms of rules and regulation, largely thanks to the strict hierarchy of Hell that he grew up in and instinctively understood to be the way things are. He's dealt with plenty of chaos in Hell, of course, but he was born with the gifts of a contract demon, and can't easily ignore the idea of rules and laws to exploit and manipulate. He's far more likely to find a way to twist a rule or law in his favor than to actually break it and destroy the naturally oppressive order of things.

Levian has a rather alien demon mindset compared to a human. It's not that he's inherently evil in some way, it's more that he has an inherently nefarious perception of things. He has the inherent belief that everyone else is thinking like a demon, like that they're all trying to lie or gain something or are trying to oppress each other. He doesn't really understand altruism as a concept, it's simply something he doesn't understand is something that exists. If he does something altruistic he would mostly be confused at his own actions because it's so far outside the concept of what he understands, though he can learn. He thinks in a very cutthroat demon manner, and rarely lets his guard down because he's used to being in an environment where most anything and everything would want to kill him.

Character Sheet


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Demon Physiology:
* Levian's physiology makes him stronger, faster, more durable, and overall healthier than a human. Most of his physical capabilities are a bit above peak human conditioning, not necessarily high enough to be powers in their own right, due to the level and type of demon that he is.

* He does not catch human illnesses and can go many days without sleep, and can do unnatural things like remain perfectly and unnaturally still.

* He can eat most biological things, and in fact needs to eat and breathe to live just like a human does.

* His true form is that of a humanoid elemental, a being made of pure heat that kind of looks like the surface of the sun. He does not typically take this form on Earth, and it does not change his capabilities.

* His responses to pain aren't entirely normal. He could lose an arm and it would hurt, but it wouldn't have the same existentially horrific effect on him as it would a human, as for him such a thing is just a natural part of being a demon and living in Hell.

* His sense of smell and hearing and overall sensory perception are like a wild animal's. Very good for hunting.

* He has small black claws that can be extracted for scratching, almost like a cat.

Demonic Evolution:
He can eat other demons and it contributes to his biological evolution. Lesser demons contribute in small ways, not in any ways usually worth writing home about. Eating a more powerful demon contributes to his evolution in a way that would require some sort of power upgrade or update, something kind of special and rare.

Earth Fire:
This is a form of fire he learned to use when he came to Earth. This is the normal fire that one finds on, well, Earth. He can't naturally summon this, and needs to have an external source as a magical ingredient in order to use spells with it. With Earth fire, he's capable of healing himself. The more fire he has, the more potent the healing. So a small match can heal a small cut, while using an entire barrel of fire as an ingredient can heal most surface wounds.

The heat, not just the amount of fire, is also a huge factor in how potent it is in his spells. As a result, this isn't something easy to use in the midst of an actual fight for anything other than basic wounds. More severe things usually requires an already existing fire or waiting until the fight is already over. To fully restore an entire limb would require something like Earth lava.

He does not have a way to use Earth fire in offensive spells, though if he uses Earth fire spells on a demon possessed human, it will purify their body of the demon for reasons Levian does not yet understand. Earth fire cannot otherwise actually harm anyone except someone who would be harmed by purification or healing, it will simply feel vaguely warm and be incapable of actually igniting anything that does not need to be purified. When it heals, it appears to burn the wounds closed rather than open. These spells can also be used specifically to heal other people who have some sort of fire based biology.

He cannot control Earth fire at all without using it as a component to cast a spell, meaning he does not have pyrokinetic control over it. He could technically put a fire out by using it as a spell component, but not as a direct result of simply willing it to go out. Larger spells take longer to cast, so he can't simply put out a burning building with the ease that an actual pyrokinetic could, as this would be him trying to cast a very large healing spell by using the building's fire as a component. This could potentially change, but that is the current state of things, Earth Fire is currently very specifically used as a form of healing.

Elemental Demon Fire:
Demon fire was the first form of fire he learned to wield. This is an unnaturally red-orange fire that comes from within his own body. He can use this to shoot fireballs, torrents of fire, create fire shields, or straight up cover his entire body in flames. Generally his demon fire is used in a very brute force manner, shooting different fire shapes or defending himself with various walls of it. The heat is about equivalent to a welder, able to melt common alloys like steel at lower levels with sustained attack. At moderate levels of attack he can burn common alloys much faster, while at higher levels it mostly increases the scale of damage rather than the severity of heat.

More complex or advanced alloys, such as Iron Man's armor will not easily take damage from his attacks unless he's clever about it, like attacking weak points or making sustained attack on a particular area of the armor. Outright rare and super tough alloys like Captain America's shield cannot be melted by his fire at all, they'd only take the force of the attack.

This is largely limited by his stamina, much in the same way as someone physically fighting would be. Larger expenditures of it would be more exhausting, while a small fireball or other small scale uses of his demon fire don't really tire him at all. Doing the equivalent of blowing up a few cars without rest in a sustained manner can start to exhaust him, but creating a large, say, fifty foot explosion of fire from his body all at once will definitely require him to scale back and try to recover for a while, leaving him with weaker fireballs and smaller shields to use. But after a sustained battle of this scale that goes on for an hour or so, he'll definitely need to sleep and eat before he can do anything with his demon fire again.

As his physical capabilities are quite low for a demon, his fire shields tend to be his primary method of defending against superhuman attacks. While the shields are certainly hot enough to burn someone, they're primarily focused on being condensed enough to actually stop attacks rather than melt things. His shields draw from the same reserves as his attacks, so smaller, more handheld sized shields or barriers don't require much in the way of stamina, but larger shields, like entire walls or dome shields to stop larger attacks, or many attacks at once, can exhaust him if they're large enough to protect an entire group of people for a sustained amount of time, or if he has to use enough stamina and power to defend against a particularly powerful attack. Much like his attacks, his larger shields can be around fifty feet, typically in either dome, sphere, or wall form, with domes and spheres requiring more stamina to use.

His demon fire, within these parameters, can be used to form a variety of constructs, like chains, swords, spears, etc. Though these are all temporary constructs that depend on sustained stamina to use. The constructs follow the same stamina guidelines as shooting various levels of fire.

Heat Immunity:
Levian is immune to heat. Fire, lava, whatever. He can breathe in high temperatures perfectly fine, and is capable of converting lava and fire to a strange form of oxygen when he breathes it, due to his half-demon elemental biology. Though obviously he can still feel the concussive force of a fireball or an explosion or something, even if the heat doesn't bother him. Certain forms of magical fire may require him to develop immunity and learn more about it before he can resist it.

Soul Contracts:
Levian can make magical contracts that can give him ownership of human souls. He however lacks the power of a demon lord, as he was born with the capability of using contract magic but did not actually practice it in any way. So when he forms a contract, he's as useless as a human in actually fulfilling it, which means he usually has to negotiate something he can feasibly make happen. If someone asks to be able to shoot fire, he will probably go steal a flamethrower. If someone wants to be rich, he will have to think of some way to actually make that happen, like try to figure out how humans get rich to begin with, as he does not have the magical capabilities to just make money appear out of thin air.

Third Eye:
* His third eye doesn't see in the normal vision that his other eyes do. In three dimensional space, it can perceive anything above burning temperature, and can see extremely intricate and magical details about fire and heat that would make no sense to a human, on the level of seeing colors that they can't perceive. This gives him magical insight into wielding and using fire.

* This third eye also functions as his magic sense, as it can perceive magic beings and objects. The eye is however incapable of seeing normal three dimensional objects that aren't above burning, so it could see the magical essence of a being or object, but not the object or person themselves unless they were burning. Everything that isn't burning or magical is perceived in higher dimensions that are mostly useless on Earth, so the blanks are filled in with his two normal eyes. Though if higher dimensional objects or entities are around that can't be seen in three dimensional space, he is capable of seeing them.


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He's incredibly good at climbing, on a monkey or parkour level. This is mostly one of those low level demon skills, as one finds themselves climbing lots of rocks and buildings and swooping down on prey a low, or hiding. He can climb incredibly steep surfaces as long as there's something to grab, and do so quite quickly.

He grew up as a demon in Hell, so there was much ripping and tearing and such. He doesn't have any formal martial training or a particular style, he knows how to fight in the same way that a wild animal knows how to fight, if the wild animal grew up with horrific things trying to eat it and shooting all sorts of magic at it.

Fire Science:
His magical understanding of fire tends to translate to science in a way. He may not know all the human words for things or the math, but he does understand things like thermodynamics, melting points, when things might explode. But this is more from his understanding of it in a magical context, so he may verbalize it in a way that might not make much sense to a scientist.

Grimoire Reading:
He is capable of reading magic grimoires, which in a way makes him something of a wizard. So he could use other magic if asked to help with it in some way, like aiding someone else's ritual or spell if they give it to him to read, but doesn't actually own grimoires unrelated to fire, nor does he normally commit spells unrelated to fire or contract magic to memory. They're a bit too complicated for him to remember.

He didn't have most of his meals handed to him in Hell, he had to hunt. He's very good at tracking, killing, and eating things, or just physically tracking a person in general.

He can understand all human language as long as it isn't a dead language older than 300 years, largely from hearing damned souls and other demons speak. He can also of course understand ancient Sumarian and some other languages typically spoken by demons themselves.

His negotiating skills are genetically good, not something that one with his experiences would have learned. He's good at navigating the precise language and reading their intent in order to come up with the best outcome for himself. That's just how his brain works, not necessarily magical. He can of course be out-negotiated, he's just very good at it.

He understands occult things, of course. Like magic circles, symbols, the origins of certain things. He doesn't entirely understand the human history of things, but he can relate some of them to things he learned in Hell.


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Demon Lord Heritage:
His father was a demon lord, he doesn't know who, but somewhere out there he's 999th in line to some kind of throne.

Elemental Heritage:
His mother was an elemental fire demon, and he's recognized as an elemental even by elementals who aren't demons. This may or may not get his foot in the door to situations that involve elementals possibly not bothering to talk to humanoids. Though he's as low level of an elemental as he is a demon.

Fire Gimoires:
He has two grimoires, magic spell books. One he stole from Hell, which taught him ways to manipulate the demon fire inside of himself in intricate ways. The other he's writing himself, which is about ways to use Earth fire. He doesn't need to have the books with him, but the demon fire book has spells in it that he still doesn't understand, so he has to consult it sometimes.

Infernal Connections:
He has connections in Hell, which may translate to Earth. He's not anyone's master, but some people owe him for favors, or he can negotiate favors.


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He can be banished to hell by people or objects with the capability of banishing demons to hell. He doesn't have an innate way to get back out of Hell without being summoned again.

Demon Lords:
Levian has to obey and can be summoned by demon lords. He can resist obeying them on some level, but this is generally very dangerous because he isn't powerful enough to actually fight them or resist getting totally obliterated by them. But even resisting them is difficult, as he feels a magical compulsion to obey.

Demon Wards:
Actually good demon wards can trap him pretty easily. Not the average thing that some amateurs might use, but an experienced magic user could definitely trap him or keep him barred from entering somewhere or harming someone.

Earth magic requires ingredients to use, which means he can't heal himself if he can't find or start a fire. If he starts a fire with his demon magic, he won't be able to heal himself with it. Most of his demon magic does not require ingredients, but the more powerful spells do. They may require things like a piece of charcoal, a particular kind of rock, gunpowder, all sorts of things.

He's pretty squishy. Even in hell he largely defends himself by using fire to defend himself, and fighting largely with extreme violence to make up for the fact that he isn't as powerful as a more physically oriented muscle demon. He may be above peak human conditioning, but he can be trapped with relatively human instruments if he doesn't use fire or somehow loses access to using fire.

He can be summoned. His name isn't particularly well known, but humans are capable of summoning him. What usually happens is people mistranslate Leviathan to Levian and summon him instead, but it is becoming more common to find Levian's name in rather obscure lists of demons. In the past he was never summoned on purpose, as there's no information beyond a name in a sea of names, if one does get their hands on these obscure and rare books. But since he returned to Earth his name has appeared in more legitimate magic user circles, so summoning him is likely to become more common, for whatever reason someone wants to summon a random low level demon.

While water doesn't inherently harm him, it increases the difficulty of him using his magic. He obviously can't use fire magic if he's submerged in water. He can use it in rain but can't really use lower levels of Earth fire to heal himself if there's water everywhere and he can't start a fire or find an existing fire. There's also the fact that if there's someone who can use water as well as he can use fire, he's at a severe disadvantage and will probably be forced to try and claw their eyes out or run away.



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Levian has 28 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Please Feed After Midnight November 4th, 2020 Levian is eating after midnight, does not turn into a Gremlin. Talks with May about life, demons, and investigations.
Demon on the Roof November 1st, 2020 Levian sleeps on Andi's roof, wakes up, is hungry for pigeons, and then he stays on her roof waiting for pigeons.
Diplomatic Immunity October 31st, 2020 While investigating an attempted assassination of a diplomats son, three mercenaries brazenly pretend to be SHIELD agents but are caught in the act.
Interview with the Demon October 25th, 2020 Levian gets his first SHIELD interview conducted by Agent May. It goes surprisingly without bloodshed.
A Vampire and a Demon Walk Into A Bar October 24th, 2020 Levian and Selene meet up in a Gotham dive bar to get to know each other a bit more.
Zombie Jamboree October 22nd, 2020 It was a zombie jamboree, took place in a New York cemetery. DJ Necromancer summons hundreds of thousands of undead from their eternal rest to have a really amazing party. Local college students and one dog are held hostage for eventual dark deeds but the NYPD holds the line while brave heroes dash into danger to see this dance of the dead halted before the rest of the city is brought to dance until they drop!
Of Lycans and Demons October 21st, 2020 Levian and Selene hunt a Lycan possessed by a demon. It Cronenbergs and they have to work together to stop it!
Garden Demon October 21st, 2020 Marigold finds Levian sleeping in the garden, and then they have a discussion about emotions, and the nature of things!
Humans Actually Have Problems October 20th, 2020 Daisy visits Levian after the drone attack. They discuss various things. He eats a Slim Jim.
It Comes From Behind:Part 2 Whispers in the dark October 19th, 2020 A demon wants blood, but his land is seen. Now clues to find, one body to examine.
A few fingers of hellfire October 18th, 2020 Levian and Peggy get spotted by Constantine, and the magus gives Levian a dire warning.
Josie's Demons October 17th, 2020 Daisy invites Levian to Josie's so she can tell him about the interview at SHIELD. What can go wrong during that interview one wonders?!
Things Humans Like October 12th, 2020 Levian visits Nessa and brings her things humans are supposed to like. They talk about how complicated humans are.
Texting Ms. Daisy October 12th, 2020 Levian and Daisy have some personal text discussions and exchange random photos!
The SHIELD Signal October 11th, 2020 Levian creates a massive magical signal in the shape of SHIELD's signal, and Daisy Johnson comes to investigate. He asks for a job at SHIELD, and Daisy is at least going to put a word in and give them his makeshift SHIELD application.
Demon hunts Banshee October 8th, 2020 No description
Questioning a Demon October 8th, 2020 Nico summons Levian for some questioning and conversation. Blood is drawn and Levian leaves with an american delicacy: The TURDUCKEN.
The Sun, the Moon, and the Infernal October 6th, 2020 Karolina and Nico summon a local demon. True forms are shown off, and Nico uses blood magic to make a sandwich.
The Drones Come Home October 5th, 2020 SHIELD faces the might of a full drone army, inside the Triskelion. It attempts to take control of the quantum computers and become unstoppable, but agents faced the drones down and stopped it at the very last few feet.
Campus Connections October 5th, 2020 A typical Thusday, in which Karolina obtains a scroll of summoning for a demon named Levian, and meets Rave, whom invites them both to a concert.
Bloodhounds and Symbiotes October 5th, 2020 Levian and Mania become friends??? And explore the city after a long talk!
I Guess We Could Maybe Prevent Forest Fires September 30th, 2020 Levian and Spiral meet at a forest fire!
A Demon and a Goth Walk Into Purgatory September 30th, 2020 Levian and Andi meet and have some very strange discussions about what they are. Levian wants to be friends with her symbiote!
There's A Demon On My Fire Escape. September 28th, 2020 Jessica is woken by a Levian, he discovers waking up Jessica is not a smart choice.
Accidental Brute Force Summoning September 28th, 2020 Lara Croft accidentally summons Levian with an unknown artifact. They have a discussion and learn about each other, becoming friends???
Ice Palace: Let Her Go September 16th, 2020 The team works to finally defeat the necromancer... he looks tasty, after all.
Warm Soul, Ice Queen September 7th, 2020 Levian follows Nessa like a creeper, but he just wants to be friends! She's not so keen.
Demons within and without September 6th, 2020 Levian the demon propels himself bodily into Lux, and discovers something other than misery. For now.


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Levian has 28 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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