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LexCorp is the brand name for one of the largest, sprawling multinational corporations in the world. The President and CEO of LexCorp is Lex Luthor, and his intellect and ruthless business savvy have kept LexCorp near the top of the Forbes 500 ever since he took over.

Originally a modest Aerospace Engineering design firm, LexCorp invested in several highly profitable ventures in the late 80s that resulted in a company that grew by leaps and bounds. It also served as a highly effective cover for Luthor's antisocial ambitions and gained him significant influence in the underworld of Metropolis. It's estimated that nearly 10% of the population of Metropolis is employed by LexCorp or one of their seemingly endless shell companies. Fortunately, most of these corporations are in fact completely legitimate business operations with no awareness of Luthor's sinister agenda.