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  Lilith Dracul  
Lily Drake (Scenesys ID: 2224)
Name: Lilith Dracul
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Occupation: Vampire
Citizenship: Transylvania
Residence: Manhattan, New York City, NY.
Education: Unknown
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Rogues Gallery
Date of Birth 1400s Played By Herself.
Height: 5'4" Weight: 125
Hair Color: black Eye Color: red
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Lilith is the daughter of Dracula. Born in Transylvania, she has made New York City her home for the past few decades. She is only mildly known outside of certain occult circles and has very little mortal presence in the world as she often goes through periods of inactivity, or more likely, periods of intensely hunting her father.


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1450 - Lilith is born to a still-mortal Dracula and his first wife, Zofia. It was an unhappy marriage. When Dracula's father died he abandoned his wife and daughter to marry another.
1451 - Lilith's mother kills herself and entrusts Lilith to a Gypsy Elder to raise.
1469 - LIlith is cursed to be a vampire after her father massacres a gypsy tribe.
1470 - LIlith is impaled on a spike by her father in London for opposing his plans.
1973 - Staked by a vampire hunter after the death of his wife and destroyed.
1974 - Lilith, now a ghostly presence, possesses Angel O'Hara, an Irishwoman in New York City who sought revenge on her father.
2016 - Lilith temporarily possesses Kitty Pryde when the X-Men come into conflict with Dracula.
2017 - Destroyed along with Dracula by unknown causes.
2019 - Returned when Dracula revived, as her curse prevents her from dying if he exists.
2019 - Enslaved the villain 'Zombie' and used him to form a vampire army. Defeated by the combined efforts of Spider-Man and Hannibal King.
2019 - Weakened Dracula with a virus before staking him. He survived, much to Lilith's chagrin.
January 2020 - Weakened by her battle with Dracula she is captured and conscripted by S.H.I.E.L.D. into the Howling Commandoes.

IC Journal

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Lilith's mood changes on a whim. One day she may help a team of superheroes destroy a rampaging monster. Another she may decide it would be fun to take over the world. On a smaller scale, however, her emotions do tend to be less so. She is prone to swings, though not wild mania or melancholy.

Lilith often tends towards a rather gothic outlook on life. The world is not a bright and happy place with rainbows and sunshine sparkles. Life is brutal, and bitter. The finer moments are to be cherished like fine wine... because eventually every season gives way to Winter.

Lilith has difficulty making long-term alliances and friendships. Either through fate or her own under-developed social skills, every partnership she has formed has eventually led to betrayal at best, murder at worst.

Lilith has the fury of a thousand suns when it comes to vengeance, against her father Dracula in particular. If she is wronged she tends to hold onto it forever... or until the debt is paid. Small slights will, of course, warrant a much smaller response.

Character Sheet


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Animal Command:
Lilith can command dogs, wolves, rats, mice, and bats. It only works on natural animals, not magically enhanced ones, and certainly not on any higher-intelligence creatures in the form of them.

Empathic Link:
Lilith forms an empathic link with anyone she feeds from, allowing her to influence them. They become obsessed with her as well, fantasizing about Lilith. If they die shortly afterwards they will become a normal vampire. Strong-willed individuals can fight off the link, sometimes even ignoring it entirely. (CONSENT REQUIRED FOR PCs)

Enhanced Regeneration:
She has rapid healing, much as her father Dracula does. She heals quickly from non-fatal wounds, even to the point of regrowing dismembered limbs.

Enhanced Senses:
Lilith possesses the enhanced senses of a vampire, empowered by her blood. Eyesight, hearing, taste, smell.

Enhanced Strength:
Lilith is capable of lifting 1100 pounds on average, more if she is fully fed.

Lilith no longer ages due to being a vampire. She can die, like other vampires, by being staked or decapitated, however her unlife is linked to her father Dracula. If she dies, she returns a short time later as a spirit, possessing a woman who hates her own father to continue the cycle with Dracula.

Lilith has the power of mesmerization. She can use it to make others do her bidding. (Note: THIS REQUIRES CONSENT FOR PCs!)

If killed, Lilith becomes a spirit that is drawn to women who hate their own fathers. She can possess them, and upon doing so, is capable of transforming their body into a duplicate of her own. With certain rituals, she may also return to and resurrect her original body. (CONSENT REQUIRED FOR PCs)

Lilith can shift into the shape of a bat or mist, like many other vampires.

Vampire Plus:
Lilith is a vampire... and then some. Her curse is unique in that she was created by magic, not the blood of Dracula. She was gifted/cursed with Vampirism solely to serve as a foil to Dracula and ensure his immortality is always in danger.

Weather Control:
Lilith possesses the same power of weather control as her father, though not to his degree. she is capable of roughly half his power. Not enough to rival Storm or Thor, but certainly enough to make quite the show, though she is severely weakened afterwards.


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Lilith possesses some hand to hand ability, able to fight with him if not at a level of equal strength then at least with one of comparable skill.

Lilith has some mild abilities with disguise, able to fool her enemies on occasion.

Like many of her kind, she has turned seduction into an art, using it to attract her prey.


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Lilith is currently... without any other resources aside from what she may get from a thrall. Currently she resides in the apartment of a thrall in Manhattan, her temporal power at a low point.


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Blood Drinker:
Lilith doesn't need as much blood as a regular vampire, but she does need it. Her powers wane the hungrier she gets.

Lilith is not harmed by Sunlight, but after being weakened she does find it uncomfortable and 'itchy', prefering to avoid any contact with her skin if she can.

Lilith can be staked or destroyed by the Montesi formula. She does not hold a weakness to holy symbols or garlic, however.

If there is a chance to go after Dracula, she will. She will drop everything and take the fight to her father. This can be used against her by a canny opponent.



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