Making Requests

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Making Requests

The +job system is used to create requests to staff.

For general use, +help +job will give a great summary of the different functions of how to make requests.

Requests should be made for the following items:

* Characters and +Sheet changes:
       +request/apps <character name>=I would like to request to play <character name!>
       More details on character requesting is at +news Applying for Characters.
* Plot Ideas: 
       +request/events <Plot title>=I have an idea for a plot I'd like to run. <extended details>
* Building:
       +request/build <Building Type>=I would like to obtain an apartment or room. <Description of room>
* Harassment, Gripe or Policy related issues:
       +request/gripe <Issue type>=I have had a problem, and <details of the issue.>
* Theme:
       +request/theme <Item>=I would like to add something to the theme or request a change to a theme item. 
* Query:
       +request/query <Question>= I have an inquiry that doesn't fit into any of the other buckets.