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Mando (Scenesys ID: 2173)
Name: Armando Felix *you already forgot*
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Familiar Wannabe
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Hell's Kitchen
Education: High School - Queens
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 30 Oct 1991 Played By Harvey Guillén
Height: 5'8" Weight: 209 lb
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedance Clearwater Revival -

Character Info


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Armando Felix *you already forgot the rest*, simply known as Mando, is just like any other second generation mestizo Mexican American lapsed Catholic who somehow looks like he ought to be working in a Barnes & Noble or a church library...forever. Almost. While every bit of his life has been utterly forgettable, with constant reminders, his one dream in life of becoming a vampire keeps his spirits high. If only he knew the truth of himself and his mutant powers, though maybe he'd prefer it if he never found out he was distantly and faintly related to legendary vampire hunters. Then again, that shouldn't matter right?


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* Birth - 1991 (0 yrs) - Born in a small town in Texas
* The Split - 1998 (7 yrs) - His father left. Him and his mother moved to Queens
* Starbucks - 2006 (15 yrs) - Started job at Starbucks
* HS Graduation - 2009 (18 yrs) - B average
* More Starbucks
* The Call? - 2010 (19 yrs) - Meets Bella in Queens and ends up moving in with her in Hell's Kitchen, in hopes of being made a familiar
* Still here - 2020 (29 yrs) - Still alive and still in Hell's Kitchen

IC Journal

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Although he'd disagree with this, Mando is rather courageous, rising to the occasion when the right thing needs to be done, shaking in his boots or not. He typically won't intentionally instigate action unless thrust into it by situations or individuals, but as he continues to get into more scrapes and larger challenges, his courage hasn't faltered yet.

Mando has an earnestness in everything he does, how he lives. Given this instinct, it's very easy for him to be taken advantage of. He gets attached to people he likes way too quickly because he he is prone to give too much of himself too quickly without ever being noticed.

Mando is prone to clinging to fantasy. It's what got him through pretty much every stage of life. It is practically one of his primary emotional coping mechanisms, and probably how he's lasted so long in such miserable conditions. Becoming a vampire has been his lifelong fantasy, a fantasy that is eternal.

Hard Worker:
Mando works himself to the bone, putting his dream above all other comforts, even his mood. He has a certain amount of pride in what he does, even the little things. He can't seem to /not do a good job/ even when he knows no one is noticing.

Mando wants the best for the people around him, and, despite his preoccupation with becoming a vampire and having to have some scarring duties, he has a kind soul and probably isn't really suited for his dream. For instance, he has the capacity to still care for those who take him for granted.

Mando is loyal to a fault. He would willingly sacrifice himself to those he cares for or even strangers in peril.

Self Deprecating:
Mando tries to be gracious through self deprecation, but it only seems to make people look over him more.

Character Sheet


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Mando has the power to inherit powers or skill sets from his ancestry, particularly vocationally oriented ones and those that might support them. In fact, most of his natural talents in life are really just secondhand, or third, or eighteenth, etc.

Hunter's Inheritance:
Unbeknownst to him, like all of his powers, Mando has inherited the fateful hunting of supernatural creatures and associated skills in inherited muscle memory. Mando's hunter skills (combat included) have a better chance of accidentally activating around creatures of the night or in fight or flight situations. See The Entourage Effect power for an example. Mando has also inherited increased agility from his hunter ancestry, making his pudgy physique a moot factor in how well he can move. He's no Spiderman, though he might mildly surprise someone who thinks he's a human. Another inherited hunter power influences the likelihood of him coincidentally stumbling across a random supernatural creature. In this case, he's more likely to appear unlucky than a total magnet.

Insignificance Camo:
This is most certainly Mando's strongest power. Mando is constantly underestimated, taken for granted, completely overlooked, etc. This power is extremely suppressive on all of his other powers, even The Entourage Effect, which is why the rate of it building isn't just a straight upward slope. This power seems to be purposeful as it seems to relent to powerful effect when desperately needed as if it was charging up. But it is a fickle power, subject to its own whims, taking when it wants and giving when it wants.

Mando just seems to find he can do a lot of small things well. About 95, no 98% of the time these things are useless, but occasionally the stars align. This power can expand to include others. It can chain when at its strongest. For instance, making improvised constructs, tools, coincidental Rube Goldberg machines, and the like all more likely to pull off, if his Insignificance Camouflage doesn't interfere. This ability is not completely synonymous with good luck. For example, a Rube Goldberg sequence could carry his hat out into the street in front of a bus as he follows along, trying to catch it.

Shining Empath:
Mando's emotions are contagious, though to call him an empath is a stretch. He passively influences the emotions of nearly everyone and everything around him. But it is so faint on the daily that it might even be difficult to detect. For Mando, there's always a chance he can brighten someone's day just by hanging around and listening...or sit in the corner of a couch at a party infecting those around him with awkwardness in his own proverbial raincloud a la Eeyore. Due to the suppression of this power by his Insignificance Camouflage power, it's unclear if his empathic abilities can do anything more than give a boost to his awkward charisma in the best or worst ways.

The Entourage Effect:
Mando's powers seem to be intertwined in some way, and when more of his powers are aligned positively, the outcome is more than the sum of its parts as well as more favorable. Insignificant Camouflage affects every power, while Knacks also affects Hunter's Inheritance, and Shining Empath is its own double-edged sword, a morale booster or dampener. It too can affect Insignificance Camouflage's grip on his other powers in fight or flight situations. Things like inadvertently getting a kill shot on an infernal intruder while cleaning a weapon satisfy his Insignificance Camouflage's balance sheet by making him look accidentally competent while using Knacks and Hunter's Memory aren't outside of his wheelhouse.


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Arcane Weaponry:
Mando's ability to effectively wield arcane weaponry without prior knowledge is also known as not dying at the very least. It is an inherited set of powered skills (see Hunter's Inheritance), and he seems to be particularly more effective when engaged with supernatural creatures.

This is an inherited skill via Mando's Hand-Me-Downs power. There was a line of exquisitely skilled bakers in his family tree way back in the middle ages through the renaissance. He truly is an exquisite baker, though how charming his baking is, that's all his own.

Mando doesn't know it, but this comes from his grandfather on his father's side. Bowling is something that lifts his spirits.


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"room" Without a View:
More like a place under the stairs to rig up a makeshift hammock? It has its charm. Real cozy. It's the coolest room in the house in the summer! And in the winter.

A Vespa Named Vella:
Not everyone likes the name or Vella herself, but he's been trying to keep her running since his nineteenth birthday when Vella carried him to his new life living with a vampire! She's one of the few things he still has that is truly his, even if if she's uninsured.

Dark Connections:
Mando has lived with a vampire for ten years and counting. He's served her, but she's never made him her familiar, which means it's a real toss up when crap hits the fan. Will she tolerate him, eat him, or leave/feed him to the wolves?

Mama's House:
Mando can always return home to stay with his mother. She'd be so glad to have him home again. He left too soon, she thinks. Breaks a mother's heart.


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Mando has been through a lot. Between his father leaving, the ridicule he experienced in school, and the ridicule he endures now for the sake of his dream. But worst of all, he's burdened with the more gruesome services he's provided to those he serves, even if they are just his roommates and no one's asked him to be their familiar. These things he will have to take to his grave, well hopefully not. It's possible to blackmail him or use guilt to manipulate him.

Mando buries a lot of his emotions, but he's still a sensitive guy. At some point his resilience wears off, but unlike other people, he's built up a much bigger reserve of emotions to let out. He can be purposefully pushed into a rage or meltdown.

Mando has nothing to protect him but a nice, generous, soft layer of fat. He heals as inefficiently as any human and even has poor eyesight. It must be noted, although blessed/cursed with a teddybear physique, Mando's agility isn't hampered by it at all as a byproduct of his Hunter's Inheritance power.

Mando's lifelong dream has been to become a vampire and is constantly surrounded by them, yet unbeknownst to him, he's marginally and distantly related to an old vampire hunting family. One tiny connection seems to be enough to attract all sorts of trouble his way. It's as if his destinies were at odds since before he was born and it isn't really a setup that breeds happiness. Additionally, if others were to know about this, it could create opportunities for blackmail and divided loyalties.



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Mando has 5 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Bad Decisions June 24th, 2021 Two people, both looking too young, both unable to enter a bar. There is screaming, kicking, and possible breaking of the law! So, rated T for Teen.
A Most Unusual Tea February 5th, 2021 Bruce Banner, Michael Hannigan, Stephen Strange and Mando walk into a bar... for tea. And virgin web. It's a long story. Mando's glasses get broken. Poor guy!
Shine: Umbrellas are curious things January 8th, 2021 Phoebe is accosted while walking Scout. Mando intercedes on her behalf and bellyflops, and Bart Allen is not allowed to sing the Doom Song.
Public Transporation Is Hell or How I Met Bella December 11th, 2020 No description
Sing, sing, sing! November 25th, 2020 Fun at the Sing Sing! Koriand'r meets new friends, and learns that her brain is rotting.


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Mando has 5 finished logs.

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