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  Marigold Lockes  
Marigold Lockes (Scenesys ID: 2013)
Name: Marigold "Goldie" Lockes
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Activist, Nurse, Hippie
Citizenship: USA
Residence: New York City
Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Branches
Apparent Age: 58 Actual Age: 58
Date of Birth 03 May 1962 Played By Julie Benz
Height: 5'8" Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Color: Faded blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Marigold "Goldie" Lockes is an activist (in many capacities including mutant rights) and self-proclaimed "flower child" born in the 60s. Proud of her plant-based mutant abilities, while no superhero she is known in some circles for her volunteer work using both healing powers as well as traditional nursing. She rarely takes credit for any of her efforts. She also considers herself the Caretaker of the garden around New York City's oldest tree, the Queen's Giant.


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* 1962: Marigold Lockes born in Berkeley, CA.

* 1969: At age 7, her father is severely injured in a Vietnam protest. This had a deep effect on her and drove her towards activism and stopping violence.

* 1978: In high school, Goldie discovers her mutant abilities.

* 1980: Graduates high school and starts seriously advocating for mutant rights. Her activism drives her to go to school for nursing to work with her plant-based healing abilities.

* 1984: Graduates college. Starts working as a nurse, though a lot of her efforts involve her traveling across the country and abroad, volunteering, working with the Red Cross, and offering aid wherever she can.

* 1985-2010: Continued work organizing protests, volunteering her services, and generally helping people where she can.

* 2012: With the gene bomb seeming to create more mutants, Marigold works tirelessly to improve the lives of mutants across the globe.

* 2018: Travels to New York to help in the aftermath of Loki's attack there. She inadvertently discovers that the garden surrounding the Queen's Giant, the oldest tree in New York City, has some strange properties. She ends up staying in New York, using the garden's symbols as her new purpose.

IC Journal

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One of Marigold's deepest qualities is compassion. She takes joy in the beauty of life and people around her, and she cares very deeply about lives. Easing the suffering of others is something she's more than happy to do, and she often seeks to raise people up to a level where they can live their lives freely and happily. She genuinely cares when she says she does.

Humorous & Mischievous:
Goldie's got a sense of humor. From her childhood nickname of "Goldie" pairing with her last name, to her often playing something straight-faced when she's joking. She loves to laugh, enjoys harmless pranks and jokes, and loves to surprise people when they don't think she'd be the type to swear. Catching people off guard to make them laugh is one of her favorite things.

While Marigold has spent a lot of time raising plants, she's also served as a pillar of insight and care in the lives of others. She's always there to offer advice, to be someone to cry on, and help people grow from their own personal struggles and issues, be it relationships or mutant powers. She often takes people under her wing, especially people with serious struggles, to serve as a protector until they can fly on their own again. She takes serious delight in seeing growth and change in others, especially if she can have a hand in it.

Marigold's had a lot of late nights staring up at the stars and chatting with friends about life, the universe, and meaning. She has a lot of views on the nature of love and life, compassion and hatred, and putting good out into the world. She enjoys deep conversations and reflecting on events and things that have happened, and she enjoys really engaging her brain and wrapping it around new concepts and ideas.

Goldie's just a little weird. Her choice of clothing, her attitude, the objects she carries with her, they all add up to make her a little bit distinctive. Not everyone carries a pouch full of leaves around with them or twists a lot of flowers in their hair or still dresses a bit like the 60s and 70s at times. She enjoys what she enjoys, though, and unabashedly expresses herself as she likes- -even if it's not what anyone expects.

Character Sheet


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Green Energy Drain:
In the same manner of usage as her healing, Marigold is able to sap energy from a target. While use on plants may wilt or even kill them, non-plant based life forms are only weakened. In order to use this ability, she needs to have close contact with someone (either touch or within five feet). The effects are not painful, just tiring, as if the target hadn't gotten enough sleep last night or just plain doesn't have the energy to do what it is they wish to. More extreme uses of this allows her to safely knock a target unconscious without injuring them.

Green Healing:
Marigold can use the life energy from plants to heal injuries, either on herself or on others. This involves access to plants of some sort as it requires borrowing or sapping entirely the life of the plants. For smaller injuries, simply having access to the plants allows her to heal, but for more serious injuries the plant's life force is drained entirely. Flowers and leaves can be kept on her person as sort of 'batteries' for healing purposes, though they obviously are slowly losing life over time and need to be replenished. She cannot regrow limbs, nor likely fully heal someone mortally wounded, but her abilities are capable of stabilizing most injuries and healing most minor ones (although it may still be sore!). She is also capable of using this to restore energy to someone feeling weak or consciousness to someone who has been knocked out. To heal someone, she needs to be within a close distance, no more than ten feet or so away.

Plant Life and Control:
With access to plants nearby, Marigold can grow and wilt plants at will. Anywhere that there is an existing plant or a seed with the potential to grow (such as fruit), she can cause a plant to grow from it. She can also use this life energy to control the way a plant grows: it could be to shape vines to secure something, it could be to make a plant much bigger than it would grow naturally, and she can make minor changes to a plant such as color or scent. She can also cause plants to die, causing them to wilt or shrivel in whatever way comes naturally to them. Dead plants cannot always be revived, though trees are an exception as the structure of a tree is still present after it dies.

Reinvigorated Youth:
Marigold's powers with the life energy around plants have allowed her to prolong her youth/her general lifespan. The continued use of her mutant powers have had the added effect of keeping her looking (and feeling) like someone 15 years her junior.


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Arts & Crafts:
Over the years, Goldie has had to create things for events. Signs, banners, and costumes have all been things useful for protests and charity events. She has a little knowledge in a lot of 'crafty' areas. She's got great handwriting and knows how to space things well on signs, she can get creative with arts and craft supplies to make a number of things. It's a lot of creatively improvisational work to just use whatever's around her.

Marigold has a degree in nursing and has traveled all over serving as a nurse in both professional and volunteer capacities. She stays up to date on medical practices so she can continue working as a nurse, though she spends a lot of her actual time working for volunteer organizations and nonprofits.

If there's one thing activism has taught her, it's logistics and organizational skills. She knows how to handle a crowd, how to plan events, how to ensure events have safety precautions, and how to delegate responsibilities. This also carries over to her day to day life--if she needs to, she can keep things neat and organized, both in terms of scheduling or even just keeping things in their proper place in her home.

Plant Knowledge:
Plants have always been important to Goldie. While her parents had raised her in a very outdoorsy environment, when her mutant powers came to fruition, she had even more of a connection with nature. She's learned a lot over the years, both based on her powers as well as pure knowledge about plants--while she has no particular education degree, she's learned a lot about what plants need, what plants are best located where in the world and why, some about humidity, and how sun and shade affect plants. She knows a great number of plants by name and can recognize a lot of them by sight. If you're ever lost in the woods and need to know if a plant's safe to eat--she'd be able to tell you.


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Network of Activists:
Goldie has spent many years advocating for the rights of all kinds of groups, including mutants. This has given her a large group of people she's worked with over the years who are passionate about causes and would be more than willing to help her on a project of some sort--especially if it involves someone underserved in need of help. She's able to call in favors and ask for information from those she might know.

Nursing Resources:
Having been a nurse for many years, Goldie has her own collection of bandages and supplies in her home. She also has access to a few places in New York that she's worked and volunteered at that could allow her access to other supplies or a location where she can safely treat an injured person more privately.

Queen's Giant Garden:
The garden located around the largest and oldest tree in New York city is an odd and unique one. For those paying attention, it reveals symbols of things that might be dangerous or people who might be in need, often before events occur. This allows her to have a heads up on places to go or things to look for in order to help others. The symbols might not always make sense, but they relate to /something/.


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Bleeding Heart:
While not entirely naive, Marigold is very compassionate and she can't help but be taken in by a story of someone's downtrodden life. If she can help, she likes to, and she'll give a lot to do what she can for someone, sometimes at detriment to herself. Often, it puts her at risk for being played by someone appealing to her good nature.

Plant Requirement:
Marigold is no miracle worker. In order to grow plants or use their energy for something, there needs to be some form of plant life nearby. While if there isn't an existing plant she can use seeds, if she's in an urban environment where there isn't any green life she's a lot more limited as to what she can do. If she's indoors somewhere, it's even tougher. While she can get around this a bit by carrying leaves and flowers with her to serve as batteries, her abilities are entirely crippled without the presence of something green.

Queen's Giant Garden:
The garden surrounding the Queen's Giant in New York city is a place Marigold holds dear and almost sacred. Given that, she is willing to fight and give up a lot to protect the location in whatever way she can even if it involves her being hurt in the process. She's very protective of it, perhaps even with her life. She believes it has a greater purpose than herself.

Respectful of Life:
Marigold values life. While she understands the life cycle of plants as fleeting and respects what she's able to use plants for, she is even more respectful of the lives of people around her. She will not kill, and she is very reluctant to physically harm people unless it seems like the only option. Most of her "fighting" involves physically restraining or rendering someone unconscious.



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Universally Universal November 7th, 2020 Puzzles are a universal thing.
Garden Demon October 21st, 2020 Marigold finds Levian sleeping in the garden, and then they have a discussion about emotions, and the nature of things!
Planting Roots October 6th, 2020 The universe has decided some Girl Scouts in a park need some extra help, so some helpers arrive to do helpy things.


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Marigold Lockes has 3 finished logs.

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