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Matt Hagen (Scenesys ID: 701)
Name: Matt Hagen
Superalias: Clayface
Gender: Male
Species: Chemicaly Induced Mutant
Occupation: Theft, Murder, Mayhem, Hiding in Plain Sight
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Gotham City
Education: Some University, Acting School
Theme: DC (VFC)
Groups: Rogues Gallery, Suicide Squad
Apparent Age: 38 Actual Age: 38
Date of Birth 13 June 1981 Played By Brian McManamon, Voiced By: Lou Scheimer
Height: 5'10" Varies Weight: 173 lbs Varies
Hair Color: Blonde, Varies Eye Color: Blue, Varies
Twitter: @dirtyfeet
Theme Song: "Mudslide" -- From the Batman TAS theme music

Character Info


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Matthew Hagen, once a famous and very talented actor, now a monster come to life. Able to take nearly any shape he often mimics people to advance his own gain. He is often teetering on the brink of insanity if not completely lost within his own thirst for vengence for what was done to him and upon those whom he views as living the life he should have had. Clayface is a dangerous foe to have. Be sure to question your actions carefully before making an enemy of him.


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* 1981 June 13 -- Mat Hagen was born to Basil and Bobbi Hagen in Gotham City General

* 1991 July 27 -- Mat Hagen attended his first live stage performance of Phantom of the Opera. He was inspired.

* 1995 September 10 -- At 14 as a freshman Matt joined his first drama class and HS drama club.

* 1997 August 20 -- Matt was asked to join his first real stage peformance outside of school as an extra for King Leer, better parts would soon follow.

* 1999 June 16 -- Matt graduated high school with honors. His photographic memory helped him play the role of a High school success.

* 1999 August 20 -- Matt was accepted into the Juilliard as a drama and performing arts student with a full scholarship. In a satellite course at SUNY NYC he majored in literature, and minored in General Sciences.

* 2004 July 05 -- Matt Hagen was discovered! He played an important role in an indipendent film. Later this performance would gain him the lead role in other films.

* 2006 January 23 -- Matt Hagen's first movie up for Nomination for Best Supporting Actor premierd with great success. "The Monster" won Box office Acclaim for his unique performance as Doctor Frankenstein.

* 2007 March 17 -- Matt Hagen's second Oscar worthy film, "While Paris Sleeps" premiers and does well in the box office.

* 2009 October 15 -- Matt Hagen stars as Sherlock Holmes in "The Pearl of Death" and while this film does not win an Oscar it does very well.

* 2010 December 11 -- Matt Hagen stars in the leading role in "Her Majesty's Lover" to much acclaim and wins his first Oscar

* 2012 July 17 -- Matt Hagen turns to television for the first time in an anthology series depicting literature's greats. He is nominated as best actor for the Emmies.

* 2013 January 03 -- Tragedy strikes! Matt is involved in a severe automobile accident. But the show MUST go on! He is offered an experimental facial cream created by Dagget Industries in Gotham.

* 2013 March 27 -- Hagen realizes he is now addicted to the chemicals used in his face altering formula. Dagget begins to blackmail him into performing "odd jobs" for him posing as other people for their alabais, and later for more illegal activities such as robbery. In one instance he poses as Billionaire Bruce Wayne implicating him in a blackmail scam.

* 2013 June 13 -- Hagen's birthday. In a confrontation with Dagget's men he is grossly overdosed on the "Renuyu" formula and is thought to be dead. Clayface is born. He begins killing Dagget's men one by one.

* 2013 June 15 -- Clayface is "killed" by batman during an epic battle when he is confronted by every face of every character he ever played. Unknown to Batman, Clayface survived and disappears into a crowd disguised as just another citizen of Gotham. A film made by Batman of Clayface's "death" shows him wearing Bruce Wayne's face clearing the innocent man of any suspicion in crime.

* 2014 February 23 -- Clayface resurfaces in a series of crimes where he is robbing or burgling several experimental chemical labs. His form is becoming unstable. Batman investigates.

* 2015 March 1st -- Batman tracks down Clayface to an abandoned laboratory where Clayface is receiving help from a woman, a former fan, is trying to stabilize his form. The experiment fails when Batman intervenes and attempts to bring Hagen in for his crimes. Clayface is not ready and once again "dies" as he is caught out in the rain dissolving his form and flowing into the nearby ocean.

* 2017 April 17 -- Clayface once again surfaces in a series of robberies. It is unmistakable that not only did Hagen survive, he is now far more powerful than before. He proves immune to water's effects though he is still vulnerable to other solvents. Batman using a sample of Clayface from one battle uses it to formulate a hardening agent and is able to capture him. Sending him to Arkham Asylum.

* 2018 October -- Clayface escapes Arkham and begins killing actors from his previous movies in an insane attempt at revenge for their continued success while he languished in prison. Batman intervenes just in time to prevent the apparent attempted murder of one of his biggest fans and fellow actress.

* 2020 Present day -- Clayface continues to plague Batman and the Batman Family as he breaks out of Arkham from time to time and goes on crime sprees. There is some speculation that the changes to his body has caused a form of insanity. Batman begins work on a way for Clayface to control his impulsive need to commit crimes and return Matt Hagen to some form of insanity. Currently incomplete this project is one of many Batman has been working on. Some day it may prove helpful. Some day...

IC Journal

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Clayface is outwardly a tough-guy and he'll play that role to the bitter end. He'll come across most times as unsympathetic. He doesn't take guff from no body. Cross him at your peril.

Hagen is direct, brutal, and somewhat taciturn towards others in his current state. Do not expect much sympathy from such a tragic figure. At times he may come across as simple minded but buried deep within that mud lies a deceptively keen mind. No one pulls one over on Clayface and lives... no one!

Prone to fits of rage Clayface is a very vengeful person. He will not think twice about murdering someone if he feels slighted by them in any way when the mood suits him. With his madness even imaginary wrongs can bring about his wrath.

Above everything else, Clayface blames his circumstance on the actions of others. He does not see himself as the one to blame for anything currently happening in his life.

When times are quiet, and his mind is allowed to settle. He is prone to nostalgia for the good old days when he was a famous actor on the rise and gifted with a talent for the thespian arts few could ever match. He was the "man of a thousand faces" on both the Big and Small screens as well as on stage. It is in these times when Mat Hagen surfaces and can spout poetically.

Character Sheet


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Clayface has enormous strength and can shift many tons of weight depending upon his given mass. He is also gifted with immense endurance and durability.

By the process of fission Clayface can bud off parts of himself. Those parts can then either act indipendently or through direction. Clayface has an almost telepathic connection to all of his components, though range is a factor.

Eidetic Memory:
With a small effort Clayface can remember all that he has seen in perfect detail. He had this ability before he became the monster Clayface. Photographic memory allows him to remember his subjects in excruciating detail right down to the clothing that they were wearing.

Clayface can alter his mass at will. While there are upward and lower limits to this ability he can create the mass necessary to become whatever he changes into.

Not only can he sometimes mimic the abilities of those he copies to some extent, but he can mimic the properties of certain substances such as steel and cloth.

Clayface does not need to eat nor breath. Though he frequently does both either out of enjoyment or habit.

Clayface can form his body into almost any shape. Copying shapes especially. He is particularly skilled at mimicking and duplicating individual people and man-sized objects.


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Above all else, Mat Hagen is an actor. As Clayface he can take this to a whole new level. He can BECOME his subject in every detail and in every way that is possible through outside observation.

Clayface is a skilled brawler and in combat combined with his ability to shift his shape and mass he is a very dangerous opponent.

While studying in University he became familiar with the basic sciences including chemistry. Since his accident he has focused on learning as much as he can about himself and the formula that changed him. One of his first acts was to break into the Dagget industries plant and abscond with the formula that created him.

Since his accident, Clayface has had to live on the streets sometimes homeless, sometimes mixing with the wrong crowds. Whatever it took to survive on the mean streets of Gotham.


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Feast or Famine. At any given time Clayface may have access to significant resources through the use of his ability to either steal or fraudulently obtain whatever it he requires.


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Chemical Catalysts:
The Bat Family have developed several chemical catalysts that can either dissolve parts of him or cause them to harden temporaril0y.

Extreme Cold:
Temperatures well below freezing can cause Clayface's substance to harden and be unable to change.

Extreme Impacts:
With a large enough impact, say from a small explosive, Clayface can find himself stunned and scattered over a large area. If a great enough impact hits him he can loose consciousness though with his immense endurance such an impact may be just as dangerous to others around him as himself.



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Matt Hagen has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Matt Hagen Surprise March 17th, 2020 Matt Hagen, Clayface, Visits Lois Lane at her office in a surprise visit. Things go surprisingly well. She gets a lead, and he gets a possible future part.
Clayface gets... Wallered. March 8th, 2020 Clayface, Matt Hagen is now a law abiding citizen? We'll see. Just what kind of deal did he make anyway?
Life is but a Stage March 4th, 2020 Lois Lane visits Clayface for an interview and gets a different story.


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Matt Hagen has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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