Melina Vostokoff

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  Melina Vostokoff  
Melina Vostokoff (Scenesys ID: 3030)
Name: Melina Vostokoff
Superalias: Melanie Langley, Marissa Schuman, etc
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Double Agent/Spy
Citizenship: Russia, USA
Residence: New York City
Education: The Red Room
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 75 Actual Age: 75
Date of Birth 09 Sept 1945 Played By Rachel Weisz
Height: 5'6" Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song: From Russia with Love

Character Info


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To the public, Melanie Langley is perfectly boring. A part time lab tech at a small lab in Brooklyn, she drinks too much on the weekends, doesn't keep her apartment clean enough, and has no fashion sense. She is not a woman to turn many heads. Of course, if people knew she was Melina Vostokoff, things would be very different. Vostokoff is wanted for betraying the USA many times over, but that was decades ago. Surely she's dead now, right?


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1945: Born in the USSR post World War II to a poor family, Melina had very few prospects. She managed to survive being born, however, and that was a show of strength alone.

1949: Instead of starving, Melina's mother sells her to a secret government training program. Melina enters the Red Room at the age of five.

1959: Melina kills her first fellow trainee to continue on in the program.

1963: Melina graduates as a Black Widow for the first time. Due to her excellent command of English and scientifically oriented brain, she is sent to the United States on her first undercover mission to try and steal US R&D secrets.

1965: Meets Jim Howlett in the United States. He helps her out of a difficult situation and learns her identify. She trades some information with him and returns home.

1968: Melina's is found to be slipping in her training, having emotionally bonded with someone in the US. She is sent back through the Black Widow program for the second time.

1969-2001: Melina goes back and forth between the US, Europe, and Russia, doing her best to remain seemingly loyal to Russia but acting as a double agent. During this time, she's caught not 'effectively carrying out her mission' three more times and send back through the Black Widow training each time to be killed or be rebrain washed. She survives (kills her opponents) each time and returns to the field.

2002: Melina is sent on a deep cover mission to the United States with two young, fake daughters. She and her husband act as Americans for two and change years before getting the requested information and returning the very young children to the Red Room.

2005: Having lost the children she never had, Melina starts slow planning her long term goal to get out of the Red Room. They put her through the Widow program again, intensely concentrating on the brainwashing.

2021: Melina is released to New York City on a different mission -- track down rogue Widows. Dottie. Natasha. Yelena. And if she can get some intelligence while she's at it, she'll be considered worthy to return to her country. She just wants free.

IC Journal

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She fights routinely with her guilt for all the awful things she's done and the horribly scientific achievements she's given her country while she was under orders from them. She knows the Black Widow program would not still exist if it wasn't for her.

Despite all this, she has found the ability to love and care for those she's taken care of. There is a big part of her which desperately misses her daughters and wishes to help free more Widows, not take them back.

Melina has lived a life of pain. She's learned that pain is what makes you strong. It's the best teaching tool she has because it's the only teaching tool she's ever been given. She loves pain. It lets her know she's alive.

While she's lived many years in the US, Melina's sense of humor (very dark), ability to take pain, stubborn survival, and deep seated sardonic feelings about the world are all intensely Russian.

Character Sheet


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Widow Super Soldier:
Having been experimented on time and again by older scientists at the Black Widow program, Melina does not age like a normal human. As far as anyone can tell, she stopped aging somewhere in her thirties. She also has been given enhanced strength, stamina, and agility as a part of this program. She is not outside of the ability of a human, but she is at peak human physical condition and has remained so for decades.


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Expert Marksman:
Melina's trained on a wide variety of guns, but she's done long range assassinations with sniper rifles several times over her career and is an expert marksman with whatever long range weapon is best for the situation.

Expert Neuroscientist:
Melina has spent many years as a neuroscientist for the Russian government. She's been experimenting on making mind control serums and keeps a farm of pigs for her experiments back home. She understands how the human mind works with the top scientists of the world and it's been one of the reasons she's been able to break the Red Room programming time and again.

Melina is fluent in English, Russian, French, Spanish and German. She has some spotty understanding of other languages, but those are the languages she's had to go undercover in and she can speak them like a native.

Master Martial Artist:
Through the Red Room five times and always having survived, Melina is an expert is physical combat at the top of her fight with the other trained super soldiers in the world.

Master Spy:
Melina has been trained and acting as a spy for 50 some years now. She's been in every sort of undercover situation possible and convinced many experts of the truth of her words.

Not a world class expert, Melina can still fly a plane in a pinch and has operated many aircraft over the years.

Staff Mastery:
One of the weapons Melina is extra comfortable with is a long staff. She can use it defensively and offensively to keep her opponent away from her body enough that they cannot get in a touch while still doing immense amounts of damage to them.

Having being in a wide variety of fights and situations, Melina is a skilled tactician who can make battle strategies on the fly and adapt to any sort of combat situation.


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Personal Stash:
While in the United States, she has built up a personal stash of money, fake identities, a small paid off apartment in Brooklyn, and some weapons just in case she needs to go under ground. None of these things are big or flashy, they are just enough for her to get away and survive for a few years if she leaves the Red Room permanently.

The Red Room:
Until she entirely betrays them and while she can convince them she is still on assignment for them, Melina has access to back up, equipment, and information that the Red Room is willing to feed her. They control it all, of course, and can take it back at any point in time.


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Adopted Daughter:
She still loves those little girls she 'adopted' under government orders. They could be used against her for many different reasons if she ever found them again.

Double Agent:
She's betrayed everyone in Russia. She's betrayed everyone in the US. Who knows who can trust her? She certainly doesn't. There is no reason to trust this woman after all the things she has done.

After so many years going back and forth to the Black Widow program, getting free, being pulled back in, rinse, repeat, Melina has lost much of her hope that she actually will ever be able to free herself or change the world. She's doing it on habit as much as anything.

Red Room Brainwashed:
Despite the fact that she's found ways to break the most intense parts of her training, she still has a few trigger words they have planted deep in her mind. These include Candlelight, Slippers, Blanket, and Birthday (in Russian, of course). Said in that order, and even Melina will not be able to free her mind from their orders until she is knocked unconscious.



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Melina Vostokoff has 13 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
From Mother Without Love February 23rd, 2022 Natasha talks to the imprisoned Melina. About life. Ethics. Suffering. And the conditioning that both have gone through. There is rage, games.. And perhaps some catharsis.
The Interrogation of Melina Vostokoff January 29th, 2022 While May watches from the observation booth, Phil questions Melina Vostokoff about just what's been done to his best friend and long-time partner. He knows just what buttons to push.
A Desperate Visit January 8th, 2022 After a working over by Red Room operatives, Melina stumbles to try to talk to her daughter one last time. Yelena takes her into SHIELD instead and gives May quite the shock.
Puppet Strings in a Syringe December 15th, 2021 Melina follows orders to get a very special target - Melinda May. And she ends up putting her mind-control drugs to the test.
The Road of Life December 3rd, 2021 Melina lets herself into Nadia's car and gets far more than she bargained for from the youngest Ex-Widow.
A Most Interesting Client November 9th, 2021 Melina Vostokoff comes to talk to Jon at his Queens office in the most direct way possible--by breaking through a window. She asks for help, but she's not quite ready. They do find some common ground before she goes back out the window once more.
Coffee of DOOM October 20th, 2021 Even DOOM's coffee is tremendous. Wanda, Melina, Gwen and Eddie end up in Coffee of DOOM. So does J. Jonah Jameson.
An Expected Unexpected or Unexpectedly Expected Visitor October 18th, 2021 Following what she learned from Natasha, Yelena has been tracking the woman who said she used to be her mother, and having located her safehouse, stalked it to wait there for her return. Unexpectedly, she found lots of memories that seem to have unlocked something inside her.
Hot on the Trail... October 15th, 2021 Dottie finds Melina this time, curious why she's not left the United States. And they have a very confusing visitor to their conversation -- a certain Lily Chen.
The Widow and the Weary September 20th, 2021 Melina finds Natasha going home from the Swordfish. They exchange tense words, questions, and a warning.
Labor Day Festival at Union Square Park September 6th, 2021 A Labor Day festival is held in Union Square Park. Mark, Rex and Eve show up, and run into Clint, Melina, Helena Bertinelli and Cassandra Cain.
Mother Russia Calls August 25th, 2021 Melina catches up with Dottie at a bar in DC. They bond the only way Russians know how to bond -- over vodka. Some uncomfortable truths come out. Nothing is resolved.
Once Upon a Dream August 3rd, 2021 Melina comes back to her old safe house only to find it occupied by an old friend -- a friend she barely remembers, and who barely remembers her. But bodies remember when minds do not. Melina and Logan spend a night of catching up. (PG-13 for implied sexual situations.)


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Melina Vostokoff has 13 finished logs.

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